A new rightist leader has stepped up! She evidently has still to learn about the concept pseudoleft!

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByeDW5rliPY Rightists putting forward the genuine left position!

    Africa needs ENERGY – the Paris Agreement is immoral – Alex Epstein.
    Oct 23, 2023
    Alex Epstein dismantles the notion of a “just transition” and emphasises the critical requirement for abundant energy on the African continent in a compelling and solid conversation with Kenyan agricultural engineer Jusper Machogu. The discussion touches upon vital topics such as Africa’s potential, the limitations of alternative energy sources, and the importance of embracing fossil fuels to drive progress and prosperity in the region.

    00:00 Introduction
    01:12 Fossil fuel discussion at Africa Energy Week
    01:45 Jusper Machogu on how he came to be mentored by Alex Epstein
    03:27 The real victims of Net Zero implications
    06:02 Jusper on his energy initiative in Kenya
    07:50 Net Zero, SDG 2030 and rapid elimination
    13:59 The problem with the UN
    15:10 Renewable energy
    16:28 Energy situation in Kenya
    18:10 Hypocrisy of anti-energy movement
    24:16 Why Green Energy is neither green nor energy
    28:44 How “Green” ultimately means anti-life
    29:43 WEF, the West and degrowth
    32:08 The funding of climate activists by the UN
    34:04 The reach of cancel culture
    38:26 Flawed evaluation of energy
    44:03 The reality of benefits Africa relies on from fossil fuel consumption
    49:12 Kenya’s reality vs what its government boasts
    53:23 Epstein on long-term benefits of fossil fuel consumption
    59:23 Epstein’s message at Africa Energy Week
    01:03:43 The reason Africa shouldn’t fear retaliation from the West
    01:06:41 Why energy restrictions are the new colonialism


    Inside ARU: Philosophy and Work with Alex Epstein
    May 20, 2023
    Ayn Rand University is an online school of philosophy whose mission is to educate our students about Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and to provide them with the intellectual, career and life guidance they need to flourish.

    In this clip, from the ARU course “Philosophy, Work and Business,” instructors Tal Tsfany, Onkar Ghate and Don Watkins talk to bestselling author and energy expert Alex Epstein about how to choose and pursue a fulfilling career.

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    Shellenberger Explains Government Censorship of Social Media

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