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‘It’s not that you love the planet, it’s that you hate humanity ‘: Dr Jordan Peterson
Russian false flag operation gas pipes go bang. What’s Putin doing here? Gazprom hasn’t broken any contract now, have they? Putin is now desperate and moving on all fronts. He will try to mobilise 1,000,000 men so announces 300,000. But they can’t really be re-trained and they will be trying to do so in winter! How long before he blows up the polish pipe?  How about Christmas day? Under these obvious threats, coal is the only secure method for fighting the Russian hybrid and undeclared war.  The annual climate scare-fest set for Cairo this yr will sound a lot different to Glasgow! I hope!

Undoubtedly Lidia Thorpe is not fit to be in parliament but would fit right in at either Glasgow or Cairo but I think that if she could get 1 per cent of the vote she ought to have 1 in 100 of the seats. We have a 2 party dictatorship like almost all the anglo world. But IMV a proportional vote would see her right out the door! Green sharks will circle her soon enough. I doubt she will get a second term.  The obvious poison of the wokest of the woke!

And the ‘reply’ from Peterson comes up next he makes a great deal of sense from what I would say was a Marxist standpoint where he forcefully attacks the pseudolefts but seems utterly unaware of the Hitchens-type Marxists let alone the Maoists in the government of Nepal say or Australia’s own couple of individual theorists (but that is fair enough for we rarest of all breeds of social theorists have not shown up for many years outside of the tiny debate circles and a couple of newspaper articles etc). If it were not for Hitchens I would say he had a right to such ignorance as the world has long been swamped in left in form right in essence pseudoleft drivel. But Hitchens did exist as a well-known public Marxist dissenting from the pseudoleft and what is more anti-Stalin and anti-Mao to boot! So his rabid Solzhenitsyn (a Putin supporter) anti-communism is only less inexcusable than Steve Owens. As a historian, he makes a very good psychologist! I don’t know that he has ever made an attempt to even understand the US civil war to ww1 period across the world let alone what was to be done about such an appalling era. His murdering Marxists just drop from the sky….but anyway this is good

Epstein presented 6 graphs.  Each shows that the power supplied from the parasite unreliables had several periods when they were ‘totally out to lunch’ or very low. So zero or negligible power was coming in from these unreliables when they were desperately required. 100% backup was and is required from reliable energy producers who thus ALSO failed when so stressed. They ought not have been stressed in this manner. Parasite unreliables are what people like Obama, Biden and Albanese describe as renewables. They are an additional cost burden that the western woke are insisting is a wonderful investment that will save the planet from a problem that only exists in their green minds. These parasites rob the self evidently actually always required reliable power producers that MUST be invested in, of income. That income robbing for religious purposes has the same value as a tithe to the religious authorities in power in Iran or the Catholics back in the day when they were in the same blockage position in the western world. Your views are those of a religion hiding behind the word science. Nothing more.

The solution to all power shortages and grid failures is to build (invest scarce monies in) more reliable producers and ensure they are not as stressed as they have become under current policies; governments ought not to permit such scary margins to develop and also incidentally ought not even to permit the funding of the Chinese or the Russians fascists! As we see this will require coal-fired power stations and all the rest of the fossil fuels. But the fools who ‘follow’ Greta and King Charles want to put more Chinese unreliables into the systems that are currently unstable as we shun the Russians!

Epstein is obviously correct in his diagnosis of the underlying problems the western world is now up against. He is correct in what he says must be done to create a stable and cost-efficient energy expansion for peoples right across the globe. What level of foolishness is Steve Owens prepared to descend to in order to paint Epstein as a non-expert not worth listening to, while recommending that people vote for Al Gore etc? He is clearly an expert in this field as I suppose I am over the Pell issue. He has done the work for about 2 decades. I did the work for less than a year. He has solved the problems that other people failed to solve because he started by putting the flourishing of humanity at the base and therefore stood the issues right side up. I knew what he was doing because I had done it already decades ago. He has done it better than anyone else that I have come across. He is thus a very hated individual.  To be attacked by the enemy is a good thing…

The world needs more fossil fuels not less! Just the other day the fracking ban has been lifted in England! It has not been lifted yet in Scotland or Wales. It must be. That gas from fracking is desperately required and greenie fools are preventing the adoption of cost-effective energy policies in order to save the planet from a non-existent climate crisis. There is a real energy crisis and there has always been one for the world’s poor in unindustrialised backwaters where they suffer the real gaps. Closing the gaps is what the revolutionary left insists upon. That is a current massive loss of human life! You say nothing about this real problem and permit children like Greta to be used by people like Albanese and all the rest up to and including Turnbull and Morrison with no comment. It is an either-or choice for the investment of scarce public resources. Your policies are to rob the poor of rapid industrialisation now while allowing the elites of the world to talk twaddle about the future and criticise those who have called this junk science out for what it is. Epstein leads and you like all the other idiots from your trot background get in the way. You keep working with the ALP stalking horses like the Professor Chubb types of this world as you stay silent about what they are up to. You don’t dare write up the ‘glories’ of your past activities. You are the blank stare for a very good reason. What could you possibly say? I have seen this conduct for over fifty years and it always starts with a nitpick and ends with the blank stare of the CPA-ML types. When the Ukrainian masses sought greater freedoms and took the Maidan you looked for the fascists in the ranks and when you supposedly found them you backed Putin. What Russian leader would not take over Crimea was how you reasoned! The Donbas and Crimea were not worth pointlessly losing lives over you reasoned. The Russians would win in the end anyway was your conclusion.  NOW you have a big problem on your hands. When is the right time to betray the Ukrainians? When do you have to go quiet and move on?

Most of the world is still an undemocratic swamp and no part of the swamp will progress without an armed struggle.  That is the very nature of the long road to any democratic future.  We live in hope but are not in a state of delusion.  When Libya turned into a protracted struggle as I thought it would Steve Owens realised he had made an ‘error’ and jumped into yet another almost silent life raft. From that powerless drifting spec on the ocean of theory, he again returned to the usual ‘left’ ALP/green anti-communists anti-imperialist drivel Steve is renowned for.

What a terrible speech to the UN by Biden,  a genuinely wasted opportunity at a crucial moment in history. Instead of explaining why the world must come together to undo Putin’s aggression and staying focused on that Biden rambled about his election near 2 years ago and his wonderful woke policies, particularly his stupid climate religion; he just grazed over the whole paddock of wokedom. Utter rubbish; a woke moron boasting about his new religion.  Steve supports the King and this worldwide woke moronic junk that does and ought to divide people.  Then he attacks Epstein as a matter of course.  Steve is as incapable of honestly reasoning these issues through as he has been over Ukraine or Pell or any other of the numerous issues that he can’t make any progress with.   He held a now blatantly discredited position over Ukraine from 2014 when he was an apologist for Putin!  He is going silent about Ukraine now because he knows where the reasoning will lead him.  He bankrupted himself over Libya. All his ‘anti-war’ fellow travellers had no problem pointing out the glaring inconsistencies in not allowing 1 tyrant to roam around his own country and slaughter who he wanted but accepting others who roamed into other countries and enslaved other peoples with only a shrug and instead opposing a military response from evil western capitalist countries. Now Steve Owens only support the ALP types around the globe but with their ‘socialist policies’ as exemplary presented by Bernie Sanders.

I would have hoped he had risen to at least this level of stupidity but you haven’t!

I wonder if Steve NOW concedes that this (the biggest war in Europe since WW2 and that’s where both WWs started) IS the most serious situation that he has seen in his life? I still think it is; after all the nuclear threats are being made in the context of an army run by a fascist or gangster tyrant being defeated in the field!  Vlad says he is not bluffing and I recon he ought to be taken at his lying word! This is not a partial mobilisation at all! This is Putin ordering up all that he can manage! It looks to me in the context of China and others a lot like the start of a slow slide into WW3 in some respects at least. At any rate, I think an EMP air burst is very realistic.

A very big war is on and an energy crisis that Biden and his fellow travellers’ own policies have only made worse is breaking out as a direct part of that war but Biden is not explaining his plan to fight because he has not really got one!

There is Biden mostly reprising his old green shit as if nothing has changed. Shellenberger, Epstein and Lomborg etc are absolutely vital for seeing where the errors in logic are located.

What a surprise! Cancel culture is much more than just off and running it is right out of control!

Then this pops up welcome Australia to energy poverty!

This is pure idiocy from a hopeless green dope!  Give Putin a golden bridge no less! The founder with Berni Sanders no less!  Yanis Varoufakis had to say nothing but smilingly implied what his fellow rats at Democracy Now! also think but also can not say. That is he was for the ‘resistance’ in Iraq! But he can’t even now say so!! He knows that it is unacceptable to be on the side of the Islamofascists of ISIS / Al Qaeda or the plain fascists of Saddams Baathists! He knows that democracy was brought NOW to a country that had never before had the free and fair elections that have been held on a regular basis ever since. He had to smile with the implication and nothing more could be said. Nothing! Zero!

Yanis Varoufakis @yanisvaroufakis 20 yrs ago progressives were warning that the neocons’ ruinous escapades in Afghanistan & Iraq would only strengthen the worst of the radical islamists – to the detriment of women and local progressives. Tragically, there is no longer the slightest doubt of that. 7:45 am · 16 Aug 2021

Or this shit .

This interview with Nicholas Eberstadt, a demographer, provides an excellent addition to Alex Epstein’s work. Given the current pitts that western humanity has plumbed, there’s plenty of ‘poison to drain’ from the infected ruling classes and the currently brain-dead Inteligencia before any theoretical turnaround can generate a credible left capable of speaking to the interests of the working classes!

You can’t imagine how someone of Joe Biden’s age can function in the role, yet you can support Berni Sanders 15 months his senior; I suppose that’s to be expected given what was on offer and that you suffer from similar lunatic -peacenik and greenie- views. These are now dangerous views that quite evidently now stand directly blocking the path of human flourishing. Delicate natural balance; sustainable; net zero; all garbage!

Reliable electricity or unreliable plus the reliable is a choice but the cost burden that Steve’s fellow travelling mental midgets want to impose to fix the climate that is not broken will not be able to inflict this rot on a desperately poor smashed-up Ukraine. No such burden was even imagined at the time that Germany, Ja[pan and Italy plus all the others were in a similar state when Bernie was a 5-year-old! Steve pretends to think ‘reports of Biden’s mental impairment are just propaganda pieces’ but then after 40 years of experience in mental health, he could not spot that witness J had a mental health issue that was being explained away as some survivor trauma issues, by the darlings of the ABC!

The speculation over Biden is simply an educated response to presented symptoms that had Joe sheltered from the pressure in the election, they are not all coming from propagandists! Just because ‘he has a stutter, always has’ didn’t stop him ever including being picked by Obama12 years earlier. What happened was that 12 years passed and cognitive issues often develop with advancing age. Facts on this will eventually come out but we won’t be around for me to boast about it.

By Steve’s foolish reasoning once a fascist power emerges a functionary of the system who consolidated power within the system, rather than someone who overthrew the system’ is then a non-fascist! How silly.  By my definition, the revolutionary USSR had transformed into its opposite.

Petraeus after the Ukrainian victory NATO membership must be delivered!

Junk File

Steve Owens posted the following


A couple of things. You really want to hitch your wagon to this guy?

Coal is stone

New ideas can be hard


I was writing about what Putin would do as far back as November.  This is from 20 Jan.  In the Minsk thread.  I would love to know what I got wrong.


The best way to think about the current enemies of all progress is with direct reference to fascism. For example, rightists like Bolt will refer to the current Chinese leadership as running a ‘communist party’ and all that does is speak volumes about the rightist’s ignorance of the struggle against the revisionists and those in power taking the capitalist road.

Naturally, at the time of the Chinese coup, the western rightists called the people whose basic dishonesty precluded them from ever after being taken seriously, the moderates! But they were indeed (as Mao insisted they would turn out to be if they were to come to power) fascists.

For the democratically-minded individual who wants to end any tyranny at all, ‘fascism means war’ is not a slogan but rather the reality they must grasp. Anti-democratic individuals can’t (in any long-run sense) hold power any other way than through the use of force and that direct force of the few on the few is the terror relied on to intimidate the masses; so a fightback against terror must evolve from few to many as the violence escalates; war is the inevitable result.

It isn’t just Assad who becomes a murderous fascist through this process.

The problem with your very first sentence when you say ‘he won’t invade Ukraine’ is that the anti-democratic dictator of Russia (forget the form and deal with the reality) already did that whole invade thing some years ago. That’s when he was in a barefaced manner telling the world that he was doing nothing of the kind. Consequent to his singular decision and all his subsequent lying 1.5 million people have now been displaced with 14,000+ killed.

Now the thing is that though opposing troops have been pot shot shooting at each other from their ‘trenches’ for over 7 years this almost frozen conflict is not resolving itself in a satisfactory manner for the Russian invaders. So the ball has returned to Putin in our new post mother Merkel, Sleepy Joe context.

Perhaps mother Merkel who helped him get a gas pipeline built was trying to tell him that if he did things a little differently and promised to play nice then all could return to normal and even get better! I don’t know but that pipeline is not delivering gas yet!

Putin does bluff and will again, but all along he kept sending out his boys to kill people on the streets of Europe and even started to play with US elections. He bombs hospitals and drives out refugees, and has launched many more acts of war since 2014 especially in what was formerly Syria.

Right now, for example, the disruptive cyber-attacks are underway directed against Ukraine as no doubt are the stealth preparations to match the open sabre waving he has conducted over the last year; more or less ever since Belarus imploded for Lukashenko. Russian state-run cyber-attacks are in truth acts of war and at some point will cost lives as well as ‘treasure’ so the invasion and general war-making are hotting up.

So Putin’s options as far as I can see are to;
1/ concede and withdraw from his Ukraine adventure, (and there is not much chance of that methinks) or;
2/ do nothing in the face of this unsatisfactory current freeze which is not currently working to his advantage. But this choice would over time only give further advantage to Ukraine. That’s because there is wide support for western powers pumping in special forces, more arms and training etc; even the sentiment for calling Putin’s bluff by making Ukraine a member of NATO might grow. So time is most probably on Ukraine’s side and not Russia’s and this is thus a bad choice for Putin or;
3/ he must unfreeze proceedings and resume the large scale killing! He must in short choose (as simply the best from a bad lot) the most unthinkable and audacious choice and count on terror to carry the next stage forward before western economic strength alters the military situation.

What you are saying won’t happen now, already did, and the only question for Putin is what to do NEXT from these 3 choices for this ongoing area of conflict, in his world of constant military deployments. All his options are predictably bad for all concerned but they stem from his original choice to make an aggressive counter-revolutionary war after Ukraine made the first stage of a democratic revolution to rid itself of its anti-democratic, pro-Russian Oligarchs.

Many people in the west were at that time painting the Ukrainian revolutionaries as some form of a reboot of the old Ukrainian fascist nationalists, but I took the view that things had turned into their opposites.

Meanwhile, down south beyond the Black Sea in what used to be the country of Syria, Putin has NOT done so well with his HIRISE war-making once he was pitted against the Erdogan run, NATO number 2 giant Turkey at about 86million strong. Turkey is not just strategically better placed either, it is well led by a democratic Islamist, who has had to fight for his life. But note well that the western MSM like the ABC/BBC is hostile to the conservative and Islamist (totally un-woke) Erdogan government! Of course, the PKK war is the backdrop for much of the confusion on this front as has been amply demonstrated by not just my former ‘comrades’ in Melbourne but by almost all of the world’s ‘progressives’ as with Steve Owens. But ALL are clearly being blindsided by events now progressed a decade further on from when I first began to write during that long ago Arab Spring about the big war coming. You even proclaimed some time back that the war that came -where you at one time supported the FSA- was some years after Putin’s intervention lost! In short, you proclaimed that Putin had won. But I know I would much rather be an FSA fighter now than in 2012. No hesitation. I adopted the Maoist longer-term revolutionary perspective and events have not proved me wrong.

In the interests of preventing the spread of not quite latter-day western-oriented democracy, just very basic democracy, Putin has caused all manner of astute political analysts to get ‘it’ totally wrong. Putin pushed back in support of tyranny!

I thought about his actions in a far less sophisticated manner and consequently ‘knew’ who he intended to bomb and where his fighting strength would come from as it unfolded. The Turkish backed FSA was the main target. Putin worked in a ‘coalition’ and sent forces to fight the very complex revolution that was underway.

Civil and regionally influenced war in Syria had kicked off at this time and in this Friday’s prayer manner as part of what was called the Arab Spring. But this was a Spring fully predicted by we few Australian communists and less clearly but more publicly by people like Hitchens; Arthur most coherently put the case, even if with some very big blind spots as are inevitable and to be expected in all advanced theory. I and several others made more modest contributions but we all followed the same basic revolutionary communist logic. The Arab Spring was predicted from 2002. That is when we advocated ripping the fascist heart out of the ME by liberating the three peoples of Iraq from the Baathists.

Who on earth but fellow fascists can side with the ‘resistance’ now!! Some prominent ‘leftists’ did in the past; yet what changed?

At least you won’t deny that Saddam Hussein was leading a very powerful regionally dominant fascist regime who had killed millions in his totally unnecessary war-making activities designed to either enslave more people on every occasion that he made war or preserve his murderous power. You won’t try to paint that fascist as just a nasty nationalist as you are now trying to paint Putin and I assume the Chinese fascists. I know what is currently waging war on the masses across the world and it is not reactionary nationalism as the Ukrainians were painted in 20014.

When -after several rounds of free and fair elections in Iraq and with the liberated Islamist revolutionaries fighting from the front foot against the underground enemies of all progress- the democratic spring finally did come, you -being totally familiar with our anti-fascist (not necessarily communist) theorising- were no more surprised by this regional yearning for democracy turning into action than I was!

Western ruling classes plus their elites of the MSM and intelligentsia are 20 years on from 2002 still clueless as usual but even they can spot the coming spread of warfare in Belarus and Ukraine! Yet you cant.

The regional revolution in the MENA had morphed into the protracted struggle that Mao had told the world to fully expect if they wanted to achieve an overthrow of their armed oppressors. Assad’s tyranny constitutes well-armed and murderously intentioned oppressors that will not give up without a fight to the finish and Putin is on the same trajectory. How could I be surprised by the protracted nature of developing effective peoples armies to progress the worldwide trend? How could I deny the strength of the fascists? Whenever was it not so?

After the Turks shot down the Russian jet the 2 leaders managed to avoid a direct war and yet the Turks HAVE subsequently advanced thousands of elite mechanized troops into Syria and positioned themselves to shoot down more jets and barrel bombing helios etc The No 2 military power in NATO has created more no-fly zones that HIRISE makes future war in at their peril!

Now the reality is that in this expanded footprint an army of the Syrian peoples is growing under the supervision (if you like) of the democratically-minded Turkish Islamists. These peoples and this Turkish government are by western standards very conservative but they also had to fight off their own murderous military sorts just a few years back!

It was, you recall, the ragtag army that had grown over about 4 years from a core of army deserters and civilian refugees into the army that was winning the war, until Russia and the rest of HIRISE stepped in back in September 2015 and despite the ½ theorists scoffing, reversed the flow of the fighting! But they are not really winning this protracted war. Peoples war is nothing but protracted. The peoples’ army continues to be built!

Nevertheless, Putin is meddling even further south with a footprint in Lybia where the Egyptians play the larger role on the anti-Islamic and thus anti-democratic side with Erdogan led Nato no 2 leading the Islamist and thus more democratically minded side! And yes there are Islamofascists who hide among the ranks of the democratic Islamists as we all ought to suspect they would and will. Nevertheless, the choice for westerners is between allowing the Islamically minded peoples to elect their own governments or we return to the rightist ‘realist policies’ and back the military coups that Abbott for example was so glad to see come to power with Sisi. This is no real choice for a genuine democrat.

In further partnership with Eygpt, Putin meddles in other parts of Africa; and so do the Chinese. All this meddling is clearly against the interests of any democratically minded individuals who live on planet earth!

Putin is undoubtedly going to intervene further in Belarus and large scale military ‘exercises’ are already underway even though they are scheduled for February.

I’m pleased to hear that you think NATO ought to sign Ukraine up but as you know that is NOT currently even on the table and we could guess that the remnant ‘Stoke the war coalitions’ types are opposed to NATO growing larger so glad to hear you are not. You may before very much longer regain your cruise missal status. We may get you to the missile stage yet. Some say prayers are better than nothing; I don’t.

The Russian dictator who just for the sake of current comparison (for example) poisons his political opponents and assassinates investigative journalists etc; runs a terror police state! That is who he is and what he does whatever the nationalist background that he claims motivates his decisions but what’s in his interests as he sees it, come well ahead of what’s in Russia’s national interest.

Putin’s troops are not really going to go home from Belarus!

Ukraine will face a large scale Russian invasion it is only a matter of when. I guess it will be soon but it might come next year after Putin swallows Belarus.

But more war will come to Ukraine and in this sense fascism is a one-trick pony.

‘US attacks Iraq’ ought to read US-led international coalition in conjunction with the Kurds directly liberated the 3 peoples that constitute the Iraqi masses from the Iraqi fascist tyranny.
‘US attacks Lybia’ must read US saves Libyan revolutionaries from a fascist slaughter.
‘US attacks Serbia’ could well read; an exasperated US government finally forces Serbian Fascists to desist from their vicious war-making!

‘UK attacks Argentina’ must-read; Argentinian fascist military Junta attacks the UK and many thought the UK would be defeated but after the heavy effort and loss of so many ships and men the fascists were defeated instead.

Iraq attacks Kuwait and Russia attacks Georgia are accurate; and in the end, in the evolution of the democratic revolution both invasions will not stand!

Syria 6yrs

Syria 6yrs further on!
I wrote this back when Putin and Lukashenko were sending refugees into Poland so I may as well post it now that millions are on the move from a fascist invasion of Ukraine.


The handful of Australian communists who years ago commented at Strange Times fell out about what was happening in Syria in 2015 but now it’s happened.  The issues in dispute were resolved.  So why has there been no reconciliation?  What became of the former commentators?

The refugee stream into the USA is currently being crowded out of the international news reports.  Even within the US, the mostly Democrat biased MSM (still traumatized with the incurable version of the Trump Derangement Syndrome) is turning a blind eye to the smouldering wreckage of a human tragedy that this reality of modern global capitalism is.  Yet despite the variable interests of the liberal elements and the obviously non-solutions of their more ‘woke’ pseudo leftist brethren, that ongoing refugee problem remains the ongoing life-impacting issue for the more precariat masses on both sides of the US border.

The problem will undoubtedly explode again and especially so after the covid pandemic gets to be a rearview mirror issue over the next 1-2 years.  Trump or his chosen successor will thus be marked up by the ‘returning’ voters in the crucial swing states.  The widespread buyer remorse is well deserved so, despite the best efforts of Border Ctzar history maker Kamala Harris and the autocue Reader of the FreeWorld Jo -what’s my name oh yes- Biden, nothing is actually working on this front of what is transparently a world wide phenomena.

Currently, the refugees all over Europe are back in the news reports as the bodies are currently being gathered up in the cold forests of Poland and the English Channel rather than in the usual Mediterranean or now more rare -as a result of the massive efforts of the Turkish government- Agean seas.

What to do about this permanent feature of the 21st century is brutally thrown before us.

Putin policy is blatantly involved in feeding this steam of people into the west!  Lukashenko would not now act against the interests of Putin.  The dramatic events on the Belarus borders with its neighbors -principally Poland but this involves  ALL 3 neighbours.

So; 6 years after its posting, I want to remind people of this post; ‘Syria: the facts and figures – the Syria Campaign’.  Posted on September 25, 2015 by c21styork

‘As Europe struggles to deal with a surge in refugees, attention is now shifting to Syria where most people are coming from. But what is the violence they’re fleeing?   …

It’s crucial that we get the story right.    James Sadri – The Syria Campaign’

Barry posted this just after Putin had in a surprise move sent the first deployment of his air power and special forces into Syria.  At the time, Barry, myself, Arthur, and all the relevant western leaders understood who was doing the vast bulk of the killing in Syria.

Whatever were the delusions that were about to befall Arthur and Barry over the purpose of the Russian deployment, western leaders were like the comrades just not suffering a delusion on that more fundamental starting point either. They knew the Assad regime was a murderous regime standing in the way of the democratic revolution and that it was responsible for the vast bulk of the killing!

But there was clearly a dispute in western ruling elites and in leftist and pseudoleftist circles over what a ‘level one’ democracy would bring forth in Syria.  There was by late 2015 an open worry that now that the complex Syrian civil war had unfolded in the manner that it had the Islamofascists would win out and so a level one democracy would not be achieved!  So a large (even dominant) faction of the western ruling elites held that it was better to leave Assad in power!  With this view if not dominant at least very significant, Putin had more than just something to work with!  He opened his mouth and out came the lies, but all he wanted to do was credibly play for time; so he simply told people what they wanted to hear and then as time went on explained his various ‘problems’ that he would like their understanding over when ‘delays’ emerged.  Some people wanted to believe the lies but others knew it was a lie and cared not one bit that it was.  That is the way of the realists (right or ‘left’).

Our own half theorists were so full of their own genius in working out what the real purpose ‘MUST BE’ that they just left planet earth behind and ‘cancelled’ anyone like me who disputed the very notion they had any fucking clue what was going on!

Putin’s move was just one slice of what had to be understood about the complex war in Syria.  The war that had now dragged in the Russians directly and had already indirectly and directly involved the Turks was becoming clearer as the enclaves were solidified and the rubble spread.  Creating refugees was both an Assad and a Russian policy and -as is now clearly being demonstrated-  refugees remain a central part of the policy mix.

ISIS was the MSM focus at the time so the essence of events in Syria was very often not understood by all manner of people on the left and right.  Instead ‘surface issues’ like ISIS dominated the MSM and the western ruling elites thinking and in the tide that rose Islamic democracy was of course just scoffed at.

Attitudes to the Russian revisionists’ invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 point to the bigger issues of what is often referred to as the western left.  I won’t call it the Soviet invasion for obvious -Maoist- reasons despite the formal existence in a zombie form of the USSR and the inclusion of all manner of nationalities in the troop mix.

8 years later (in 1976) communists who were then known as ‘Maoists’ called the current Chinese regime fascist when this regime first emerged via a coup just when Mao died.  At that time our western ruling elites and their MSM ridiculously referred to those that made the coup as the ‘moderates’.  These days -no surprise- these viciously anti-communist Chinese bureaucrats and elite business owners are proclaimed not as the wonderful moderates but as the dreaded communists!  What do ya know!  Once again ‘totalitarianism’ will get its run in the propaganda of the anti-communists.  Mind you it didn’t get much of a run in the MSM when Sissi took power in Eygpt!

Actually, people like Tony Abbott were glad that the Muslim Brotherhood had been overthrown by Egyptian fascists.  So rather obviously he never got the memo of what the drain the swamp strategy was all about that had been proclaimed over Iraq when he was right in the thick of the Howard government.  So that memo was never ‘sent round’.  The theory was self evidently not understood or accepted.

Sisi is one thing but ‘dictator’ and ‘authoritarian autocrat’ are terms regularly hurled at Erdogan even months after people tried their best to kill him and run a coup of their own!  Go figure.

Putin probably won his elections but they are not free and fair so who cares!  At any rate, Alexander Lukashenko did not win his!

2001 is a long time ago.  By 2015 without the ‘drain the swamp’ theory as a foundation total confusion was the order of the day right across the western ruling elites.  An explanation for why the Arab Spring broke out and what (if there is to be any democracy now for the people of the MENA) is the role of the religiously minded masses is of little interest to these people when set against Islamic terrorism as the western problem that they place 1st on the worry tree.   So there was little hope in western mainstream politics and in their MSM of getting the ducks to line up. Evidently, these people who contest for dominance in two-party dictatorships don’t do theory very well!

So the people at Strange Times had a grasp of the basics and something to contribute and in the washup did fuck all.

Without a Maoist attitude to the democratic revolution and an understanding of the requirement for a people’s army (or the people will have nothing), people were bound to fall into profound errors and they did.

What is real and what is formal but not real is often an issue.

‘Totalitarianism’ as a start or finishing point is not going to cut it when there is -during armed revolutions- life or death at stake for the revolutionaries.  There is nothing more total than death to your enemies and the revolutionary left has always believed in the slogan ‘death to fascism’.

The issue that stands out starkly in 2021 as it did in 1921 is that ‘bourgeois democracy is a fraud’ not democracy is a bourgeois fraud as the fascists have it.

The revolution for the whole MENA would suffer what was to unfold because the Syrian people did not have a people’s army nor a liberating army to invade.  Iraq like Germany, Italy and Japan all those years ago had that liberating army.  The difference is both obvious and yet hardly understood right across the spectrum of humanity. Self evidently, more than just political players in the west don’t do theory very well.  No surprise that Australian Marxist theoreticians did do theory very well; it is exactly what we have been doing for more than 50 years!

Obviously, the people of the whole MENA are by my standards extremely conservative; but so many issues were not understood and causing further errors across the western world (Kurdish issues, Zionism, the national question, the great Shia V Sunnie schism, green issues V oil, globalization, refugeeing issues, on it goes…) but the interests of actual existing western democracies in being required to pitch in the real boots of armed revolutionary forces -if this revolution was not to suffer huge casualties and massive long-term setbacks- was the key strategic error.  That strategic interest was never firmly grasped.  So when the pressure was on it was not grasped at all.

Because of the usual claptrap from liberals, what was an obvious success in the liberation of the peoples of Iraq from the monstrously fascist ‘totalitarian’ Baathist regime of Saddam Hussain was seen instead as a disaster that ‘must not be repeated!

Yet within days of this post by Barry, (‘Syria: the facts and figures – the Syria Campaign’) we Australian communists fell out over the issue of what was Putin’s small deployment sent there to do!

Soon it will be 6 [7] years since Arthur would not be told he was not making any sense and that what he a few months later was waving about as the peace in our time document was a worthless Munich-style piece of paper from Putin.

But as we see, even the decency of total silence would not be forthcoming!

We know that Arthur said the Russian forces were sent to end the regime and thus end the war by bringing on elections and consequently the rebels to power and the sort for basic democracy and so on.

I said the Russian forces were there to kill the rebels then known as the Free Syrian Army that I was supporting.

History has unfolded and we can now say definitively that the Russian forces were sent there by Putin to kill the rebels and not to escort Assad out of the country etc!  We know Assad is still at least titularly heading up the regime that is in control of the big chunk of what used to be Syria but is now just the biggest of the various enclaves that have solidified from the fighting.  The Syrian enclaves – predicted and scoffed at 6 years ago- have become real and are currently -as Putin directs his attention closer to home- in a typical frozen ‘season’.

6×365=2190 the same length as what most people regard as the timespan of WW2!  But ‘civil wars are like that.  Consider for a moment the length of effort of the democratic revolutionaries in China and by that, I focus mainly on Mao and the revolutionary CCP but Sun Yat-Sen before that.

As all communists know the Syrian enclaves won’t stay frozen.  For example, the millions of Syrians living under a democratic regime in Turkey are continuing to build their revolutionary army.   As we saw without a revolutionary people’s army the people had nothing and were bombed into refugees; the fleeing soldiers who would not shoot down unarmed demonstrators that instead formed the FSA started from scratch and were, despite their very great sacrifices over those first five years slowly winning.  Then Putin’s thugs turned up with their mates from Iran and Hezbollah and reversed the direction of the war.

Erdogan has stood firm against the audacious informal Czar as the US is pretending to in the case of Ukraine while Mrs Biden as chief reminder prompts Joe to focus on the autocue.  (Good news for Biden as a new treatment for Alzheimer’s has been approved the other day!)

But at this time last year [2020], Arthur noted that the ‘EU response (presumably to the whole period of the Syrian revolution Arab spring and all the way back to the liberation of the Iraqi peoples from the Saddam Hussein Baathists) is as disgusting as the pseudoleft.  Erdogan is not “blackmailing” them but exposing their stupidity.’

‘I suspect media focus on Erdogan and Putin as bad guys mainly reflects Western desperation to not get involved.

It it is clear enough now that NATO actually wanted Putin doing what he is doing. It cannot save Assad regime or enable a long term Russian presence. Even Iran cannot stay long term.

I think the Turkish-Russian coordination and the Turkish-Kurdish conflict both reflect correct belief among all three parties that Assad regime is ending and they have to settle the outcome of that.

Western media pretends Assad has won but I don’t see it.

The Turks and Russians are on good enough terms for the Turks not to have closed the Dardanelles, but the difference is Turkey will always be there and Russia cannot and both know it.

EU response is as disgusting as the pseudoleft.  Erdogan is not “blackmailing” them but exposing their stupidity.’

Arthur is in effect saying that nobody, like say John Kerry or David Cameron got fooled by the Russian diplomatic efforts.  He says clearly, they wanted what unfolded!  Bullshit they did!

The reality is that Turkey has systematically in three tranches deployed massive numbers of well-equipped troops that will now shoot down anything that flys in any threatening manner to drop bombs near them or the civilians that they are protecting!

Turkey is caring for 3.6+ million refugees that are sheltering within its borders.

Turkey fronts Russian forces in the Azerbaijan / Armenia conflict as it does in Libya as well.

Turkey just for starters has not wanted what unfolded!




Hagia Sophia

Around WW1 the industrialized empires of Britain and France with their very powerful navies smashed up much of the backward Ottoman empire.  But those naval forces were not very important in the final analysis. In the 4 decades leading to WW1 the Ottoman empire had often been the target of the equally vicious and murderous European imperialists.  An ongoing and massive dismemberment of its once vast empire was both historically important and was achieved during and after the world war by the land forces sweeping in from the deserts, from Greece and up from Egypt etc. Even Italy had jumped in with the support and encouragement of the British and the French, creating Libya from two of the Ottoman empire’s territories.

The pre-war activities and the success they had met with, was I think what lured the ‘believers’ like Churchill into the overreach disaster of the Gallipoli campaign .

It turned out that the big ships were a vast waste of effort when countered by the, mostly German-made, big guns on the land.  This was the period when the dreadnoughts were still thought to be the apex beasts and it was soon to be proved that they were no such thing.  Like the dinosaurs their time was coming to an end and yet even the upcoming military powers did not foresee this and expended huge effort on building and manning these massive money pits.  The new era required a new navy.

What all actually needed particularly the central powers, was U and E boats and lots of little aeroplanes.  The era when aircraft carriers were queen of the seas had arrived.

In the end, the Turks were pushed back by the army that did the work coming out from Egypt and then mostly with T E Lawrence mobilizing the locals and using them to do the bulk of the killing and dying or so the story goes.  The truth is a bit different as the conventional army pushed up the east coast of the Mediterranean.  But even the colonial cannon fodder Australians, New Zealand and Indian soldiers did much of this work for nothing but the ‘glory’ of allowing the wealthy English and French imperialist minded ruling elites to map make at the end of the war and carry on with their colonial claptrap for another few decades!  An era now so thankfully gone with the wind.

The Ottoman Empire was reduced to a country that was made ‘secular’ by a modern military man’s diktat.  The leader that began the transformation of what remained of the collapsed Ottoman empire and so modernized the Turkey that emerged, was a general, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.  After a few years at the helm, he turned the Hagia Sophia into a museum.  This doing has now been undone by the Islamist Erdogan and it has been returned to the -second hand- religious function it once had.

Hagia Sophia was once the greatest cathedral in Christendom and that’s not been forgotten by some prominent Christians! But there we were in 2020 and a Turkish court (not to be confused with a puppet Egyptian court mind but not a fully western court either) and then a democratic Islamist leader (who continues to modernize Turkey and again not to be confused with an Egyptian military coup leader but who is both a democrat and a conservative) took quite predictable steps.

Whingers the world over like the inbred journalists of the ABC/BBC started carrying on as if this was some kind of outrage! It wasn’t. I say it’s a TINA issue for democrats!

Islamist’s have control of a country as a result of peaceful democratic contest and they wanted the building back.  The democrats that run Turkey have said that it will be treated by the Turkish state just like Europe’s great cathedrals.  How good is that compared to the KSA or IRAN?  Compare Turkey to Pakistan.

100 years on and after a huge struggle it’s not run by a military man’s diktat anymore! Democracy has taken root and naturally conservative Islamists win the vote and form the government.  But we all recall that the struggle against the military taking over in a bloody coup is still a real, life and death struggle.

If you were wanting to go to 21stcentury western style democracy you wouldn’t want to start from anywhere else in the MENA.

This building has been subjected to a legitimate bourgeois legal process and so the outcome is obviously good news for democrats!

Democracy continues to unfold in Turkey.    The Islamist peoples that vote for Erdogan continue to insist that they can believe what they want AND systematically undo the work of others!   Now that’s the way to ‘pull down’ a statue!   Put a whole museum under the microscope.  How did ‘their’ building get taken over for a museum?  If democracy now is to mean anything why are they not to have it back!  Court cases are decided that don’t please everyone.  After all, they stole it fair and square in the first place.

In the corporate liberal media off we go on a wild romp of but-what-a-bout and quite a bit of sympathy for the military and others caught up in the coup.  The struggle goes ever on.

There is -for just one glaring example- no gay marriage in Turkey!  Just like there wasn’t under the Australian government of Julia Dullard (don’t you love spell check)!  But then gays are not thrown off high buildings like they were and are by gangs in places like Libya and Syria!  That is how the Islamofascists in Iran have carried on for all my adult life.  In Syria and Libya they are not thrown by the government’s laws!  But they are ‘thrown’ and are as dead as those at the foot of the Sydney cliffs 3 and 4 decades ago!

The Islamists defeat their islamofascist foes in Syria and Libya and in their home base of Turkey not by becoming secularists but by declaring that -just like the great Western churches- their world-class church will be open to all even as it is used as the religious building that it is.

Naturally, the BBC/ABC has a vastly different spin on how decisions taken by ‘secularists’ can’t or at least ought not to be undone!  No surprise that some secular-minded people don’t like religious services resuming in this old religious building.  But TINA for democrats!

I wonder what the 1/2 theorists make of this demonstration of what a democratic country looks like in action.  Being a persona-non-grata among my old crowd what the almost silent Australian Marxists think is unknown to me.

From the mess that emerged from a defeated WW1 Ottoman Empire, a modern state was created.  Like the USSR that emerged from a VERY similar mess, it was born and carried on in grand style with more than just a few glaring blemishes.   The sight of these blemishes to any 21st C western liberal is of course disturbing, but though shocking to say yet it’s true that by Ottoman and Czarist standards even Putin’s Russia is progress! That is just not much to write to another continent about! So western liberal democracies are currently with no peers! That might be pathetic but that is where humanity is at.

So along comes yet more struggle for democracy!  2 forwards 1 back goes our little dance and here we are with Russia and Turkey in a ‘proxy’ war again.  The fascists make war every day and the democratic Islamists fight back every day but the Australian Marxists are silent.

What strange times we live in!

‘Why bother?… because I believe in a bright future and want to help make a difference. And I refuse to allow the likes of John Pilger, Tariq Ali and Tim Flannery to be seen as leftists.’  Good oh!


To add to my off used military saying of ‘slow is smooth and smooth is fast’ I just picked up on this old Russian army saying that goes ‘never send a soldier somewhere that an artillery shell can go first’. Yet that is essentially what Putin’s fascist army has been doing for these first 3 murderous weeks.

But there’s always the particular for us to consider. In this case the peculiar envelope this internationally isolated second rate mostly old fashioned and joylessly unmotivated steam roller of an army has had to work in.

The working envelope in the pre-launch marshalling period, was the displayable limit of Russian resources in both men and ‘shells’. Yet even though it did not suck me in, it has to be said that Russian deception mostly worked. Further, I think it has also worked for the first-month requirement to hide what the fascists were and are up to for their next move.

It’s been very common (after week 1 or 2) to hear how Putin can’t win! But we all recall how little time Assad had left as the Syrian tyrant back in September 2015! That short time will be seven years this September! Perhaps it may be best to cast away all these soft headed illusions and prepare for the hard reality of struggle.

Putin’s fascists have had to do this massive invasion while they remain in plain sight under US spy satellites. Yet despite the size of the aggressive warfare they’re tasked with they have in these three short opening weeks achieved a lot. All of the Russian generals know that they are fighting a long war and also that it’s only ultimately directed against the spread of democracy into Belarus and Russia. Their job is to deal with the Ukraine issues and let Putin deal with the ‘ultimately’ bit down the track. Not that that will work mind!

So basically they have been pushing forward into the positions they actually require just in order to get started on their current main job! That job is a process. The drawn-out process is well known from Syria where as a result of the closure of the Bosphorus supply route I suppose Egypt might now be expected to step up to the HIRISE ‘leadership’ role. (HIRISE is my own acronym for the loose coalition that is involved in stopping the spread of democracy in Syria, it consists of Hezbollah, Iran, Russia, Iraqi Shia militia, Assad’s own Syrian ‘Government’ forces and a token commitment from a regional giant Egypt)

Apparently ‘There’s a Russian word maskirovka which means military deception.’ Perhaps the first case of maskirovka was in the logistic train that was absent. ‘It must be a bluff’, most of the experts shouted in unison, because ‘they haven’t got the logistics in place to do it’. But the question was what was it? The ‘it’, turned out to be no more than deal with stage 1 and then set up the new logistics that are required for stage 2. These are very different logistical issues than were the so-called ‘disaster’ of stage 1. I’ve been informed that 60% of the Ukrainian masses were of the view that Putin would not launch this war and if that is true and I have no reason to doubt it, then the first maskirovka was remarkably successful.

At stage 1 the job appears to have been to funnel the troops forward despite the costs and ‘quickly’ get the artillery into position to pour fire on the cities where there is a strategic purpose for the war. The infantry is only now deployed to protectively screen the artillery and the -so far substantially held back air power- can now both screen the infantry and be the main general terror bombing instrument beyond!

Airpower does not win wars but terror bombing is a big part of what Russia has shown in Syria over the last decade. The cheapest method to drive the civilians out and into the democracies is the Assad barrel bombing process. All this is just one form or another of artillery.

Now we know from Napoleon that artillery conquers but only if infantry can and does occupy; otherwise, it simply drives off the people from the territory that’s been for the time being laid waste. Without infantry occupation, it leaves those that manage to somehow remain living in the zone in abject poverty but still randomly in the fight. In these enclaves, the defenders are subject to constant threat and intermittent terror attacks. These zones become too dangerous to report from and regions for the plausible denial of the various Putinesqe atrocities such as chemical weapons use; even extermination drives become ‘expected’. The Putin method is to establish what is then recognized as nothing less than a free-fire zone! The fascists then kill who they want when they want or can.

We have seen this process play out over many years in Syria. Vast tracts of territory were cleared by the barrel bombing of everything that sustains civilian life. Medical facilities, breadlines all are vulnerable and systematically attacked, until finally, the troops kill at close quarters as they occupy the territory.

The woke world looked on and after a time it was all normalized especially so after some well respected public intellect would point to the US ‘crime’ of illegally liberating the Iraqi people from Baathism! Then every good liberal can tut tut in unison and note that ‘they all do it’ and are ‘all as bad as each other’; so we see a modern fifth column is in this way working just as effectively as if they were paid to disrupt a useful enquiry into how any legitimate struggle for democracy is ever to be fought and won.

I don’t know the exact numbers but about half the Syrian population has in the course of a decade been displaced. At least half of those were driven out of the country altogether and if it were not for the intervention of a massive Turkish ground force the ‘Putin plan’ would have continued. Turkey the NATO no2 giant did the required job and the ½ theorists can’t even talk about it! Anyway I still do. But I digress.

The strategic purpose of this stage of the Putin plan is to terroristically level all the cities that are part of the currently unknown plan; they will be leveled over time to whatever extent is required to take control of them. The shelling required for that task has now started. So supply lines war is the answer and the Turkish and Israeli drones a big part of the effort. The putin plan is for murder in the countryside and mass refugee flows from the selected cities. Ukraine is going to be brutally ‘forced to sue for peace’.

Putin has real form and he does not play. It turns out he doesn’t really bluff either! The shelling will go on for as long as it takes to get the map looking like and also populated as the tzar of all the russians desires it. Make no mistake, as the fascist supply lines get disrupted and Putin’s demoralized troops get bogged down against a growing resistance to these occupation forces, the use of chemical weapons will come up. At some point we can be sure that he will escalate; he is that predictable! Just look at his form and how people got him wrong again and again!

The first 3 weeks of the resumption of this war was about positioning for the next 30 weeks. By about next September I wonder how Biden’s dementia will have progressed. That’s worth thinking about given who is ‘the leader’ and who’s the alternative leader of the free world! My giddy aunt, just how bad does this get?!

But for now the fascist army of Vlad Putin the Audacious is positioned to start driving the mass of unwanted Ukranians out of the territory that IS according to him in play. The rate they have achieved up to this point is 1,000,000 per week for a grand total of 3million. That rate is far in excess of what can be achieved for the next 10,000,000 that Putin wants to be rid of but he has shown what he has the stomach for and we can all recall the time spans that this takes. Syria has already resulted in more than that number of refugees! The fascists must be extraordinarily pleased with the rate of refugee generation at over 1 million per week when less than a month ago 2 out of 3 Ukrainians didn’t know this war was restarting in a big way!

The western world is now in a similar delusionary drift. I doubt that is true in the front line states of Poland, the Baltic 3 and so forth. The Turks under Erdogan will not be so delusionary! They know why they have all those millions of Syrians that the Europeans never wanted and did fuck all to stop being generated. Thank you mother Merkel for all your failed policies! Anyway we ought to know now that the fight is only starting in Ukraine but because it’s ultimately directed at preventing the spread of democracy it won’t stay there. So western democrats out of nothing more than long term self interest are in this fight and in it to the finish.

Comfortingly for me a majority of western generals I’m now hearing in my wide media wanderings are catching on to what’s at stake in this war and more often as not also beginning to express some measure of confidence in the West’s capacity to eventually prevail. Even the Americans! Consequently in the lower ‘ranks’ of the comentariate the will to fight spirit will soon begin to step over the pile of surrender monkeys of the realist right, pseudoleft and the hopelessly woke that have for virtually the entire 21stC dominated in western mainstream media.

The first problem was the phony pacifism snark complaining that the Western world would fight to the last Ukrainian often followed by the demand for a declaration of war against the Russians and declaring a no fly zone is declaring war! The notion that not only can the west help the unfortunate Ukrainian victims to resist until they eventually have to surrender, is however giving way to the view that the west can more slowly enter the fight and we can and will prevail provided we take the path of protracted war! There is no short term solution and there is nothing other than a military solution. It’s the Russians that want to talk while they terror bomb and drive out refugees. The sheer horror in the notion of surrender to what the MSM are now calling the ‘autocracy’ that is attacking them is what has stopped the rot. The ‘autocrat’ is demanding new maps and setting disarmament conditions while his people are not even in support of his adventure. That’s what it is, adventurism writ loud. He’s got more than enough rope now so I hope I live long enough to see him hang with it.

The west is not yet fit for the fight but at least we know we are in one on both sides of the world and we are capable of winning both!


Belarus en passant as war resumes in Ukraine. Nothing is no longer an option.


A proven anti-viral!

Game changer!!  Just the first cab off the coming rank, so the price will drop very quickly.

and possible eradication if…

where we are now
update 2nd cab of the rank!  Paxlovid.  (less than a month) Both treatments are very effective if given in the first few days after testing positive.

All that really remains of this pandemic is to get the world’s people fully vaccinated and treated as required.  Aboriginal leaders (who did so well early on with the shutdowns have self evidently gone missing over the vax rates right across the remote parts of the country.)  These ‘leaders’ are the problem!  Time for some new leaders.

It looks like the 1/2 theorists at 21stC will not be saying much more on this issue either!

Dark Emu
Bolt is spot on in this example!

Trump gone.

The nature of the 2 party dictatorships across the Anglo world is that luck plays a very big part. It has to be said that were it not for Covid19 Trump would have romped it in, but if my sister had balls…Covid19 was the only thing that stopped Trump from romping it in!

But now a divide and rule situation has arisen in the US.  Whatever was the situation prior to the Capital Hill fiasco, it no longer matters. Disunity is death, is one of the great working maxims to anchor our thinking when pondering what ‘next’ for the Trump show.

If Trump were to run in 2024 then the GOP would not be fit for purpose.  He is still very popular but he also unites the democrats and mobilises the woke.  The GOP is now his party and there is some buyer remorse over Biden who is so clearly suffering from a cognitive disorder that renders him unfit for the job.  The ‘liberal’ mass media are carrying him and it has reached joke level!

But the GOP is now in a state of disunity that’s way past the ‘normal’ bounds of parties being taken over by a different faction or swapping radically different leaders and taking a very different path as a result. It can’t revive with Trump and it probably can’t revive without him so he will have to play kingmaker for the GOP to get anywhere on this cycle -all things being equal and I suppose they won’t be.

If a credible ‘new leader’ were to emerge and Trump swung his supporters behind such a person then the GOP would be fully competitive. On the other hand, if Trump were to take on all comers in the primaries and wipe the floor with them to the point that the party had to put him forward against Harris then even though this election was close and he was well-positioned for another tilt in 2024 it would not now work!

In Australia, Howard was again made leader a ¼ century ago by the Liberal party for a good reason, and he became PM in drovers dog style simply because the voters were going to throw out Keating in 1996! Howard then did a good enough job to win a second term when he took an actual policy to the people in 1998 (and people knew that Keating had also wanted this policy anyway). But then fate stepped in and he became a wartime leader in 2001, (and there were difficult refugee issues) and finally, the people elected him again when the complexity of war got thrown on the table for his fourth electoral win in 2004.

But times up came along and ‘Kevin 07’ saw the end of Howard in a predictable and unavoidable exhaustion of Howard’s luck.

Anyway; Australians saw what a return of disunity meant from both sides when the Howard era ended! The country went through a farcical period of PM swapping Rudd – Gillard – Rudd – Abbott -Turnbull – Morrison; and we ended the period with Scotty from marketing who is however up against Albanese, and so is IMV despite the best efforts of the ABC / ALP / Greens ‘destined’ to win the next election.

So the ALP is looking for a new hope right now!

Trump got lucky in 2016 and won against a hated alternative who had insulted GOP supporting workers across America as ‘a basket of deplorables’. His luck has however just run out and from his own actions!

It’s only the fact that it is the looming woke madness of Harris and sleepy Joe that is now underway that could even potentially revive him.


The Dems… well they now have at least enough rope to hang themselves with – president sleepy, plus control of both the House and the Senate. So even though they would get a honeymoon period from most swingers and swingers are all that counts in this game, they also have the women’s vote and color card to play to hold the battleground 3 or so states that count.

But the enemy for the GOP is only theoretically the Democrats.

Trump has however by his own mistaken actions -in pushing beyond what was reasonable to end up in the 5 deaths in the Capital Hill fiasco – despite all the other issues involved buried himself past where a revival is now possible! The GOP will not after a few years struggle again unite behind him. It is split.

It’s far too soon to work out what will emerge from this mess with the GOP and the Trump rump and if that reunified effort can win in 2024 but the Obama style rubbish is going for another four year run and Joe despite all the minding by his wife and family is not going to be there in 3 years time! Harris is on the way! So the question of who will win when the fight is X v Harris is wide open -IF- Trump does not split the vote!


But Trump is NOW not going to win in 2024.


Still no sign of sense from the ½ theorists about Syria, Erdogan, Libya, Ukraine or even Nagorno Karabakh and plenty more besides like Brexit!

The MENA notably is off the comment about list of topics and Trump is about all that’s left and there’s not much sense there either!

Covid19 comment has also been a bit silly and even the Premier of NSW makes more sense on reflection.

And as I have pointed out this is worth a read.


This is the alternative that has always been worthy of thinking about and as we have seen in Victoria has not been.  The vulnerable must be protected and that is the key question.  We are not all in this together!  Over 60 or overweight etc and you (we) are in this in a big way …shelter from this storm.  Fit and under 60 carry on.

A 1,000 fold risk difference must be taken advantage of.

Turn off the Air conditioners.  Get out in the open.  Wash hands.  Isolate if your over 60.


I’ve been following the work of this Dr (a very experienced nurse educator not MD)for some time and think he’s one of the better examples that’s been steadily working away at getting a real handle on this mind-numbing virus

I must admit that I’m a little more optimistic than he is but with the experience of Trots and ‘Maoists’ and the Melbourne 1/2 theorists over these last 5 years I honestly can’t imagine why other than it’s a personality quirk of mine.

I haven’t had much to record and what I have is still standing up.
This virus does not like the hot humid conditions; it has a seasonal aspect to it; viral load is important, and so on.

My family were involved for many years in nursing homes and I once worked as a nurse in a major nursing home. So I have a bit of understanding of how these places work. I am not at all surprised that Victoria is now a disaster area for these establishments.

As I said elsewhere Andrews is a walking disaster.

This thread is just a place for me to make public some of the links I regularly collect for anyone who would want to use them.

Naturally, I’ve had virtually no respect and not much use for the ABC / BBC or the rest of the MSM for many years but now I barely look or listen to them as other than background noise while I search the net for some credible material.

I do however find myself increasingly suffering Sky news (in the manner of ‘give me an honest right-winger against a pseudoleftist any-day’) as the Oz MSM of first choice.  At least there is an effort to doubt the ALP/Greens/Woke madness and put some form of intellectual opposition on display.  At least the Sky hive mind is a slight improvement on the hive mind propaganda streaming out of the -government funded- alarmist headquarters with their pretense of balance over time etc!

Virus watch

If people are not keeping up with Dr. John Campbell  all I can say is that they ought to!  He’s been talking good sense all through this crazy year.  IMV there is no excuse now for a lack of optimism as death rates are currently tumbling as the treatments often very cost efficient are coming on stream at a rapid rate!


labels for these links done here!

The jury is in on Hydroxychloroquine – ‘it saves lives’: Rowan Dean to Bolt

Coronavirus lockdowns, a good idea says Campbell Sep 9 2020

Russian Vacine and recent research Sep 5 re 4 studies published 3= Viral load important

Sky reports ‘Studies show hydroxychloroquine cuts ‘virus mortality in half in high risk groups’

p5 D
Campbell re Vitamin D First clinical trial more positive than I could have imagined! September 6! What gives when the data is so clear!

Immunity and vaccine optimism sep 8

Pandemic Science, Vaccines soon Sep 2

Kenny Melbourne GP says Ivermectin treatment is ‘very effective’ Sep 8


But what is to be done?



Turkey watch



Bolt watch



Climate watch







Barry recently published a reminiscence about his 1971 trip to China that I very much enjoyed reading.

Nevertheless the following paragraph struck me as just the sort of thinking that people used to get away with in the sheltered land of communist youth groups and perhaps such thinking is still lingering with Barry.

‘3. Who needs a Navy? I’ll never forget meeting with party cadres and discussing the military threats to China from the Soviet social-imperialists (the Ussuri River border being a dangerous hot spot where fighting had broken out in 1969) and from the US imperialists in Indo-China and the Pacific. We were told that China’s military strategy was entirely defensive and based on the Peoples Liberation Army and civil defense. My ears pricked up when mention was made of a coastal naval defense force. I asked, “Why doesn’t China have a conventional Navy – why just a small coastal guard?” The reply, which I’ll never forget, was that “China does not need a Navy because we have no intention of expanding our interests beyond China. We shall never become imperialist! Only imperialists need a large powerful Navy!”’

So now that China has a vast blue water navy and is so obviously a blatantly vicious imperialism Barry recalls the statement and it becomes a sort of ‘ah ha’ moment for him about what the attitude of revolutionary China was in comparison! But it’s clearly not so simple. (I may have misunderstood where Barry was going with this thinking, but it’s worth teasing out…especially given how we fell out so completely over Putin turning up in Syria and what it would mean to the democratic revolution! Having got it completely wrong Barry has never managed to backtrack through the issue, so I’m not hopeful.)

But that statement from the Chinese side was silly at face value. That is to say even at the time it was made it was silly! People that didn’t spot or face up to this type of statement as just a foolish ‘propaganda’ style explanation all those years back might want to think again now. If you can’t spot either the self serving duplicity or actual naivety involved then you might be vulnerable to similar thinking. That’s one thing for a young person but I’d have to question the worth of the wisdom growing years in between if such a view is persisted with now.

So am I building a straw man? I hope so in the narrow sense; but in the broader sense definitely not. The style of thinking involved here is spread right through the progressive element that I have known over the decades. These are people who are not outright pseudoleftists, but are drifting, or have long ago drifted to the methods of the cancel culture and who now – with perhaps the excuse of ‘good’ manners regularly operate on silence when they know full well they ought to speak up. They live a pretence that they as individuals are scientifically minded and open to debate when they are nothing like involved in the search for understanding. They long ago stopped operating in the manner Mao advocated in combat liberalism so that ‘open honest and above board’ is just an old slogan they might remember, but it has no effect, no substance in their current world.

After Putin signed up to some comforting words about democracy and elections in Syria half theorists – who were people that used to regularly post or comment at Strangetimes – totally abandoned the Strangetimes project. In never walking this issue back they demonstrated that they most certainly are vulnerable to a delusionary drift.

Lately we have had the anti Erdogan claptrap from Tom G and silence from all the others who know full well that it is claptrap! Or they ought to! Who can tell with the silence! If based on any draining of the swamp theory then Tom G’s view has no connection to a democratic revolutionary’s standpoint but who can tell with such people. Silence. Cancel culture. Talk to themselves. Drift…

This Chinese blather from 50 years ago is not the sort of thinking that could sink the Bismarck and of course the Bismarck had to be sunk! I don’t think you would get the leftist child of a WW2 sailor making such a comment! But then who would think that someone from Malta could accept such twaddle either. Yet…

Chinese ‘red’ blather was never the sort of thinking that could have occurred to the American revolutionaries like Jefferson. He immediately built a blue water navy to deal with the Barbary pirates. From the very beginning of that revolutionary country the navy was integral to its survival as a beacon for revolution.

Whatever line was being pushed in 1970, in reality Mao would not have accepted such blather any more than Zhou En Lai. (Both had lived through WW2 and both had watched Battleship Potemkin.) China was too poor to build a big blue water navy at the time so it just didn’t matter! China did however build an atom bomb; and they built their bomb despite the Mao stand that atom bombs were in the final analysis ‘paper tigers’! Building of Atom bombs was something that the young communists of the time managed to rationalize and I for one would be keen to learn how those that did so argued about it.

Singers of the Internationale can’t forget seafarers! Shipping is the reality of globalists. The Internationale can’t be sung by anti shipping land-lubbers with ‘a coastal navy’ and make any sense.

In the past, even the suppression of slavery by the British navy would become someone else’s job with this type of no blue water navy thinking! On its face this is rubbish where Japan’s WW2 navy disappears in a puff. It’s ‘other people’s job to deal with that’ is the consequence of this style of thinking. Proletarians have a world to win and we crew big ships that we build and fill and consume the contents of. We are not the slightest bit interested in ‘food miles’ nor with small is beautiful thinking.

Simply speaking the democratic revolution does not go global from the start so revolutionaries do have naval issues to consider! The communist revolution is not yet in sight.

Despite appearances created by the current victories of revisionists, genuine communists are the cutting edge of the democratic revolution, and we are very interested in the navy. In 2020 when there are still no revolutionary countries in some kind of socialist camp to bother us, piracy still creates a stupid thought pattern among pseudoleftists.

Workers crew ships full of cargo, yet are supposed to be left to fend for themselves while these so-called ‘lefties’ condemn the big ships and the multi-national transport conglomerates as well! The greenies even try to stop the coal and other fossil fuels being shipped to save the planet no less. Just consider the green scaremongering when a bulk carrier ran aground the other day! Totally pathetic scaremongering of a very minor mistake made by careless workers. The ship’s crew were responsible for the loss of that bulk carrier. The workers stuffed up!

Of course Barry gets the stupidity of a stand that leaves seafarers at the mercy of pirates, but he might be a bit weak on just how you deal with pirates! I don’t know. I do know the ½ theorists are totally weak on Turkey and the PKK issue. The Mediterranean and MENA issue have just drifted away over these 5 years!

This type of soft thinking from 50 years ago jumps up to bite almost everyone with a leftist disposition when it comes to people sloshing around the world as refugees. The vexed issue of refugees brings on more silence. Not just people being bombed into sloshing around by the current crop of fascists led by the audacious Putin either.

We know there are 3.6 million of these people sheltering under Erdogan’s protection in Turkey and as many more protected by the Turkish army in Syrian enclaves! I suppose 3-400,000 Syrians made it to the safety of the west! The lucky ones who are enjoying the good life! But Putin’s policy was to continue the Assad policy of creating refugees. They had policies of attacking hospitals and making lots more refugees; so what is to be done? Put in troops to resist him and shoot down his aircraft if they come near that is what a modern mechanized army can do. That is what the Turks are positioned to do. That is how the world must deal with Putin’s refugee making policies. That is how Erdogan is dealing with the issue.

The other far more humble entrepreneurial type people smugglers who just know what they want and have the get up and go to go and get it are also audacious in their own way. But are they the solution to the peoples problems? NO and that is obviously so.

Open the borders, let the people of the world roam free is the -quite frankly- dishonest or dim witted easy answer that neither Zhou En Lai nor Mao were themselves prepared to countenance in their day. These real revolutionary leaders faced up to their responsibilities of leading almost ¼ of humanity. They never took charge of China just to issue such a declaration of ‘freedom’. They did exactly the opposite. What is more everybody knows they did and so everybody can see the giant double standard that ½ theorists carry. Stay at your post was the order in China. Do not flood the cities but urbanization was required and proceeded in a measured kind of way. Mao did not betray the peasants or just use them and move on. The historical tasks were not avoided by policies of silence either. China had to be functioning as well as changing as rapidly as possible. What was possible was always at issue but make yourself useful was never in doubt! So those seeking the easy life are simply not first priority when the real problem is millions in poverty.

Being bombed by the fascists to the point where there is for them no alternative but to run to save their lives is one thing. Having for example made it to Turkey ought Turkey shuffle them on to Sweden? Ought all the doctors go to live in Paris? How about all the engineers? Will the emptying countries be left with the old and no one to care for them as parts of many countries actually develop right now?

So to recap. September 2015 was when the Russians turned up with aircraft in Syria! The now silent Australian communists post no current content on what is now several years of important developments in the MENA region. Indeed some comments from as little as a couple of years ago were nothing more than a doubling down on the previous foolishness! We are now about to enter the sixth year after the intervention and Arthur retained his thinking from the last months of 2015 that reality had shattered with Russian barrel bombs in the first 6 months. Since then not much for me to even bother to reply to. I poke a stick at them every now and then, but the corpse doesn’t stir!

Silence from reds is nothing less than a disgrace! If people are to contribute to the world wide people’s revolution that all manner of progressive people and the all important industrial proletariat is interested in, it does matter what ‘we’ theorists think even if revolutionary minded people currently control almost nothing at all.

Big problems requiring revolutionary solutions are in the here and now! No involvement in the political struggle, no involvement in the economic struggle and no involvement in the theoretical struggle is just no involvement at all!

Revolutionary states will maintain blue water naval forces long into the future!


Apparently it’s all a bit of a Minsk up!
‘The crisis in Belarus has developed at a scorching pace and some analysts said Putin had misjudged the momentum of the protests.
“Putin has been surprised, perhaps no less than Lukashenko himself, about what’s happened,” said Gould-Davis. “And they don’t know how to effectively respond to a rapidly changing and inherently unpredictable situation. No one does. But they will want to control it.”’ Duh!

Lukashenko has been on the phone to Putin and in desperation would have said something like; ‘If I go, who do you think will be the next cab off the rank Vlad?’  But that logic won’t impress Vlad the audacious!  Anyway a TINA moment has arrived for Vlad or -as he sees this- him on behalf of Mother Russia no less.

A week after the phony elections and the unrest is now peacefully growing but the police after just one death of a demonstrator -from their brutality- have eased up and clearly they are unable to stop the large scale milling around that will now – in the grand tradition of such struggles- become a daily feature of Minsk life as the main square or something has to be occupied immediately.

It may look to the police a bit like visions of the old East German police and look what became of them!  They might not see this as a good bet to stay out of jail themselves now.

Lukashenko is clearly finished if the demonstrators press their advantage now!  The only thing that could keep him going for even a couple of weeks is a lack of immediate action to send him on his way!

Lukashenko is gone but not in the way that Assad was ‘gone’!

BBC reports from Moscow say Lukashenko is seen by Russian insiders as ‘a dead man walking’ and that seems reasonable enough to me so I wonder why he was congratulated for his ‘win’.  Vlad and Jinping, just last week congratulated Lukashenko on his ‘win’.  That was a stupid blunder!  Silence was a no brainer!  What do they look like to the people of Belarus now!   Not pretty!

This is now an inevitable turn to the west and a link to the peoples of the Baltics and Ukraine.

So this week all is apparently forgiven from the recent arrests of Russian mercenaries; whatever that was all about.

The world is starkly divided with such idiocy on full display.   Previous generations just didn’t hold such elections in the first place!  That old form of tyranny makes a bit more sense to me than this farce and that is what it is.  Anti democrats of the world unite because you have empires to lose!  So just as Jinping is reacting to Hong Kong so will Putin react to his ‘territory’ Belarus!  Putin really believes that territory is Russian!  He is not going to bow out of this contest.  That is not the nature of the little Czar.

Yet there is much more than a little truth in this;  ‘While monitoring Belarus closely and discouraging further state violence, U.S. and EU policymakers must start preparing for the potentially much more devastating flashpoint that is Russia. No dictatorship is permanent, and in reaching for an outer empire in Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, Moscow’s inner empire could start to crumble.’ 

Like everyone else I’ve watched the slow train from Minsk for the last few weeks and so far… no surprises!  The week after another election has been blatantly stolen by Lukashenko (as he has done often enough before) and naturally his police state thugs were out beating and arresting anyone who objected.  Calling a clear and big election win a gigantic loss is bound to deliver a mass turnout on the streets so they had quite a few to put in the slammer and it just got bigger.  But his thug state is only going to hold together for a couple of weeks because the rally’s are just not big and angry enough.. just yet.  But events are moving to fast for either tyrant now that me thinks this is starting to get a bit of the Nicolae Ceaușescu feel about it!

So curiously  the ½ theory makes some sense in this instance but why not?  After all, I have always half thought along the lines of the half theorists!

‘Andrej Babiš, the prime minister of the Czech Republic, tweeted on Sunday: “What happened to us in 1968 must not happen in Belarus. The European Union must act.”’ I wonder what he thinks they will do exactly.  They will undoubtedly offer a great deal of revolutionary advice!  That will start by;  ‘keep up the pressure’, ‘keep the masses on the streets’; all the Lenin and Mao stuff for sure!

There has been an election and this can now only be resolved in a hand over to the real winner; for an eventual re-run under proper free and fair conditions and thus for her husband a very probable 2nd win.

Putin is scrambling because there is no legitimate candidate for him.  This is a country that has to go western and that does not fit Putin’s plans in any shape.  The new leadership won’t be any ‘worker’ politicians or Marxist types that’s for sure!  This struggle is for western style democracy in the same manner as the Iberian peninsular in the seventies but it’s without a workable future!  The resolution of this one simple democracy issue is whatever else it is economically doomed from day1.  It will fix nothing of the peoples livelihood issues.  Capitalism is not capable of fixing the current crisis in Belarus. Putin might have to play the long game to get back in to Belarus but I can’t see that working.

Will a big Russian meddling work and Belarus settle down for decades like a 1968 Russian intervention in Czechoslovakia?  Of course not and Putin can’t believe that it would.

On the other hand what else can he do other than meddle?  He might ask his advisors the difficult question ‘Does anyone have an alternative?’  He could be met with silence and a perception of TINA resolves a lot of issues for tyrants.  Let’s see what turns up might be the shrug of shoulders casting of the die.

The more probable course is a stall in the democratic struggle after a short term hand over and then a much more bloody building-up period being required to even get to the first stage of freedom from the gangster rule.  If the army cracks all bets are off. Here’s hoping of course!

So TINA for Russian meddling at some point!

The Russians are making all manner of noises that will either end in some kind of meddling -for the sake of law and order- or the beginning of the end for Putin will have started.


Anita’s aunt lived in a small country town in South Australia. About a fortnight ago the family in Adelaide were contacted with the news that she was going downhill fast and that they had better come and visit; so Anita and her mother did.  Aunty was very frail but they had a nice visit. Two weeks later she was dead of pneumonia, aged 90.

Aunty’s death highlights that every day of our short lives we live in a bug soup world.  In the last few days of her life her body could not fight off any bugs at all as her immune system was failing with all the other systems. In the end, as many of us do go, an elderly woman was taken out by one of these bugs.  Taken out 2 months after moving to the nursing home.

Of course nobody was surprised and nothing much could have realistically been done to prolong her life, nor did she want to.  Of course she could have been taken to an even ‘more germ free environment’ and been given more antibiotics while barrier nursed and she may still have lived to next week or the week after; but the point that I’m making is clear; she was in one of ‘God’s waiting rooms’ for a reason; just like those of us who will be lucky enough to live long enough to follow her.  On the other hand there are plenty of us that would hope to not quite make that move and instead (perhaps with just a little extra help in our last few years) shuffle off just prior to that short stay.

So here’s the drum.   All the authorities that are running this covid19 response and those that are running the ABC/SBS scare-machines have IMV got it fundamentally wrong and that ought not surprise anyone.  It’s not just Dan Andrews who is as wrong on this as he is on the litany of issues that make woke people what they are; it’s a case of ‘Wrong Way, Go Back’ for the lot of them!  Here is Peta Credlin on the Victorian cock-up and Dan’s refusal to answer questions.

Sure the second bad result in Victoria was after Andrews had fumbled with the hotels and was busy dodging his responsibility for that stuff-up with the quarantine security.  But all along all the politicians in power in Australia have been looking the wrong way.

Dan’s approval drops from 65% to 49% and is still falling but the problem is country wide.  They are all following muddle headed policies.  This far out and the one thing that is clear is that Dan will not survive as Premier for or at any rate after the next election 27 long months away.  The Victorians have fixed terms.

Andrews has been too preoccupied to be critically or creatively thinking about what next, or making any reassessment of what path was adopted.  But none of them were or are.  Unlike the Swedes the people were not being trusted nor properly worked with; they were just being ordered around by the 2 party state authorities and ‘medical experts’ who the politicians are blindly following, and who are, in Australia, apparently all still in lock step and consequently forcing the people to find the alternate views on what to do from their own research efforts!

Only now -perhaps- are the ranks of the authorities starting to break! Only now ‘the little grey cells’ are stirring.

All along there was an alternative. The Emperor has in this case, almost no clothes. The political class that have been getting issues wrong for years are simply wrong again! But they are so heavily invested in their views and consequent actions despite them being devastating fails, that they are completely deaf to reason. They are quite unable to doubt themselves in any effective manner. They have brought on an economic disaster, and people in their millions in a great many countries are now going to be forced into thinking.

I think we have now reached a hide tide of woke madness. I conclude this because the woke can’t fix what they’ve just smashed! The ruling elites have stuffed up big time so TINA… the peoples’ across the world are going to have to fix this one!

In essence Sweden was and is correct! That’s despite the Swedes not being able to protect their most vulnerable EITHER; their overall methods were sound. Their societal structure is more like the Netherlands and the results they obtained were not that different from any of the comparable countries.

They have not done as well as the Netherlands as yet, (and the smart money would be on a vaccine now so that would be game set match) but it’s still far too soon to tell what the real end result of this is going to be.  In the end there will be all manner of deaths that have to be properly accounted for and it might turn out closer than it currently looks.

Most importantly the Swedish authorities accept and are dealing with their failures and that is refreshing; their opponents in countries like Australia have not, and with their world view cannot accept theirs! On the contrary, at this stage they are doubling down!  The vaccine and the always developing better treatments might save them or at least appear to.

The Swedes continue to rethink what they are doing, without accepting that what is being done elsewhere is in any way better than what their public policy has managed. The ‘normal’ deaths from the conditions for their ‘flu’ season was expected to be about 2,000, and it has now on August 7 (after what they accept is a very bad run) risen to 5,760 for this corona-19 enhanced viral or ‘flu’ season. That is a better way to think about the issue because it’s really an issue about deaths above usual and authorities are obliged to think about what is happening with THESE numbers.

A case of all lives matter but when you are living in God’s waiting rooms all manner of the normal bug soup we exist in will knock us off our, ‘ever thinning, pedestals.’

Disregarding the anomalous inclusions of San Marino, Andorra and Sint Maarten, Sweden is actually number 6 in deaths per million, but the more you test the more you find and that has produced some interesting results to ponder about;

Here is Sweden a couple of days apart and we can both see issues with the data but also note that critical cases are low and still falling!

649 more cases 3 deaths and no increase in critical numbers.   The death rate from cases is now falling and that is not apparent to Australians.  Treatments are producing better results as well.

This is the Swedish deaths age profile.

6 Sweden  population 10,106,111

Sample 4  (11thAug)   82,972 cases  5,766 deaths 

recovered N/A  active N/A   critical 34 cases p mil 8,210

death pmill 571   total tests 863,315   t pmil 85,425

Sample 3  (8thAug)   82,323 5,763

N/A N/A 34 8,146 570 863,315 85,425

Sample 2 (?)    81,967 5,766

N/A N/A 38 8,111 571 863,315 85,429
Sample 1  (?)   81,540 5,760

N/A N/A 41 8,069 570 863,315 85,431

What about the country they would like to be compared to?
Netherlands   population   17,138,756

56,982    6,153

N/A N/A   37   3,325   359    1,079,860   63,007

So far the Dutch who have tested less per mil are well ahead of the Swedes who are well ahead of the Belgians and the Brits for example.  But this is still playing out.  And the rate of deaths per cases are a different matter!  Why so starkly different?

Sweden             82,972  cases    5,766  deaths 

Netherlands   56,982   cases    6,153  deaths

on top of that here we are days later (14 August) and the numbers have gone up in Sweden by 880 cases and 4 deaths but in Netherlands 4222 and 12 deaths!  So the gap closes a tiny bit.

Sweden  1 dead : for every 1751.5 people V  1:2780  for Netherlands

1028.5 people!

Thankfully, the rapid improvements in treatments and the probable success of a vaccine in the very near future suggests that this gap will not close.  What that will work out in average years lost will be very interesting and especially so when then compared to other deaths that must be also accounted for.

Now just as Trump tried to tell the Trump deaf media that the more you test the more you find, (my little spread sheet), and that this is an important point to think about when cases range from no symptoms to death in days; let’s now think about this regardless of who reminded us to do so.

Why are some countries so deadly in their ratio of deaths to total case numbers? Countries like Mexico are just not testing all those non and mildly symptomatic people that Australia and the US for examples are.

Perhaps an intellectual fightback against what is now a manifest stupidity in public health care policies is starting to crank up?

Here are 9 links that people may want to review starting with the 2 researchers in evidence based medicine..

‘Must be motivated by hatred!’ ‘The cruel negligence of the lockdown’, with Dr John Lee. BRAVO!

****************************  End

May as well post this as well… Followed by week 2…and expose others on Monday; expose more on Tuesday, etc.. Yet, in Dan Andrews land, this simple concept was not routinely stamped into the consciousness of every person that turned up for testing! If you went for testing you must have suspected your health. So you must then quarantine UNTIL you get the all clear in a couple of days. And if you get a positive result the period extends. Simple.

It seems to me that the only people that really ‘got it’ in Australia were the Aboriginal leaders who understood that their already isolated communities were full of vulnerable people and that they would lose quite a few if they did not shut the world out! Only supplies were allowed in, not people. They still understand just how vulnerable their communities are. They took firm action and it worked and will continue to for as long as they carry on with it.

This isolation procedure has to somehow work for the vulnerable non isolated town and those in the cities and that last category is where it’s difficult to believe that it can! The elderly who are still living at home and caring for themselves can clearly make it work. It may seem like quite a bit of effort but it’s clearly worth it to make a reasonable attempt at isolation. It seems to me that the well and otherwise healthy elderly and the wealthy in particular have no excuse for not staying isolated. And those that require a bit of help like Meals on Wheels recipients can expect that good procedures have or can be implemented that can give them a fighting chance to still be isolated. But those procedures must be audited.

The missing method in all of this is to appoint someone to do the task and another to check that the task is really being done. People ought to have been designated from the start whose 1 task was to deliberately try to point out the holes in all actions that were underway before the new cases made a ‘hole’ self evident.

As for the nursing homes right across the country NOBODY had a clue what to do and though they are attempting to do barrier nursing NOW it will not work in any long term sense!

Meanwhile the country has been shattered and the just as real but unseen deaths are piling ever higher!

Those that ran the testing in Victoria dropped that ball, just as those who were running the quarantine hotels for returning travelers dropped the one ball they had! Dan Andrews was ultimately running both programs and he couldn’t even get that 2nd message (simple testing and a 3 day quarantine) right.He didn’t have a soldier at the service of a dozen or so of the potentially infectious individuals.

These people had to stay put till the results came a few days later, when most would get the all clear and safely go their way! Whatever was the practical number of short term quarantining people would be effectively served by each soldier. (to ensure they got what they needed etc.) It ought to have been worked out and delivered day 1, it is being done now after the failure BUT it was a predictable action from the start.

Those who got the bad news of a positive result would have to start on the second quarantining period with all of the complications of their various living conditions to be sorted out immediately. These people had either to be quarantined where they were or if that was impractical because of others in their home etc., taken off to a quarantine station/medi-hotel, until they tested negative! Obviously, the very few who then actually did get sick or sicker would just have to progress through the healthcare system till they either got better or died. All of this is such basic stuff that it is astounding how grossly incompetent was the Andrews government..

But even after people got sick enough for a hospital admission they ought never have been taken into a general and multi story hospital with this air borne infection. Emergency isolation hospitals as we had for infectious diseases in the past ought to have been re-activated. Instead the medico’s were wrongly focussed on ICU’s and ventilator machines, and they were never really the issue! Seperate ICU’s ought to have been developed as well. There was a mass hysteria, and a vast over reaction about ventilators was the case even in New York! We all ought to know this and yet months later most people are not thinking about why this happened nor what went wrong next. There was what amounts to a massive misdiagnosis. The experts were stampeding and the ABC type media compounding the problem. Even now as death rates from the hospitalised steadily fall this good news is being missed completely in the woke media.

All of the above control measures are straight forward and well understood quarantine procedures! But not in Victoria under Andrews. Instead Dan was the most ‘woke’, of all our alarmed ‘leaders’ following ‘the science’!! This premier had army people out strolling around with his idiot police force bullying people instead of being in anyway useful! Dan proved to be the biggest idiot bully of them all and he’s up against stiff competition.

Some earlier comments by date from Taiwan thread cartoon and other stuff in the copy here