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‘It’s not that you love the planet, it’s that you hate humanity ‘: Dr Jordan Peterson
Russian false flag operation gas pipes go bang. What’s Putin doing here? Gazprom hasn’t broken any contract now, have they? Putin is now desperate and moving on all fronts. He will try to mobilise 1,000,000 men so announces 300,000. But they can’t really be re-trained and they will be trying to do so in winter! How long before he blows up the polish pipe?  How about Christmas day? Under these obvious threats, coal is the only secure method for fighting the Russian hybrid and undeclared war.  The annual climate scare-fest set for Cairo this yr will sound a lot different to Glasgow! I hope!

Undoubtedly Lidia Thorpe is not fit to be in parliament but would fit right in at either Glasgow or Cairo but I think that if she could get 1 per cent of the vote she ought to have 1 in 100 of the seats. We have a 2 party dictatorship like almost all the anglo world. But IMV a proportional vote would see her right out the door! Green sharks will circle her soon enough. I doubt she will get a second term.  The obvious poison of the wokest of the woke!

And the ‘reply’ from Peterson comes up next he makes a great deal of sense from what I would say was a Marxist standpoint where he forcefully attacks the pseudolefts but seems utterly unaware of the Hitchens-type Marxists let alone the Maoists in the government of Nepal say or Australia’s own couple of individual theorists (but that is fair enough for we rarest of all breeds of social theorists have not shown up for many years outside of the tiny debate circles and a couple of newspaper articles etc). If it were not for Hitchens I would say he had a right to such ignorance as the world has long been swamped in left in form right in essence pseudoleft drivel. But Hitchens did exist as a well-known public Marxist dissenting from the pseudoleft and what is more anti-Stalin and anti-Mao to boot! So his rabid Solzhenitsyn (a Putin supporter) anti-communism is only less inexcusable than Steve Owens. As a historian, he makes a very good psychologist! I don’t know that he has ever made an attempt to even understand the US civil war to ww1 period across the world let alone what was to be done about such an appalling era. His murdering Marxists just drop from the sky….but anyway this is good

Epstein presented 6 graphs.  Each shows that the power supplied from the parasite unreliables had several periods when they were ‘totally out to lunch’ or very low. So zero or negligible power was coming in from these unreliables when they were desperately required. 100% backup was and is required from reliable energy producers who thus ALSO failed when so stressed. They ought not have been stressed in this manner. Parasite unreliables are what people like Obama, Biden and Albanese describe as renewables. They are an additional cost burden that the western woke are insisting is a wonderful investment that will save the planet from a problem that only exists in their green minds. These parasites rob the self evidently actually always required reliable power producers that MUST be invested in, of income. That income robbing for religious purposes has the same value as a tithe to the religious authorities in power in Iran or the Catholics back in the day when they were in the same blockage position in the western world. Your views are those of a religion hiding behind the word science. Nothing more.

The solution to all power shortages and grid failures is to build (invest scarce monies in) more reliable producers and ensure they are not as stressed as they have become under current policies; governments ought not to permit such scary margins to develop and also incidentally ought not even to permit the funding of the Chinese or the Russians fascists! As we see this will require coal-fired power stations and all the rest of the fossil fuels. But the fools who ‘follow’ Greta and King Charles want to put more Chinese unreliables into the systems that are currently unstable as we shun the Russians!

Epstein is obviously correct in his diagnosis of the underlying problems the western world is now up against. He is correct in what he says must be done to create a stable and cost-efficient energy expansion for peoples right across the globe. What level of foolishness is Steve Owens prepared to descend to in order to paint Epstein as a non-expert not worth listening to, while recommending that people vote for Al Gore etc? He is clearly an expert in this field as I suppose I am over the Pell issue. He has done the work for about 2 decades. I did the work for less than a year. He has solved the problems that other people failed to solve because he started by putting the flourishing of humanity at the base and therefore stood the issues right side up. I knew what he was doing because I had done it already decades ago. He has done it better than anyone else that I have come across. He is thus a very hated individual.  To be attacked by the enemy is a good thing…

The world needs more fossil fuels not less! Just the other day the fracking ban has been lifted in England! It has not been lifted yet in Scotland or Wales. It must be. That gas from fracking is desperately required and greenie fools are preventing the adoption of cost-effective energy policies in order to save the planet from a non-existent climate crisis. There is a real energy crisis and there has always been one for the world’s poor in unindustrialised backwaters where they suffer the real gaps. Closing the gaps is what the revolutionary left insists upon. That is a current massive loss of human life! You say nothing about this real problem and permit children like Greta to be used by people like Albanese and all the rest up to and including Turnbull and Morrison with no comment. It is an either-or choice for the investment of scarce public resources. Your policies are to rob the poor of rapid industrialisation now while allowing the elites of the world to talk twaddle about the future and criticise those who have called this junk science out for what it is. Epstein leads and you like all the other idiots from your trot background get in the way. You keep working with the ALP stalking horses like the Professor Chubb types of this world as you stay silent about what they are up to. You don’t dare write up the ‘glories’ of your past activities. You are the blank stare for a very good reason. What could you possibly say? I have seen this conduct for over fifty years and it always starts with a nitpick and ends with the blank stare of the CPA-ML types. When the Ukrainian masses sought greater freedoms and took the Maidan you looked for the fascists in the ranks and when you supposedly found them you backed Putin. What Russian leader would not take over Crimea was how you reasoned! The Donbas and Crimea were not worth pointlessly losing lives over you reasoned. The Russians would win in the end anyway was your conclusion.  NOW you have a big problem on your hands. When is the right time to betray the Ukrainians? When do you have to go quiet and move on?

Most of the world is still an undemocratic swamp and no part of the swamp will progress without an armed struggle.  That is the very nature of the long road to any democratic future.  We live in hope but are not in a state of delusion.  When Libya turned into a protracted struggle as I thought it would Steve Owens realised he had made an ‘error’ and jumped into yet another almost silent life raft. From that powerless drifting spec on the ocean of theory, he again returned to the usual ‘left’ ALP/green anti-communists anti-imperialist drivel Steve is renowned for.

What a terrible speech to the UN by Biden,  a genuinely wasted opportunity at a crucial moment in history. Instead of explaining why the world must come together to undo Putin’s aggression and staying focused on that Biden rambled about his election near 2 years ago and his wonderful woke policies, particularly his stupid climate religion; he just grazed over the whole paddock of wokedom. Utter rubbish; a woke moron boasting about his new religion.  Steve supports the King and this worldwide woke moronic junk that does and ought to divide people.  Then he attacks Epstein as a matter of course.  Steve is as incapable of honestly reasoning these issues through as he has been over Ukraine or Pell or any other of the numerous issues that he can’t make any progress with.   He held a now blatantly discredited position over Ukraine from 2014 when he was an apologist for Putin!  He is going silent about Ukraine now because he knows where the reasoning will lead him.  He bankrupted himself over Libya. All his ‘anti-war’ fellow travellers had no problem pointing out the glaring inconsistencies in not allowing 1 tyrant to roam around his own country and slaughter who he wanted but accepting others who roamed into other countries and enslaved other peoples with only a shrug and instead opposing a military response from evil western capitalist countries. Now Steve Owens only support the ALP types around the globe but with their ‘socialist policies’ as exemplary presented by Bernie Sanders.

I would have hoped he had risen to at least this level of stupidity but you haven’t!

I wonder if Steve NOW concedes that this (the biggest war in Europe since WW2 and that’s where both WWs started) IS the most serious situation that he has seen in his life? I still think it is; after all the nuclear threats are being made in the context of an army run by a fascist or gangster tyrant being defeated in the field!  Vlad says he is not bluffing and I recon he ought to be taken at his lying word! This is not a partial mobilisation at all! This is Putin ordering up all that he can manage! It looks to me in the context of China and others a lot like the start of a slow slide into WW3 in some respects at least. At any rate, I think an EMP air burst is very realistic.

A very big war is on and an energy crisis that Biden and his fellow travellers’ own policies have only made worse is breaking out as a direct part of that war but Biden is not explaining his plan to fight because he has not really got one!

There is Biden mostly reprising his old green shit as if nothing has changed. Shellenberger, Epstein and Lomborg etc are absolutely vital for seeing where the errors in logic are located.

What a surprise! Cancel culture is much more than just off and running it is right out of control!

Then this pops up welcome Australia to energy poverty!

This is pure idiocy from a hopeless green dope!  Give Putin a golden bridge no less! The founder with Berni Sanders no less!  Yanis Varoufakis had to say nothing but smilingly implied what his fellow rats at Democracy Now! also think but also can not say. That is he was for the ‘resistance’ in Iraq! But he can’t even now say so!! He knows that it is unacceptable to be on the side of the Islamofascists of ISIS / Al Qaeda or the plain fascists of Saddams Baathists! He knows that democracy was brought NOW to a country that had never before had the free and fair elections that have been held on a regular basis ever since. He had to smile with the implication and nothing more could be said. Nothing! Zero!

Yanis Varoufakis @yanisvaroufakis 20 yrs ago progressives were warning that the neocons’ ruinous escapades in Afghanistan & Iraq would only strengthen the worst of the radical islamists – to the detriment of women and local progressives. Tragically, there is no longer the slightest doubt of that. 7:45 am · 16 Aug 2021

Or this shit .

This interview with Nicholas Eberstadt, a demographer, provides an excellent addition to Alex Epstein’s work. Given the current pitts that western humanity has plumbed, there’s plenty of ‘poison to drain’ from the infected ruling classes and the currently brain-dead Inteligencia before any theoretical turnaround can generate a credible left capable of speaking to the interests of the working classes!

You can’t imagine how someone of Joe Biden’s age can function in the role, yet you can support Berni Sanders 15 months his senior; I suppose that’s to be expected given what was on offer and that you suffer from similar lunatic -peacenik and greenie- views. These are now dangerous views that quite evidently now stand directly blocking the path of human flourishing. Delicate natural balance; sustainable; net zero; all garbage!

Reliable electricity or unreliable plus the reliable is a choice but the cost burden that Steve’s fellow travelling mental midgets want to impose to fix the climate that is not broken will not be able to inflict this rot on a desperately poor smashed-up Ukraine. No such burden was even imagined at the time that Germany, Japan and Italy plus all the others were in a similar state when Bernie was a 5-year-old! Steve pretends to think ‘reports of Biden’s mental impairment are just propaganda pieces’ but then after 40 years of experience in mental health, he could not spot that witness J had a mental health issue that was being explained away as some survivor trauma issues, by the darlings of the ABC!

The speculation over Biden is simply an educated response to presented symptoms that had Joe sheltered from the pressure in the election, they are not all coming from propagandists! Just because ‘he has a stutter, always has’ didn’t stop him ever including being picked by Obama 12 years earlier. What happened was that 12 years passed, and cognitive issues often develop with advancing age. Facts on this will eventually come out but we won’t be around for me to boast about it.

By Steve’s foolish reasoning once a fascist power emerges a functionary of the system who consolidated power within the system, rather than someone who overthrew the system’ is then a non-fascist! How silly.  By my definition, the revolutionary USSR had transformed into its opposite.

Petraeus after the Ukrainian victory NATO membership must be delivered!

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A couple of things. You really want to hitch your wagon to this guy?

Coal is stone

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