‘It’s not that you love the planet, it’s that you hate humanity ‘: Dr Jordan Peterson
Russian false flag operation gas pipes go bang. What’s Putin doing here? Gazprom hasn’t broken any contract now, have they? Putin is now desperate and moving on all fronts. He will try to mobilise 1,000,000 men so announces 300,000. But they can’t really be re-trained and they will be trying to do so in winter! How long before he blows up the polish pipe?  How about Christmas day? Under these obvious threats, coal is the only secure method for fighting the Russian hybrid and undeclared war.  The annual climate scare-fest set for Cairo this yr will sound a lot different to Glasgow! I hope!

Undoubtedly Lidia Thorpe is not fit to be in parliament but would fit right in at either Glasgow or Cairo but I think that if she could get 1 per cent of the vote she ought to have 1 in 100 of the seats. We have a 2 party dictatorship like almost all the anglo world. But IMV a proportional vote would see her right out the door! Green sharks will circle her soon enough. I doubt she will get a second term.  The obvious poison of the wokest of the woke!

And the ‘reply’ from Peterson comes up next he makes a great deal of sense from what I would say was a Marxist standpoint where he forcefully attacks the pseudolefts but seems utterly unaware of the Hitchens-type Marxists let alone the Maoists in the government of Nepal say or Australia’s own couple of individual theorists (but that is fair enough for we rarest of all breeds of social theorists have not shown up for many years outside of the tiny debate circles and a couple of newspaper articles etc). If it were not for Hitchens I would say he had a right to such ignorance as the world has long been swamped in left in form right in essence pseudoleft drivel. But Hitchens did exist as a well-known public Marxist dissenting from the pseudoleft and what is more anti-Stalin and anti-Mao to boot! So his rabid Solzhenitsyn (a Putin supporter) anti-communism is only less inexcusable than Steve Owens. As a historian, he makes a very good psychologist! I don’t know that he has ever made an attempt to even understand the US civil war to ww1 period across the world let alone what was to be done about such an appalling era. His murdering Marxists just drop from the sky….but anyway this is good

Epstein presented 6 graphs.  Each shows that the power supplied from the parasite unreliables had several periods when they were ‘totally out to lunch’ or very low. So zero or negligible power was coming in from these unreliables when they were desperately required. 100% backup was and is required from reliable energy producers who thus ALSO failed when so stressed. They ought not have been stressed in this manner. Parasite unreliables are what people like Obama, Biden and Albanese describe as renewables. They are an additional cost burden that the western woke are insisting is a wonderful investment that will save the planet from a problem that only exists in their green minds. These parasites rob the self evidently actually always required reliable power producers that MUST be invested in, of income. That income robbing for religious purposes has the same value as a tithe to the religious authorities in power in Iran or the Catholics back in the day when they were in the same blockage position in the western world. Your views are those of a religion hiding behind the word science. Nothing more.

The solution to all power shortages and grid failures is to build (invest scarce monies in) more reliable producers and ensure they are not as stressed as they have become under current policies; governments ought not to permit such scary margins to develop and also incidentally ought not even to permit the funding of the Chinese or the Russians fascists! As we see this will require coal-fired power stations and all the rest of the fossil fuels. But the fools who ‘follow’ Greta and King Charles want to put more Chinese unreliables into the systems that are currently unstable as we shun the Russians!

Epstein is obviously correct in his diagnosis of the underlying problems the western world is now up against. He is correct in what he says must be done to create a stable and cost-efficient energy expansion for peoples right across the globe. What level of foolishness is Steve Owens prepared to descend to in order to paint Epstein as a non-expert not worth listening to, while recommending that people vote for Al Gore etc? He is clearly an expert in this field as I suppose I am over the Pell issue. He has done the work for about 2 decades. I did the work for less than a year. He has solved the problems that other people failed to solve because he started by putting the flourishing of humanity at the base and therefore stood the issues right side up. I knew what he was doing because I had done it already decades ago. He has done it better than anyone else that I have come across. He is thus a very hated individual.  To be attacked by the enemy is a good thing…

The world needs more fossil fuels not less! Just the other day the fracking ban has been lifted in England! It has not been lifted yet in Scotland or Wales. It must be. That gas from fracking is desperately required and greenie fools are preventing the adoption of cost-effective energy policies in order to save the planet from a non-existent climate crisis. There is a real energy crisis and there has always been one for the world’s poor in unindustrialised backwaters where they suffer the real gaps. Closing the gaps is what the revolutionary left insists upon. That is a current massive loss of human life! You say nothing about this real problem and permit children like Greta to be used by people like Albanese and all the rest up to and including Turnbull and Morrison with no comment. It is an either-or choice for the investment of scarce public resources. Your policies are to rob the poor of rapid industrialisation now while allowing the elites of the world to talk twaddle about the future and criticise those who have called this junk science out for what it is. Epstein leads and you like all the other idiots from your trot background get in the way. You keep working with the ALP stalking horses like the Professor Chubb types of this world as you stay silent about what they are up to. You don’t dare write up the ‘glories’ of your past activities. You are the blank stare for a very good reason. What could you possibly say? I have seen this conduct for over fifty years and it always starts with a nitpick and ends with the blank stare of the CPA-ML types. When the Ukrainian masses sought greater freedoms and took the Maidan you looked for the fascists in the ranks and when you supposedly found them you backed Putin. What Russian leader would not take over Crimea was how you reasoned! The Donbas and Crimea were not worth pointlessly losing lives over you reasoned. The Russians would win in the end anyway was your conclusion.  NOW you have a big problem on your hands. When is the right time to betray the Ukrainians? When do you have to go quiet and move on?

Most of the world is still an undemocratic swamp and no part of the swamp will progress without an armed struggle.  That is the very nature of the long road to any democratic future.  We live in hope but are not in a state of delusion.  When Libya turned into a protracted struggle as I thought it would Steve Owens realised he had made an ‘error’ and jumped into yet another almost silent life raft. From that powerless drifting spec on the ocean of theory, he again returned to the usual ‘left’ ALP/green anti-communists anti-imperialist drivel Steve is renowned for.

What a terrible speech to the UN by Biden,  a genuinely wasted opportunity at a crucial moment in history. Instead of explaining why the world must come together to undo Putin’s aggression and staying focused on that Biden rambled about his election near 2 years ago and his wonderful woke policies, particularly his stupid climate religion; he just grazed over the whole paddock of wokedom. Utter rubbish; a woke moron boasting about his new religion.  Steve supports the King and this worldwide woke moronic junk that does and ought to divide people.  Then he attacks Epstein as a matter of course.  Steve is as incapable of honestly reasoning these issues through as he has been over Ukraine or Pell or any other of the numerous issues that he can’t make any progress with.   He held a now blatantly discredited position over Ukraine from 2014 when he was an apologist for Putin!  He is going silent about Ukraine now because he knows where the reasoning will lead him.  He bankrupted himself over Libya. All his ‘anti-war’ fellow travellers had no problem pointing out the glaring inconsistencies in not allowing 1 tyrant to roam around his own country and slaughter who he wanted but accepting others who roamed into other countries and enslaved other peoples with only a shrug and instead opposing a military response from evil western capitalist countries. Now Steve Owens only support the ALP types around the globe but with their ‘socialist policies’ as exemplary presented by Bernie Sanders.

I would have hoped he had risen to at least this level of stupidity but you haven’t!

I wonder if Steve NOW concedes that this (the biggest war in Europe since WW2 and that’s where both WWs started) IS the most serious situation that he has seen in his life? I still think it is; after all the nuclear threats are being made in the context of an army run by a fascist or gangster tyrant being defeated in the field!  Vlad says he is not bluffing and I recon he ought to be taken at his lying word! This is not a partial mobilisation at all! This is Putin ordering up all that he can manage! It looks to me in the context of China and others a lot like the start of a slow slide into WW3 in some respects at least. At any rate, I think an EMP air burst is very realistic.

A very big war is on and an energy crisis that Biden and his fellow travellers’ own policies have only made worse is breaking out as a direct part of that war but Biden is not explaining his plan to fight because he has not really got one!

There is Biden mostly reprising his old green shit as if nothing has changed. Shellenberger, Epstein and Lomborg etc are absolutely vital for seeing where the errors in logic are located.

What a surprise! Cancel culture is much more than just off and running it is right out of control!

Then this pops up welcome Australia to energy poverty!

This is pure idiocy from a hopeless green dope!  Give Putin a golden bridge no less! The founder with Berni Sanders no less!  Yanis Varoufakis had to say nothing but smilingly implied what his fellow rats at Democracy Now! also think but also can not say. That is he was for the ‘resistance’ in Iraq! But he can’t even now say so!! He knows that it is unacceptable to be on the side of the Islamofascists of ISIS / Al Qaeda or the plain fascists of Saddams Baathists! He knows that democracy was brought NOW to a country that had never before had the free and fair elections that have been held on a regular basis ever since. He had to smile with the implication and nothing more could be said. Nothing! Zero!

Yanis Varoufakis @yanisvaroufakis 20 yrs ago progressives were warning that the neocons’ ruinous escapades in Afghanistan & Iraq would only strengthen the worst of the radical islamists – to the detriment of women and local progressives. Tragically, there is no longer the slightest doubt of that. 7:45 am · 16 Aug 2021

Or this shit .

This interview with Nicholas Eberstadt, a demographer, provides an excellent addition to Alex Epstein’s work. Given the current pitts that western humanity has plumbed, there’s plenty of ‘poison to drain’ from the infected ruling classes and the currently brain-dead Inteligencia before any theoretical turnaround can generate a credible left capable of speaking to the interests of the working classes!

You can’t imagine how someone of Joe Biden’s age can function in the role, yet you can support Berni Sanders 15 months his senior; I suppose that’s to be expected given what was on offer and that you suffer from similar lunatic -peacenik and greenie- views. These are now dangerous views that quite evidently now stand directly blocking the path of human flourishing. Delicate natural balance; sustainable; net zero; all garbage!

Reliable electricity or unreliable plus the reliable is a choice but the cost burden that Steve’s fellow travelling mental midgets want to impose to fix the climate that is not broken will not be able to inflict this rot on a desperately poor smashed-up Ukraine. No such burden was even imagined at the time that Germany, Japan and Italy plus all the others were in a similar state when Bernie was a 5-year-old! Steve pretends to think ‘reports of Biden’s mental impairment are just propaganda pieces’ but then after 40 years of experience in mental health, he could not spot that witness J had a mental health issue that was being explained away as some survivor trauma issues, by the darlings of the ABC!

The speculation over Biden is simply an educated response to presented symptoms that had Joe sheltered from the pressure in the election, they are not all coming from propagandists! Just because ‘he has a stutter, always has’ didn’t stop him ever including being picked by Obama 12 years earlier. What happened was that 12 years passed, and cognitive issues often develop with advancing age. Facts on this will eventually come out but we won’t be around for me to boast about it.

By Steve’s foolish reasoning once a fascist power emerges a functionary of the system who consolidated power within the system, rather than someone who overthrew the system’ is then a non-fascist! How silly.  By my definition, the revolutionary USSR had transformed into its opposite.

Petraeus after the Ukrainian victory NATO membership must be delivered!

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  1. 1 patrickm

    The ABC is today full of climate alarmist twaddle and news on how Queensland is going to become a renewable energy superpower led by their ALP loonies. But in NSW there is Matt Keen…This is all going to end very badly. Plenty of people can see what is coming.

  2. 2 Stephen Owens

    The UK faces an energy crisis. The government has removed the ban on fracking. Winter is one month away. Removing the ban on fracking will produce zero energy this winter. The ban removal is all about window dressing. The caveat to commence fracking is that the project must have the backing of the local community. The government has decided to offer local communities incentives to get them to endorse fracking. Good luck with that.
    The reality is that people will die this winter from cold. The UK currently has the worst level of home insulation in Europe. They did have a program to assist people insulate their homes, but it was virtually ceased in 2013 when then Prime Minister Cameron was reported to have ordered aides to “get rid of all the green crap”
    I have been a long time supporter of fracking, but if it goes wrong it will fuck up your air quality it will fuck up your groundwater, and it will increase seismic activity. Therefor, fracking is best suited to land that is away from cities and prime farming land. If you know of areas in England that fit that bill, then you might want to do fracking.

  3. 3 patrickm

    The lunatic Andrews government https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/enshrining-victorias-ban-fracking-forever supported by guess who.

  4. 4 Stephen Owens

    “Under these obvious threats, coal is the only secure method for fighting….”
    I hate to break this to you, but coal isn’t going to save England. I well expect that the coal power stations will be going flat out this winter but as to saving England well they might just come up a bit short.
    You see, there are by my count 460 Thermal power stations in England. Of these, 2 are coal-fired stations. That’s right 2.
    You want culprits? Margaret Thatcher destroyed the coal industry in England.
    We now have a prime minister who models herself on Thatcher. Now with the high price of electricity, power companies are making super profits. The PM could tax these profits and subsides heating for vulnerable people, but alas she has decided to cut taxes’. Personally, I think that she will go the way Thatcher went, unable to maintain power amongst the riots.

  5. 5 patrickm

    Alex Epstein @AlexEpstein
    One major cause of Europe’s current energy impotence is its numerous bans on the greatest natural gas-producing technology ever invented: fracking. Fracking has been banned by France, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and the UK.


    Alex Epstein Oct 9, 2021

    As natural gas shortages and skyrocketing prices harm Europe, those most responsible for the crisis—those who oppose the production and transport of natural gas—are shifting the blame from themselves by claiming that the situation is “complex.” But it’s not. It’s simple: if it hadn’t been for major global restrictions on the production and transport of natural gas, natural gas supply could meet demand. The talking points below provide clear documentation of how Europe has destroyed much of its ability to supply itself with natural gas. They should help those of us in the US to use Europe as a cautionary tale against the current anti-fossil fuel agenda.

    As you see stories of skyrocketing natural gas prices in Europe, and increasing dependence on Russia, know that all of this was totally preventable had so many European countries not foolishly banned the greatest natural gas producing technology ever invented: fracking.

    Foolish fracking ban 1: France

    Gas-dependent France has banned fracking for natural gas since 2011. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/dec/20/france-bans-fracking-and-oil-extraction-in-all-of-its-territories

    Foolish fracking ban 2: Bulgaria

    Gas-dependent Bulgaria has banned fracking for natural gas since 2012. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-16626580

    Foolish fracking ban 3: The Netherlands

    The gas-dependent Netherlands has effectively banned fracking for natural gas since 2015.


    Foolish fracking ban 4: Germany

    Gas-dependent Germany has banned fracking for natural gas since 2017.


    Foolish fracking ban 5: Ireland

    Gas-dependent Ireland has banned fracking for natural gas since 2017.


    Foolish fracking ban 6: The UK

    The gas-dependent UK has banned fracking for natural gas via a moratorium since 2019.


    Foolish fracking ban 7: Spain

    Earlier this year, gas-dependent Spain joined other European nations in foolishly banning fracking for natural gas, as well.


    All the European nations that banned fracking are still 100% dependent on natural gas to survive. In fact they are even more dependent than they used to be because their use of intermittent solar and wind requires the unique flexible backup that natural gas can provide.

    Like President Biden in the US with his fracking ban on Federal lands, European leaders thought that if they banned their ability to frack natural gas they would somehow stop needing to use natural gas. But the need has not gone away–and now they are even more at Russia’s mercy.

    While the alleged justification of fracking bans was the desire to reduce CO2 emissions, this never made any sense because a) natural gas use is the fastest near-term way of reducing emissions and b) European nations also oppose non-carbon nuclear.

    Twitter avatar for @AlexEpsteinAlex Epstein @AlexEpstein
    The anti-nuclear Left’s anti-energy formula: mandate unreliable solar and wind, which depend 24/7 on flexible natural gas for life support. Then strangle natural gas. Then, when gas prices skyrocket, curse gas for being expensive and say we should just rely on the unreliables.

    September 15th 2021
    332 Retweets1,285 Likes

    What should European nations do about their self-inflicted suffering? One, they should immediately reverse their deadly fracking bans. Two, those who have championed fracking bans should apologize and promise to radically cut their own natural gas use.

    Instead of meaningless gestures like “Earth Hour,” the European anti-fracking movement, along with the American anti-fracking movement, should celebrate “Earth Winter”–keep their thermostat to 60°F or less so that the deserving can have affordable gas.

    Twitter avatar for @AlexEpsteinAlex Epstein @AlexEpstein
    As natural gas prices skyrocket, Americans, especially the poor, will have much more difficulty heating their homes this winter. I have a solution: “Earth Winter.” Everyone who has contributed to the price rises by opposing drilling and pipelines keeps their thermostat at 60°.

    September 29th 2021
    167 Retweets820 Likes

    Action ideas

    Share the Twitter thread of these talking points.
    Twitter avatar for @AlexEpsteinAlex Epstein @AlexEpstein
    As you see stories of skyrocketing natural gas prices in Europe, and increasing dependence on Russia, know that all of this was totally preventable had so many European countries not foolishly banned the greatest natural gas producing technology ever invented: fracking.


    October 5th 2021
    523 Retweets1,655 Likes

    Share my recent interview on Sky News Australia about Europe’s self-inflicted natural gas crisis.

    When you communicate about the natural gas crisis, stress the following basic point. Don’t let false “complexity” arguments allow green energy policies to avoid blame.
    Twitter avatar for @AlexEpsteinAlex Epstein @AlexEpstein
    As you see stories of fuel and power shortages around the world, keep one fact in mind: our knowledge of how to produce low-cost, plentiful fuel and power has never been greater. But our ability to act on that knowledge is strangled by anti-fossil fuel policies. It’s that simple.

    September 30th 2021
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  6. 6 Stephen Owens

    If Alex was correct I think that the “war” on LNG would lead to a decrease in production and a decrease in the amounts shipped, but if you look at the facts LNG production is breaking records and more and more LNG dedicated shipping is being commissioned.
    We hear a lot about fracking, but it would be nothing much without horizontal drilling.
    As to Victoria banning fracking well that makes some sense because Victoria has a lot of valuable farm land. The ban in the Northern Territory is way more silly.

    Not everyone is happy having fracking near their drinking water.


  7. 7 patrickm

    ‘Therefor, fracking is best suited to land that is away from cities and prime farming land.’ Like, say much of the Federal lands in the US? Yet you cover for President Biden in the US with his fracking ban on Federal lands. Now, when the whole of Australia ought to be directing maximum efforts for the defence of the country, instead we have the ALP wrecking the energy sector! Not able to learn even one lesson from what has just exploded in Europe. A decade of stupidity stares us all right in the face and you and the dopes of the ALP are sprouting woke green poison.

  8. 8 Stephen Owens

    To understand this stuff, you have to stop taking what people say at face value and look at what they do.

    “New Data: Biden’s First Year Drilling Permitting Stomps Trump’s By 34%

    Thousands of Permits OK’d Despite President’s Authority to End Drilling by 2035

    WASHINGTON— New federal data shows the Biden administration approved 3,557 permits for oil and gas drilling on public lands in its first year, far outpacing the Trump administration’s first-year total of 2,658.

    Nearly 2,000 of the drilling permits were approved on public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management’s New Mexico office, followed by 843 in Wyoming, 285 in Montana and North Dakota, and 191 in Utah. In California, the Biden administration approved 187 permits — more than twice the 71 drilling permits Trump approved in that state in his first year.

    “Biden’s runaway drilling approvals are a spectacular failure of climate leadership,” said Taylor McKinnon at the Center for Biological Diversity. “Avoiding catastrophic climate change requires ending new fossil fuel extraction, but Biden is racing in the opposite direction.””

  9. 9 Stephen Owens

    To win the argument, all you have to do is come up with figures that show that under Biden, the US is drilling less or producing less. You can quote Alex till you are blue in the face, but I prefer to look at facts.


  10. 10 patrickm

    Biden took office in January 2021 and immediately began to implement his WOKE green anti-fossil-fuels policies that were then resisted through the courts for example.
    The policies were so bad and the effects so rapid that he had to reverse his course and unwind some of his work. So best we reproduce your above link in full just to show how dumb you are!

    On Apr 15 2022
    The Biden administration said it will resume selling leases to drill for oil and gas on federal lands starting next week, but with a major reduction in the number of acres offered and an increase in the royalties companies must pay to drill.

    The Interior Department announced that on Monday it will release a sale notice for leases to drill on 144,000 acres of government land — 80 percent less than what was initially being evaluated for potential leasing.

    President Joe Biden, who on the campaign trail called for an end to drilling on federal lands, has been looking for ways to temporarily increase U.S. energy production to help drive down the price of gas.

    The move comes amid growing pressure for the Biden administration to do more to lower gas prices, with Republicans in particular saying it should allow more drilling.

    Industry experts say it would take at least six months to a year before new drilling on federal land would produce additional supply and ultimately bring down the cost of gas, which has emerged as a major midterm election issue.

    Friday’s announcement, however, is likely to rankle environmentalists. During the 2020 presidential campaign, Biden had urged a complete end to drilling for oil and gas on federal lands, but courts disagreed with his initial moratorium that he signed when he took office.

    In late February, the administration said it was delaying decisions on new oil and gas drilling on federal land after a federal court blocked federal agencies from using an estimate known as the “social cost of carbon” to evaluate the damage done by carbon emissions stemming from energy production.

    The Interior Department on Friday said the new leasing would come with a royalty rate of 18.75 percent, up from the previous 12.5 rate that critics complained was far lower than what energy companies pay to drill on most state lands.


    Being mugged by reality is not anything more than his policy failures. AND It is not about fracking either. That is still banned by Biden.

    You are as usual fooling only yourself. The more WOKE the bigger the problem, is about the simplest way to grasp why the working peoples of the world will be implacably opposed to the ALP types when this maddness fully unfolds.

  11. 11 Stephen Owens

    Biden has been all over the place on fracking, but the important thing is where is he now. Currently, he has no ban on fracking, and people who claim he does are being disingenuous.
    If I’m wrong then your task is easy, just cite the law banning fracking that Biden signed or the presidential decree that banned fracking or the regulatory change that banned fracking.
    That’s all you have to do, provide evidence.
    I’m looking forward to your next post containing evidence.

  12. 12 Stephen Owens

    I’ll give you a hint, in April 2022 Biden opened up 144,000 acres to drilling. In the USA today, you can be reasonably confident that any new deposits will involve extraction via fracking.
    You claim that Biden was mugged by reality, and I agree. Isn’t it reassuring that when circumstances change, the US president can alter course. I think the people you need to worry about are philosophers who seem impervious to reality.

  13. 13 patrickm

    ‘Biden has been all over the place on fracking, but the important thing is where is he now.’ No that is not the important thing at all. The important thing is that in the lead-up to the restart of the Ukraine war he went to Glasgow and joined in with the hysterics because he is a believer in the anti-fossil-fuels crusade! It does not matter how he has to adjust his stupid policies they remain flawed from their inception. He has rejoined the Paris agreement and is promoting actions and people to positions of power that believe in his carbon religion. Like any mainstream religion, the woke alarmist leaders have to protect themselves from the even loonier that they lead. They are less extreme than the likes of saint Greta but so what. They are on the wrong side of the ledger when it comes to fossil fuels that are the food for machines that free humanity from short and brutal lives. They are standing right in the way of all human progress as are you in supporting them.

    As I have said before; when the answer is Donald Trump as it was in 2016 and would have been in 2020 but covid brought him unstuck, then the question is bloody awful! I had the same view on the suitability of Scott Morrison in Australia. I don’t even know who is the opposition involved in either Canada or New Zealand or in the other states of Australia but I know how woke those dolts of ‘leaders’ are, so have no hesitation in backing anyone who would end their woke rule!

    For decades I have argued that we were stuck with a Tweedledee Tweedledum problem. But current urgent defence issues and woke madness (that in truth affects both tweedles but to different degrees) have pushed me into a recognition that the ALP types around the world are the greater threat to all working peoples. Biden is now and has since he was elected been pushing up the price of energy because of all the actions he has taken. He has a net zero by 2050 idiocy running right through his dangerously deluded dementia-addled brain.

    Currently, he has no ban on fracking, he just held things up and is just getting in the way as he will soon demonstrate even when he doesn’t go to ‘Cairo’ and they all carry on with the now all-important annual scare-fest.

    In April 2022 Biden opened up a lousy 144,000 acres to drilling.
    ‘The scale of the offering is smaller than similar sales from before Biden took office. In December 2020, the government listed 275,000 acres in Wyoming. The June sale lists 130,000 acres. The December 2020 sale in Colorado included 47,000 acres. The upcoming one in June has about 5,000 acres.
    The Interior Department said in a press release that it had trimmed the number of acres requested by the industry by 80%.

    It also increased the royalty rate from 12.5% to 18.75%.

    ‘In the USA today, you can be reasonably confident that any new deposits will involve extraction via fracking.’ Correct and soon that will be the case across Europe as they unwind all the fracking bans that are currently in the way and put in place by people who are climate alarmists. I am glad you agree that Biden was mugged by reality. But the ALP in Australia is continuing the madness and you don’t notice. This is especially so with the authoritarian Dan the thug Andrews who you are determined to protect even as he reveals himself as the most lizard-like of all our politicians!

    Nothing about Biden is reassuring.

    The person who is impervious to reality is you.

    Epstein who wants all the worlds people to have energy supplies available to them in quantities that would make King Charles vomit in fear is going to play a great role in exposing what is about to take place between Sunday, 6 November and Friday, 18 November 2022 – 0:00 at Sharm el-Sheikh, South Sinai, Egypt!

    You on the other hand have drunk the kool-aid! You will provide political cover as the elite fly in to warn us of all the scary things that the carbon demon will do to our children and their children…

    1 year on exactly from the following and the issue is right in front of your nose!

    September 30th 2021
    As you see stories of fuel and power shortages around the world, keep one fact in mind: our knowledge of how to produce low-cost, plentiful fuel and power has never been greater. But our ability to act on that knowledge is strangled by anti-fossil fuel policies. It’s that simple.


    The European energy crisis is real because of real policies that greenies have implemented for years. Right now in Australia, we have the ALP dolts currently destroying our fossil fuel energy production. They are boasting about it incessantly on your ABC! If it were not for the stupidity you and your kind have fallen for the industrial world would be swimming in ever cheaper and more plentiful energy BUT WE ARE NOT!

    China and India have coal-fired power plants under construction while we in Australia with the plentiful supply ready to hand do not! Your ALP policies and the dopey Libs that fell into line and now are headless chooks destroyed the economics of investing in solid reliable power stations! Get real, because the Chinese and the Indians are. You know that something is very wrong when the trend of capitalism to cheapen commodities is reversed as it has been.

    You have bought a new religion! There is no climate crisis. No need for extinction rebellion. No sense in all the carbon dioxide panic. It is just a typical doomsday cult. The Barrier Reef is not in strife. Even the rain that falls will fill the dams that no greenie ever wants to be built and Tim Flannery’s beachfront house is not in any danger!

    The ALP plan to see coal power plants close and no new ones built to replace them. There is your disaster right there!

    How has Australia gone from having the cheapest electricity in the world when we know how to build this stuff better than ever? Our rising power bills are an anti-fossil-fuel policy choice based on the non-existent climate danger that your King says is real and urgent. You are all wrong as is usual.

    The people you support are to blame for this crisis. Merkel approved these pipelines. Merkel banned fracking. They all funded the fascist Putin regime in Russia and poured monies into fascist China. They all sat back and watched as Putin bombed the crap out of Syria! They all make me vomit!

    I wonder who will be smart enough not to turn up to this scare fest!

  14. 14 Stephen Owens

    I’m sorry, but renewables are getting cheaper and cheaper. Resolve the energy storage issue and fossils well, as Sheik Yamani said the Stone Age didn’t end because they ran out of stones.
    The future belongs to those who push the technology boundaries, not those who cling to the old ways



    See, not a religion, unless you think that science is a religion.

  15. 15 patrickm
  16. 16 patrickm

    Just so funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aI9fLQlDj-0 keep the kids out of it.

    and coming to a bully near you next https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZxM_Kb2sMU

    Europe drank the kool-aid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_Sy-MbZj4A ALP pulling it out of their arse!

  17. 17 Stephen Owens

    Here’s the politician closest to your position. Get in quick, she might not be a politician for long.

  18. 18 patrickm

    What a surprise the BBC is attacking the Tory PM and pushing a woke viewpoint! She was foolish in not just taking the national interest and instead giving over power to the NIMBY types and alarmists. She will probably fail. The big picture is that capitalism has more than a few problems at the present. I have always favoured compulsory national service and that has many opponents. Perhaps this new PM does not have what it takes I have no idea. I do know that the western world is now in a deep hole and it will not be easy to get out of. But it starts with fighting the BBC types tooth and nail.

  19. 19 Stephen Owens

    Well, we have a different definition of attacking. She has been absent from public view for several days, her office organised a number of radio interview at county level, obviously hoping for some soft ball questions.
    The Bank of England is running a high interest rate policy to dampen demand. Her government has just announced unfunded tax cuts mainly for the wealthy to stimulate demand, inflation is at 9.9% she has unbanned fracking while being unable to state what community support means and seemingly unable to identify where fracking might occur.
    It’s just lucky for her that the interviewers went soft on her, but what can you expect from the BBC. It exists as a propaganda arm of the government. We are a couple of months away from hearing about people dying from the cold, and she has given us fracking. Where’s the tax on super profits to fund poor people’s heating. Where the restarting of the home insulation scheme that the Tory government gutted, leaving the UK with the worst insulated homes in Europe.

  20. 20 patrickm

    The molecules won’t be there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PulS2MkdVpY energy in the west is a total disaster from woke poison. People who have drunk this kool-aid about carbon and climate crisis still don’t get it. We ought to start with the rethink and the poster. Keep warm and carry on!

  21. 21 patrickm

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqnKKJ8za1U Start with ignoring the prescriptions of the utterly insufferable Hypocrites.

    Not a 4th estate but now just a bunch of fifth columnists! Conservatives are less conservative than the idiotic woke; voice? We know who will get a voice! We know who will have their notice for calling a student meeting to even talk about issues torn down! We see who are the authoritarian woke! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEl0GZfTHyQ&t=394s and this exposure from an idiot like Bolt who continues to ignore the apartheid crime that is the Israeli occupation. In short even the blind can see how bad the ALP are.

  22. 22 patrickm

    The perpetual crisis for the world’s poor has not been noticed and the focus of the woke but now an energy crisis affects us westerners and so now the woke notice what is urgent!
    ‘Anti-oil maniac’: Joe Biden is ‘threatening’ the US oil industry. Who is responsible? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4B8J5hPmQM All of the insufferable woke alarmists, that’s who!

    Dr. William Happer, professor of physics at Princeton University, summarizes his arguments about the myth of carbon pollution. It’s that myth that underlies global warming alarmists’ key arguments. Happer offered these comments during a Sept. 8, 2014, speech for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOKElp_jGLQ 2018 Annual GWPF Lecture Prof Richard Lindzen Global Warming For The Two Cultures London 8 October 2018 Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

  23. 23 Stephen Owens

    Anti oil maniac. At the 4-minute mark they quote Greg Abbott who says Biden should just get out of the way and let Texas produce the needed oil. Now, Biden does control land in Texas held by government agencies, military bases and national parks and land owned by the Bureau of Land Management and fisheries and agriculture and the forestry department. But if you total all the federal land up in Texas, it’s 1.9%
    So this is clearly shonky.

  24. 24 Stephen Owens

    If you know anything about the oil industry in the US, you will know that ramping up is a problem far greater than Biden, the anti oil maniac. There are supply chain issues, the world still suffers from this, Jesus in Texas there’s a shortage of sand needed for fracking, and they produce the sand in Texas. There’s a worker shortage, lots of people left the industry when the oil price hit -$40 per barrel in 2020. People don’t want to work in a boom and bust industry. There are plenty of migrants who would do the work, but Greg Abbott is too busy putting them on buses. (fucking idiot)
    Yeah, Wall Street won’t invest, but would you? Even the Saudi Royal family are getting out of oil. In 2016 the Saudi’s sold $2 Trillion of oil assets to invest in anything else.
    But the talking points say blame Biden, blame Green religion. However, the world is moving on and people who cling to the old ways will be crushed or worse, ignored.
    PS if anyone really believes in the plight of the world’s poor then they would credit the policies of Deng whose policies lifted a billion people out of absolute poverty, but you won’t be going anywhere near that will you.

  25. 25 patrickm

    You are dead right I won’t and that is because the health of the masses of Chinese came first under Mao and then came the ‘wealth’ as Rosling demonstrated. Rosling was an honest record keeper. Fascism means war and Deng turned china into a fascist nightmare. You will just follow the western ruling elite flock who can’t explain how something turns into its opposite. Hence when basic dishonesty precludes people from being taken seriously you hide the dishonesty! As you are now doing with the western woke who spent their efforts dealing with the non-existing climate crisis instead of the looming energy crisis and fascist war-making that people like me were on about last November. Wrong Way Go Back.

  26. 26 Stephen Owens

    Beats me why you think Rosling is much comfort. Watch his famous video, at the 3-minute mark or 1959 he has the Chinese life expectation dropping from 50 years to 35 years.
    In other places, he blames this on central planning, which I think is a bit harsh on central planning.
    Rosling the “honest record keeper” has completely swallowed the at least 30 million Great Leap famine deaths narrative, which I think is ridiculous but no more ridiculous than the official no deaths narrative.
    But you can’t have it both ways, you can’t claim justification through Rosling and object to his falsification of statistics.

  27. 27 Stephen Owens

    Oh, I forgot to point out at 4:17 he states that all countries can make it to the healthy wealthy corner because of “…trade, Green technologies and peace.” Let me just repeat that Mr Rosling put a better world at the feet of Green Technology.

  28. 28 Stephen Owens

    Kaboom this is why I think fossil fuels are dead.
    Fossil fuels have stopped becoming cheaper. Their costs are at best static, if not increasing.
    Alternative power sources continue to become more desirable as modern technology advances.
    The cost of solar power has dropped by a factor of 5 since 2010.
    The price of Lithium-ion batteries in the last 30 years has declined by 97%
    These trends continue.
    Now there are problems with renewables, but these problems are being addressed.
    The future as always belongs to those with the best technology. No matter how good horsepower was, it couldn’t compete with the modern technology of the internal combustion engine and the internal combustion engine will give way to battery power, which in turn will be replaced by a better technology.
    My arguments rely on zero appeal to decarbonisation and 100% on new technologies replacing the old.
    The people supporting carbon based energy are a sorry bunch. Just look at Liz Truss, she announces end to the fracking ban. Well fine there’s one drill head in Lancashire ready to go, but it was stopped after it exceeded the government’s limit on seismic activity something like 10 quakes, but only two were noticeable. It’s in a Tory constituency. Did she talk to the Tory MP for that area, apparently not because he is anti fracking. For god’s sake, she didn’t even mention it to him. This is a level of political incompetence you wouldn’t expect from the back bench, let alone a PM. She is harming your case, the quakes were only minor, OK a bit worrying that they were scaling up but still on the evidence I have seen I think that it’s worth another go, but these things need to be sold. She seems to know nothing about the subject, for god’s sake she couldn’t even deflect the question to say the minister for mines will provide the detail, I’m just here for the big picture stuff like tax cuts, oops they have already gone. God I’d love a seat at the conservative party conference.
    When I was last in England, they televised the Tory and Labour conferences, unbelievable boredom. That was in the days when they had 4 channels total.

  29. 29 Stephen Owens

    I don’t like her chances. Anti fracking was a Tory party manifesto pledge. Here’s Tory MP after MP giving Reece-Moggs the rounds of the table.

  30. 30 patrickm

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O83bAhGOnOo level-headed General! Winter will IMV work in Ukraine’s favour. Fossil fuel costs and the madness of the climate fruit cakes have just started to be THE issues that will bring the ALP etc into the utter disrepute that has been demonstrated by Steve Owens in the logic-free zone where people that attack fossil fuels are not responsible for any consequences.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lkz1iLM76I There’s a ‘self-inflicted’ energy crisis across much of Europe.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHvSqT645Rk but the mobilization will not work so…nukes are on the agenda.

  31. 31 Stephen Owens

    I’m unsure what to make of the first video. I have been arguing that the Biden administration has been doing well. You have been arguing that Biden is dementing and altogether useless. How do you square this with the general describing the Biden administration’s response as superb? I have been arguing that the US has been giving Ukraine intensive training since Obama initiated it in 2015. You have been arguing that the training and supply has been all last minute stuff. How do you square this with the general’s description of very sophisticated training he was involved with in 2015?
    The general has one criticism of Biden in that he has withheld the long range missiles, and this is true, but aligns itself with Biden’s policy of containing this war to Ukraine.

    “Many people are saying that as an officer, the defense minister could simply shoot himself for being the one who let things get to this state.”

    Kirill Stremousov, Russia’s deputy governor of the occupied Kherson region of southern Ukraine.

    We must always remember that when Russia invaded the number one google search in Ukraine was how to make a Molotov cocktail and when Putin initiated the draft the number one Russian google search was how to leave Russia.
    I stand by my comments from January that Putin would be stupid to invade. Stupid is as stupid does we haven’t seen the end of his stupidity yet.

  32. 32 patrickm

    That is a Kaboom that is not Russian! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZERT-lLsXZw well done Ukraine special forces!

  33. 33 patrickm

    The war may well have just been shortened by a couple of months! That’s a big disruption at a very crucial time. A lot of vehicles are going to be short of fuel soon enough and the north is cut as well. Once people take to their bikes they may well not find a place to defend themselves. Large formations surrendering before effective new forces arrive to stiffen the shortening front will be a feature of this soon.

  34. 34 patrickm

    As Bolton said; when this war was restarted on 24/2/22 this was a very big failure of western deterrence. That coming on the heels of the disgrace that was Biden’s bolt from Afghanistan in the further context of the hopeless carryon over a decade and a half in the Syrian debacle and I am left head shaking with why you would want to even try to cover for Biden; let alone with feeble attempts to put words (and obvious non-sequiturs at that) into my mouth. What the good general is in effect saying imv is that Biden has stepped right back after the Afghan ‘leadership’ and let the US military have its head. The military leadership and the British trainers as well I would say can be said to have been doing a good job. People like that.

    All the western political leadership starting with Obama, Merkel, Trudeau, Cameron etc were and are held in utter contempt by Putin. As they ought to be. But now Putin knows he is in a death grapple with the NATO military leadership fully backing up a country he didn’t even know had come into existence. He understood the oligarch run corrupt Ukraine of 2014.

    That old Ukraine is slowly but surely going out of business. How do we internationalists move the world along in the face of Iran, Belarus, Russia, Syria, Nth Korea etc? Not by listening to Democracy Now. Org! Not by following Noam thats for sure.

    The notion that a simple-minded application of capitalism is going to fix what is unfolding in this revolutionary period seems far less than convincing to this unreconstructed Maoist.

  35. 35 Stephen Owens

    Fuck this is hard, the general didn’t say Biden had “…stepped right back…”
    The general says the Biden administration has done a superb job, consulting with allies, helping to keep things moving despite the domestic challenges. Jesus, it’s your clip, didn’t you watch it?
    And no, I won’t let you get away with that Afghanistan nonsense. On January 1st US troop deployment to Afghanistan as negotiated by Trump stood at 2,500. You know, Trump who invited the Taliban to Camp David. You know, Trump, who negotiated the Doha agreement with the Taliban in the absence of the Afghan government.
    Afghanistan collapsed it was a surprise to Biden it was a surprise to the Taliban it was a surprise to everyone that didn’t realise that after 20 years of massive subsidy the Afghan army existed to a large extent on paper as officers collected the pay of non-existent troops.
    The collapse of Afghanistan lies at the feet of administration after administration who claimed that everything was fine while their internal reporting acknowledged that it had all gone to shit years ago.

  36. 36 patrickm

    Some VERY clear general thinking from Shellenberger
    b) and yes she was confused in that Nickel is not a type of rare earth just a commodity that is very often required in this immoral production from China.
    and key points from Epstein

    So to be clear, just as witness J had a mental condition Biden is being managed because he is not mentally fit for the job and there are 27 months to go! Harris is obviously not cut out for the role!

    I still think that Trump is now unelectable. But a pro-fossil-fuel Republican would probably win if Trump steps back. Still too far out to make sense of it.

  37. 37 patrickm

    The bridge blast or blasts unfortunately have not been enough and this will only slow the fascists up for a few days. But another attack will come at some point and hopefully, the supply route will then be cut; just not this time! Pity; it was so close. As Maxwell Smart would say…’missed it by that much’. The Ukraine army is getting closer to Russian supply rail networks every day so there will be a lot more opportunities for trains to be derailed. Winter will be good news for Ukraine!

  38. 38 Stephen Owens

    All I ask is that you do some basic checking before you post these charlatans.
    In b) Shellenberger says We should be exporting to Europe, that Europe is begging us for LNG and that Biden is not doing it.
    Really, the only problem you could pick with this was that Nickel is not a rare earth. Try the US exports 11.2 Billion cubic feet of LNG per day that exports have surged by 18% and that the bulk of the surge goes to Europe.

  39. 39 Stephen Owens
  40. 40 Stephen Owens

    How the fuck can you watch this Schellenberg guy and stop yourself from laughing. He’s claiming that incarcerated Uyghurs in Xinjiang province are being forced to make wind turbines, solar panels and electric cars.
    I had no idea that Xinjiang province was part of the industrialised area of China. I thought that the Uyghurs were being forced to harvest cotton, not make electric cars.
    This is the silliest stuff yet.

  41. 41 patrickm

    You might watch this at about the 22 minute point on just to grasp what is wrong with your method of thinking.

  42. 42 patrickm

    This is a detailed rebuttal of your earlier foolishness of trying to get those responsible off the hook for the looming energy crisis. It was always the intent to force up the price of fossil fuels and go green.

  43. 43 Stephen Owens

    So I guess that you are supporting President Biden’s attempts to end trade with companies that use forced labour.

  44. 44 patrickm

    So you retract? ‘This is the silliest stuff yet.’

  45. 45 Stephen Owens

    Retract No, concede that there is a problem with polysilicon that comes from Xinjiang YES, but that is not what Schellenberg said. He said that China provides and refines many of the materials used in solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars, many of which are made in Xinjiang by incarcerated Uyghurs. Add this to his comments that Biden is stopping exports of LNG to Europe.
    See that’s the method of the confidence man, they will sell you something factual while they really sell you something that is a load of horse shit.

  46. 46 Stephen Owens

    OK, I’ve started reading the detailed rebuttal. The first thing to hit me is, “It’s no wonder that the economic expansion that started under Ronald Reagan had such long legs.”
    Of course, you must be aware that Reagan tripled the size of the US debt and took the US from the number one creditor nation to the number one debtor nation.
    The ideologues that push Reaganomics always somehow forget to mention the enormous run-up in debt.

  47. 47 Stephen Owens

    “…shamelessly claiming credit for the fracking
    revolution that his own EPA tried to strangle at birth.”
    Here again, let’s not let facts get in the way. Facts like Obama appointed pro fracking people to head the dept. of energy and the EPA

  48. 48 Stephen Owens

    “These policies, argues Toomey, will see China become the world’s leading oil refiner for years to come.”
    So America is losing its refining capacity, right? Well no the USA is still the world’s biggest refiner of oil. Yeah, but it’s going backwards, right? Well no the USA is refining more oil today than it was 10 years ago.
    On current trends, China will overtake the USA, yes, but the thing with trends is that they often don’t hold up. Remember the 1980s Japan was on trend to overtake the USA as the world’s biggest economy. Fun fact the trend peaked and then reversed.

  49. 49 Stephen Owens

    I’ve looked and looked, but I can’t find an electric vehicle factory in Xinjiang. There is a VW factory, but regular cars. Schellenberg states that “…. electric cars, many of which are made by incarcerated Uyghurs” So yeah I’m happy to stick by this as the silliest stuff yet.
    Happy to retract if you can find an electric vehicle factory.

  50. 50 Stephen Owens

    Well I gotta ask are you going to supply evidence to support the claim that incarcerated Uyghurs are making electric vehicles or are you going to concede that this is a ridiculous claim or have you taken a vow of silence.

  51. 51 patrickm

    “…. electric cars, many of which are made by incarcerated Uyghurs” Unsurprisingly you misunderstood what he was saying. He NEVER said what you thought he said and if you could reason you would rethink your silly comment. But you have no ability to doubt yourself and give the matter the required rethink.

    What Shellenberger said was ‘…what Biden and the Democrats are trying to do is make the United States wholly dependent on China which dominates the production and materials refining of the materials required for solar panels wind turbines electric cars, many of which are made by incarcerated Uyghurs Muslims.’ ALL that he was quite clearly meaning and confirmed by you not being able to find him making such a claim as you say he is making anywhere else is in relation to the refining of the materials. My understanding is correct and you are a fool.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n74mE2yoczA self-examination worked for him. Some other people ought to give it a go.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cr7don7–40 better to keep listening to Shellenberger

  52. 52 Stephen Owens

    Mr Schellenberger claims that Biden is trying to make the USA dependent on China.
    In 2004 Chinese manufacturing stood at $US625 Billion and progressed from there pretty steadily to 2021 where it stood at $US 4,800 Billion.
    This has been a massive transfer of productive force from the advanced economies to China. It wasn’t Biden who thought this up it was Capitalism.
    Xinjiang accounts for polysilicon production but not much else in the “Green” economy. It’s not cheap or free labour that attracts industry to Xinjiang but cheap coal. Heat is an essential element in the production of polysilicon.
    Biden signed the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act in 2021
    No one has proven that Uyghurs are being used as forced labour, but it is suspected that they are in a wide variety of industries. So it’s not an issue particular to the “Green” economy anymore that it’s a problem for the coal industry in Xinjiang.

  53. 53 patrickm
  54. 54 Stephen Owens

    Schellenberg puts half an argument. He says that oil companies aren’t drilling, and he is correct. He states that they aren’t drilling because Biden won’t release land, and they won’t invest because of uncertainly created by Biden and here he builds an argument on at best a half-truth.
    Biden has attempted to increase oil production early in his Presidency he was out pacing Trump with land releases, and he has been to Saudi Arabia and embarrassed himself by asking them to increase production to which they reduced production.
    Now you can fool people by saying that US producers won’t drill because of nasty old Biden, but this does not explain Saudi Arabia.
    Another reality is that Saudi Arabia and US producers are making money hand over fist at current production levels.
    It’s Capitalism, there is no incentive to increase production which will lower the price. As always follow the money.

  55. 55 Stephen Owens

    You have a choice to follow the ideologues or follow the money. Spoiler alert the money wins every time.

  56. 56 patrickm

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85H0i7-8n0Y DECEMBER 2021 Retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, former U.S. Army Europe Commander, discusses the massing of Russian troops on the Ukraine border and how the U.S. and NATO are responding.

    One year on and much has been learnt!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMEWdLBSzUw This is Hodges seven months later.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu_hCpYHOX0 22 Dec 2022
    Volodymyr Zelensky has given an address to the US Congress. The Ukrainian president left his country for the first time since Russia invaded more than 300 days ago for a meeting with US president Joe Biden at the Oval Office and to give a speech at a joint session of Congress.
    ‘The Russian tyranny has lost control over us.’
    ‘The battle for democracy cannot be frozen or postponed.’
    ‘If your patriots stop the Russian terror against our cities it will let Ukrainian patriots work to the full to defend our freedom.’

    Hodges has been over-optimistic in his predicted recovery of the Ukrainian territory lost after 24 February 2022. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5WztvkeMLc All roads lead to Crimea!
    His later reflections https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FwLnmQGRPc Putin’s Ukraine losses will cause a Kremlin power struggle | Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKC24C63rZ4 14 Dec 2022
    “The more we give the Ukrainians, the quicker they will do the job and the quicker the shooting will stop.”

    Ukrainians should get the military capability they need, so they do not experience another difficult winter, Former NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Sir Richard Shirreff, tells Times Radio.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSuHBd8yRvY Canada is led by a dolt and has to lift the military spending to 2% to even begin to pull their weight in this dangerous world. The same applies to Australia and New Zealand.

  57. 57 patrickm
  58. 58 patrickm

    Well what do you know Lavrov says it was the US what done it…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC0E9U-r0Ww you got to laugh.

  59. 59 patrickm

    This Australian is very solid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94bqk8cB9iQ Perun

    and this comment on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcERDZR9lpo at 39:07 now he can see how absurd it was! The exact stand taken by some others I can think of, who seem to never change their foolish thinking.

    At 53:25 If you want the war to end Ukraine has to win. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIPyFynxWpg Anne Applebaum on Ukraine: One Year into the War.

  60. 60 patrickm

    Russians knocking down the reaper drone is so obviously planned that a response is almost given but what? My hope is for the supply of ATACMS required for the coming liberation of Crimea. Perhaps another list of air defense weapons platforms as well! Last but not least F16’s, but the Polish etc aircraft news is the vital urgent news! They already know how to use that kit.

    We will see in about 6 weeks how the ‘big mo’ is finally unleashed.

    Then in 10-12 weeks Ukraine forces will no doubt have their feet cooling in the Sea of Azov early this summer! When all is in place and the ground is hard a very dramatic month plus of fighting is going to unfold. No amount of trenches will stop the big breakthroughs.

    But even when the Russians start surrendering in big numbers it still wont stop the Kremlin gremlin. Putin has to be personally stopped by the Russians themselves! IMV he will have to be killed and that is going to be very difficult for those Russian troops that must do the job. I can’t see the gangster class doing the job in any short term sense. That personal threat also makes Putin personally very difficult to work out what he will do when the big losses start in say 8 to 10 weeks time.

    But Crimea will be totally cut off and supplies will not get past the US oversight satellites etc. So the battle of the Black Sea might be what draws NATO fully into the last standoff that proves to the Russian colonels that they have to get rid of Putin.

    I have been forced to rethink the time frame involved in Ukraine ejecting the Russians and the war ended by NATO moving the goal posts and protecting Ukraine. It ought to have been clear even when a Russian defeat was in the cards that this was still a longer fight than wanted by any democrat. Protracted war ought to have always been our focus.

  61. 61 patrickm

    Eight weeks on from my last comment and ‘the big mo’ push has not yet started, but it is clearly getting closer by the day and we will not be another eight weeks waiting! Great to see the fuel supplies and rail line targeting underway as well as the small crossings to the east bank of the Dnipro river.

    I have heard from what I have come to regard as a credible source, that there are 369,000 Russian troops currently in the occupied zones. This may sound like a lot but they are not of the same quality as those that turned up as the first wave.

    It is not unreasonable, given that we have seen over 3,000 Russian casualties per week during the last 3 months -when the Russians were on some kind of an offensive in what has been the ‘killing fields’ in and around just a couple of strategically unimportant cities- that when some Russians recent conscript pockets start to be surrounded and begin to surrender we may see 10,000+ casualties, surrenders and deserters per week all summer! So in 12 weeks 1/2 of these will be killed wounded captured and the rest bolting for home or whatever is still occupied territory

  62. 62 patrickm

    I think that a collapse in Russian morale right across the fronts and in all occupied sectors will be the inevitable result of the looming victory from the encirclement of any troops that have not fled from Bakhmut! This and / or several similar cities and towns that are or will shortly experience a similar counter attack, will set the defeatist tone and conditions of the coming fight. This 9 month fight ending in defeat in the context of the looming attacks in strength in 3 or 4 zones will see non committed Russians happy to turn tail and run or delighted to throw up their hands and surrender. The ‘blue print’ for what they are about to do was shown when many grabbed the fastest car they could and took off leaving behind all manner of weapons and supplies. One more such event and the forward officers at what remains of the front will all know that the whole show is over. So perhaps the front line will be the ones to start to end this war.

    Towards this end today’s news could hardly be better.

    Storm Shadow cruise missiles from the Brits are now being declared. They have a range of 250 klms or 155miles just a bit short of the 185miles of the -long recommended by Hodges- and much feared US ATACMS.

    And I was reminded of the soon to arrive Ground Launched Small Diameter Bombs GLSDB 150klms -and in big numbers- said to be ready to be deployed from June, July or as late as August. They will do to Crimea what the HIMAR’s so far did at shorter range and larger expense. The Russian Navy will either have to bolt from Sevastopol or become a permanent feature on the bottom of harbors!

    All this western precision weapons systems will change the game as all the air bases will soon be smoldering ruins in the same way that the one near Kherson was!

  63. 63 patrickm

    “If I can’t have it then no one can” – seems to be the current Putin thinking as his defeat looms. In destroying this massive dam (the second and even bigger and better iteration of what was the pride of the very first five-year plan no less) he has destroyed the 4 extensive canal networks that it feeds.

    The modern economies of these oblasts are literally built on the back of this massive water supply network. Thus, Putin has ‘blown up’ almost all of the functionality of these occupied regions of Crimea, southern Kherson and Zaporizhzhia and the canal region of unoccupied Dnepropetrovsk. He has also made the river unnavigable.

    This functionality cannot be restored until the Dam and its lock and Hydro power station is restored! People will see how stupid are Greens when they start to explain why such dams in concept are a disaster! They will be totally ignored and this great soviet era project will have to be the No 1 priority with work starting immediately.

    This destruction is desperate stuff from a desperate tyrant and he will in my view UNDOUBTEDLY do more of the same ilk!

    But in doing this he has probably (just my wild guess from looking at the maps and the way that the agriculture and industrial connections to this water and hydro power electricity supply works) set in train a consequent 2 million or so refugees! Perhaps 1 of these 2 million will cross back into Russia where they belong! That is where all the carpetbaggers that have turned up since 2014 and all the collaborators will have to relocate to.

  64. 64 patrickm

    May 9, I said, ‘So in 12 weeks 1/2 of these will be killed wounded captured and the rest bolting for home or whatever is still occupied territory’ So these next 8 weeks ought to be massive for the AFU if that prediction is going to prove to be near to the mark.

    During these last 4 weeks of ‘shaping operations’ the casualties continued at over 3,000 per week but the material losses really ramped up and most notably in the artillery losses and this is an artillery war!

    Given the fact that the Russians telegraphed the dams impending destruction by filling it to record levels I would guess the AFU did not get badly mauled by the event. We will only know the answer to that after the war, but the indication will show in the power of the offensive that is NOW slowly unfolding as the week spots are being discovered.

  65. 65 patrickm

    One other thought crossed my mind over this massive destruction when I recalled Arthur’s memory of the Christmas bombing and what it signified as an impending US defeat in the Vietnam war. This major historical event has a similar vibe to it and like then there are a great many who just do not get how desperate is the situation that the Russians are in. All Ukraine territory occupied from 2014 onwards will be restored but it might take another full year or more.

    There is a TINA issue in this.

    When some people once thought there was no military solution, we now have arrived at the point where we can see (if we are open and honest about the reality faced by the world’s democrats) that there simply is no alternative other than a military solution.

    I sure hope Australia sends our old F18 Hornets ASAP! They can play a big role next year when the fighting changes into something else again! With any luck NATO status and protection will then be on the table for a victorious Ukraine!

    I wonder what Belarus will be doing next year?
    Moldova will be free of Russian troops and I bet Georgia will be stirring as well!

    The future is indeed bright! The road is indeed tortuous!
    Perun is a useful Australian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWKGYnO0Jf4&t=609s Escalation Strategy & Aid in Ukraine – How the West manages Russian nuclear threats and ‘red lines’

  66. 66 patrickm

    This ex US minute man silo soldier is always of interest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veFkvRSqRiY Jake Bro Has Russia Really Lost 200,000 Soldiers?

    Yes they have!
    I occasionally look at this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5NoA4uN80k WHY THE RUSSIANS BLEW THE NOVA KAKHOVKA DAM

    I think this is a bit alarmist, but nevertheless ought to be thought about.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP1Btokmws0 Ukraine’s Counter-Offensive Could Change the World Vlad Vexler.

    and this gut is at least outraged! Of course the canals will be inoperable. He has no grasp of the basic hydrology involved. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEvuxgPrbLA Ukraine War Upd. EXTRA (20230608): Jamming the JDAM, Damming the Russians, & Watering the Land

  67. 67 patrickm

    Reports of destroyed Russian kit continues to rise with today’s number at a whopping 124 of all the various types + 730 troops (consistently rising also). see about the 1:14 mark on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6YkeS72njo UKRAINE BEGINS MAJOR OFFENSIVE! Ukraine War News Day 470

    Getting to grips with the Russian mine fields is what is and was always going to take time before this starts to get the momentum going. I ought to have known better. I doubt that they have anywhere near enough engineers or sappers or mine clearing equipment. But what they are able to do is keep destroying the artillery of an artillery reliant army, so the coming rout is inevitable.

    The Russians have -in effect- just declared by this destruction and flooding action that the war is indeed lost. They are desperately moving troops up from Kherson to the central front that is now expected to be their best bet but as we are seeing every day the front is being broken into and territory lost even before any breakthrough and momentum driven thunder-run starts. When the flood subsides and conditions permit the river crossing options will not only still be available but will have expanded and the currently moved ‘defenders’ will have to rush back thus being open to being killed in large numbers both going and returning! The NATO armed AFU will still out-see so out-range and then out-shoot the enemy and that is a devastating combo.

    Astounding that the Russians just last week, past a law specifying that such a terror attack would not be investigated! So I strongly doubt that the Ukrainians would have been taken by surprise by this and so they ought not have lost that much kit and troops. So I can’t see it having that much of an effect on this next 3 months of offensive operations. Even if it has huge implications for how the economies of these territories function in the next few years. This will have to be a record breaking repair job when it gets underway. It won’t be very many weeks before they grab full control of this dam and surrounds and reveal the evidence to all the stupid people that still listen to Putin etc.

  68. 68 patrickm

    Reports today have again toped 100 in kit but 1010 in troops! This is what we ought to expect and is bound to end with a massive collapse and encirclements of large numbers of Russians as this month rolls on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO5adJODtc8

    and here is a description of the 3 current axis of advance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11mYcvqxRBU

    It seems doubtful to me; but something more opportunistic -like this- is well underway and when the big breakthrough does eventuate and all the railways are cut, is going to produce that general result. We can see the results week by week already. Most of this Russian defensive work is held by people who don’t want to be there!

    This guy apparently shares my Sargeant York theory! Anyway he explains his thinking rather well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qva53d3TS_A

    This is a good point made about a bad loss https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bNwP5wUGJ4

    The 5 lessons and everything old is new again https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8_NHuItXHY

    It’s currently notable that AFU staging areas are probably NOT being hit otherwise the Russians would be bragging about it! So the required dispersal discussed above produces a slower breakthrough and then results in a slower funneling of the mobile attack force that must produce the momentum required to get behind and start to cause the big movements. So, it’s a bit of ‘slow is smooth and smooth is fast’ at this stage!

    All the lessons discussed above are now ‘coming home to roost’ for the Russians. In almost all categories except quantity they have NOT been in a position to adjust to the new/old lessons but the west despite the pathetic drip feed of capacity building has nevertheless built the correct capacities and is following the correct doctrines.

    and interesting comment;
    5 months ago
    Just to add some insight. Denmark has been training Ukrainian soldiers in the UK in Operation Orbital since 2015, so a long time ago Denmark signed a deal to send 130 instructors to the UK to train Ukrainian troops, and to speed up the training it works this way that no less than 65 Danish military instructors are training a team of only 200 Ukrainians at a time, to complete a five-week basic course in military skills. Because of the many instructors, the content of what they are able to learn is roughly equivalent to what a NATO conscript goes through in four months of training and after they return home they receive a further 4 weeks of training in Ukraine, before being ready for action. So most people are greatly underestimating the volume of intensified training these Ukrainians are getting in the UK, I quote :

    “These Ukrainians come straight from the street, and they are people of all ages from 20 to 50 years old. Morale is high, and they are clearly very motivated to be trained to take part in Ukraine’s defense against Russia”, said Lieutenant Colonel Michael Frandsen, head of the defense education support team for Ukraine.

    “What we give them is basic training. It’s a quantum leap in terms of the knowledge they bring. If they are to go to the frontline, they will need additional training to operate in a combat unit. I am confident that the Ukrainian army will take care of this,” Frandsen said.

    Denmark have also signed a deal with Ukraine for special training of Ukrainian officers in Denmark, just as 50 Ukrainian soldiers will also receive training in, among other things, minesweeping.’

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM6yDnUJMlE Here Anders Puck https://www.youtube.com/@anderspuck explains the basic thinking that most military people think is in play as of May.

    I don’t think he has got the numbers right because there are no doubt plenty more press-ganged troops to add to his numbers. But they will not fight well! So I would add another 100,000 and expect another 100,000 shipped in from Russia over the next 2-3 months. But with the death toll now at 1,000 per day…

  69. 69 patrickm

    I discovered the following that was inappropriately posted in the Molnupiravir. thread that I was about to drop a link into. So I have copied it to this thread. I have done this not just to ‘rub salt in’ over such a post but because I think this is more than just a curiosity of foolish thinking. It’s very similar to the failure of the 1/2 theorists to spot what the same thug regime was up to back in 2015 in Syria; and what all of the above were hopeless on in 14&15 over Ukraine! At that time confusion over what was and was not in the interests of democracy was in the mix and now it is evident that what was thought a ready democratic solution is now NOT. It is evident that war alters the way democratic issues can develop and unfold.

    Stephen Owens
    January 26, 2022 at 11:25 am Edit
    This morning I posted this under the heading of at last someone gets it. (or words to that effect)
    Pat you do realise that when you compare Ukraine to Cuban missile crisis you are just repeating Russian propaganda don’t you or are you an original thinker?

  70. 70 patrickm
  71. 71 patrickm

    Perun interviews ben hodges

  72. 72 patrickm

    The Slinger https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrJcAOa4pes&t=1s could be soon at work!

    and great news 3 SU 34’s shot down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeLcZsxorQU

  73. 73 patrickm

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NdIoseN6HM interesting Anders Puck re russian airplane losses and F16s etc

  74. 74 patrickm

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhJYG1u6bzQ very latest ‘stormshadow’ strike on a ship in Crimea port.

    The pace of this war looks to be picking up and in a good way!

  75. 75 patrickm
  76. 76 patrickm

    With the right troops victory is possible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0sToFwcZZU
    take out the eyes and then see how good they are! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MpzYl_dVcD0

  77. 77 patrickm
  78. 78 patrickm

    Another false flag operation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaEEfIuezuI this time in Transnistria no less! What has Putin got in mind? We will probably find out soon enough. Another viewpoint https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmT0GOiJmu4

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