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Bonjour mon ami et etranger 2

Hello Friends and ‘strangers’. Well met.

Well met, because these ARE strange times and often confusing to me so the need for open discussion of almost all the pressing issues of our time is urgent. So, I’m  taking on the tasks of Editor as it seems a good place to put previous skills to use, and for myself as a historical dialectical materialist in the early 21st century one of the primary roles I see is as ‘myth-busters’ an it gives a good opportunity for that.   Almost anyone who previously engaged here is able to contribute in vigorous constructive debate, and no doubt they have been doing so on other sites since ST ceased to function.  This site lost impetus direction and remains directionless but I want to try and address that in the coming months.  Even directionless, it is at least another place to meet and exchange thoughts.

This is a site where people can openly challenge others and examine previously held beliefs and hopefully attempt to move forward in their thinking and to consider if old views are still applicable or appropriate for the 21st C.  So maybe people could post about ideas they have been proven wrong about over their now longish life’s experience. If anyone has an article on this or anything else please send it in!

This is a red site, so we are stuck with the necessary, though often unpleasant task of exposing the pseudoleft and the bankruptcy of green politics and philosophy. Everyone who has ever contributed to this site might be lost and confused about what to do right now but there is no confusion about the existence of these opponent political formations.

One of the reasons I asked for the opportunity to revive the Strange Times website, even though there will be a few steep learning curves coming up, is that keeping this blog going so that others can read some of the gems from the authors here is a good use of my time.  The pseudoleft, greens and liberals are now almost openly attacking the well-being of the masses, such as in raising prices via a carbon tax. (so that the masses don’t waste fossil fuels)  That strikes me as having zero future, but then I would never have thought such thinking would have come as far as it has.

For a real left, the question ought to be about how do we provide the masses plentiful and cheap power that they can use any way they choose. ( usage is now generally considered waste – another myth to bust etc.)  All who have contributed here in the past have in their own way asked the question in whose interest is ‘this’?  I think we can do summaries and draw older threads together for a wider audience.  Anyone interested in Philosophical topics will hopefully be inspired enough to start writing again soon, but if not then all I can ask is that they bring interesting stuff that they are coming across to other people’s attention.

The bankrupt enemy has politics that are divorced from the people and is contemptuous of any attempt to discover what is in the interests of the ordinary masses.   Over the years, authors here have consistently debated at a number of international websites that have often descended into a kind of madness, I will gather and edit some of those exchanges to illustrate what not to do.

Over all, the comments from contributors here, and their articles have stood the test of time, and so much so that they are often worthy of update so I will be encouraging that as well.

Journals such as these can’t function without content and so content generation is first and centre and that is where you dear reader transform into a contributor. The Lastsuperpower Strange Times data bases are a world of information and knowledge, dig into them and revive some of the issues in light of developments. For example how goes the war for greater Israel? What is the current U.S. policy towards the formation of a viable Palestinian state?

Those who wish to comment on a regular basis can subscribe via email to So too, those wishing to submit an application to guest post; or to become a regular contributor please contact admin submitting your article.

P.S This is currently a directionless group blog with no new content so feel free to generate some!
best wishes Anita

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