World mad.

World gone Mad worth a listen,
just to start a conversation!  Brendan Oneil talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer.  Refreshingly open honest and above board conversation.

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    The obvious madness of Greta

  4. 4 patrickm
    20 years have gone past since it was about 20 years past the first time I heard that ‘we’ only had 10 years to act!

    The mad end of the woke all are BBC type woke and at heart just agree with the obviously alarmist mad woman who is just a bit extreme in her methods!

  5. 5 patrickm the inevitable result of green madness!

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    As Putin’s further assault on the Ukrainian peoples gets going it is well to remember the military saying “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”. War takes time! Big wars take big time.

    I hope the Ukrainian armed forces are led by some very clever generals because I would bet the Russians have had this war planned out in a meticulous manner over a very long time so I hope the same applies to the defence, but somehow I doubt it. But as they also say ‘no plan ever survives contact with the enemy’. Sadly the Ukrainians will lose a lot of heroic fighters once the Russians start their old steam roller.

    At least they have got great US satellite and other intelligence platform fead!

  7. 7 Stephen Owens

    I think that you need to calm down and ask yourself what has changed?
    In 2014 Putin went into the 2 Eastern Ukrainian provinces but said that he wasn’t there, now his says he is there. The provinces were part of Ukraine and now Putin says that they are independent countries. Ill grant you that Putin’s war preparations now look serious which earlier even this month they didn’t but if his bluff is to work he has to look serious.
    For 8 years Putin has put up with supporting Donetsk and Luhansk which must be pretty marginal places considering the cost of maintaining the war necessary to protect them.
    But again I return to my as yet unanswered question. What are Putin’s war aims?
    I think that his aims were to get some negotiated gains from Ukraine or NATO but in this he has clearly failed. I think that he will now fall back to a position of beefing up Donetsk and Luhansk so that he can at least exit with the claim that he saved these “countries” from terrible fascist Ukrainian aggression.

  8. 8 patrickm Peta Credlin has a good grasp of what the ALP strengths might be to get 2 terms! Strap in for the woke madness!

    As for Putin’s war, well NATO is now in this for a win! So Putin is in trouble because they cant out supply the weapons and manpower to the cutting edge front. The Russians can’t retrain in the required timeframe and they can’t re-equip and they are up against the US plus NATO and Japan and even Australia and others are contributing to the ever-strengthening Ukraine manpower resources. Despite the terrible destruction Ukraine is relatively stronger now than at the start of 2022!

    The pushback has been underway for some time and the Russians have very little to show and no realistic prospect for holding on to what they have grabbed this year for very long. If they lose what they have tried to grab this year it will have come at a crushing price of men and materials and Russia might not hold together under Vlad the bungler!

    This is undoubtedly a historical turning point of a war!

  9. 9 patrickm Musk is out by a factor of 10 on his own admission and the carbon cult is now the government!

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    12 years on and nothing has improved.

    What is, and isn’t, settled about climate science.

    Richard Lindzen is a professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Hadi Dowlatabadi is Canada research chair and professor in Applied Mathematics and Global Change at the University of British Columbia.

  12. 12 patrickm deeply flawed Biden decision to not send longer-range missiles! Then this a day later (a bit of a backdown)
    This is very good news

    Davos shits ‘approaching war fatigue’. What rubbish from the usual suspects of the realist right!

    Oh yes, Chomsky! An experiment no less! Whatever happened to Vietnam? more support and we will get to the victory quicker! Never seen Ukraine so united!

    On DW news german liberals show how dopy they can be.

    Pretty well my thoughts a man truly missed!

  13. 13 patrickm fighting back in Britain. ‘How do you resist woke? Tell the truth and build.’

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    Even a brit ruling elite type has got it, despite his respect for Henry K

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  17. 17 patrickm pretty good! Neil Oliver on Davos.

  18. 18 patrickm michael Shellenberger interview. ‘He’ is a good place to start this fightback.

  19. 19 patrickm Jordan Peterson 16/06/22 good in his field! (But still raving about the bad Marxists!)

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  21. 21 patrickm Sky on trans issue and the election. Sco-mo dropped the ball.
    and climate coal coal coal! and Neil Oliver ‘if Australia can’t then…’

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    Well… that is our ruling class!! Compare the new greatest generation!

  23. 23 patrickm Shellenberger on Sky! ESG…and revolt yet the media won’t report! Exciting! Farmers standing up!

  24. 24 patrickm interesting German Webster University Assistant Professor Ralph Schoellhammer.

    Jul 17, 2022
    There is a “deafening” media silence on protests around the world protesting against the elites, according to Webster University Assistant Professor Ralph Schoellhammer.

    “They are significant protests – we’re talking about 30,000 people in The Netherlands,” Prof Schoellhammer said.

    Prof Schoellhammer said the media and political campaign across the west against “disinformation” is part of a broader attempt to “undermine” organised protests against the agenda of the elites.

    “That the best way to prevent the pushback from large numbers of people is if they don’t know that anything is going on,” he said.

    “Think about the situation of the truckers in Canada when they pulled their bank accounts … so this is undermining the possibility of those people to organise.

    “It’s what interest groups, what these players do – they see there is something coming that could be a threat to their power so they try to do something to undermine it.”

  25. 25 patrickm Alex Epstein talks to Brendon O’Neil

  26. 26 patrickm More from Alex Epstein. Also on Twitter he is going up against the loonies from ‘Just stop oil’ in Britain. In Australia Turnbull has just been silenced at Sydney Uni. The ‘Trots’ and other rats who can’t win an argument! Failure to spot what fascism is all about has been their hallmark all along.

    ALP is having a woke talkfest and Charmers is pretending to be the PM. The chickens are on their way home to roost for all this woke poison. But the libs are not fit to take this on. The right is doing the heavy lifting!

    The only powerful point that is low hanging fruit is the concept of pseudoleft as one word!

  27. 27 Stephen Owens
  28. 28 patrickm

    Yes we do! But don’t let that stop you from spreading your contextless diversions as your method of self exposure. After all the World has currently gone mad so you fit right in.

  29. 29 patrickm worth a listen,
    just to start a conversation! Brendan Oneil talking to Julia Hartley-Brewer. Refreshingly open honest and above board conversation.

    The Emperor has no close is her starting point and she is spot on. They are stark naked! And it’s altogether to chilly a morn…

    When did you dump Brendon and Julia after all they like Alex are not nasty communists (leaving aside Brendon’s past).

  30. 30 Stephen Owens

    OK here’s the white flag, you have been right on everything and I have been wrong. Iraq is now a model democracy and many middle eastern countries have copied it. I must admit I never saw Israel agreeing to a 2-state solution and Afghanistan is both a great place for women and involved in a regional war. Pell clearly is on course to be the next pope, and Putin is more stupid than I thought. The Jan 6 insurrectionist are only going to be charged with disorderly conduct, and Alex Epstein is a genius to correctly claim that we need to burn more fossil fuels. The Moscow show trials were all legit, and treating the SDP as though they were worse than the Nazis was a master stroke. What could possibly go wrong with a Red Brown alliance.
    Im done.

  31. 31 patrickm

    That’s pretty well a declaration of insanity.

    So where was I? Well I like this Neil Oliver not putting a word wrong. Well done Neil.

  32. 32 Stephen Owens

    I want to stop but every time I do they drag me back.

    Can someone please tell Mr Oliver that Lithium is not a rare earth mineral.
    see no lithium
    Can someone please tell him that the new technology of Direct Lithium Extraction will resolve many of the issues he raises
    Yeah, not a word wrong, except not knowing about rare earths and not knowing about the latest technology.

  33. 33 Stephen Owens

    Then he gets worked up about Cobalt. It’s hard to put a figure on how out of date his information is, but battery makes now produce Cobalt free batteries
    “…. Chinese EV battery manufacturer SVOLT unveiled what it claims to be the world’s first cobalt-free battery. The company has been selling cobalt-free battery cells since February 2021.”
    Half the batteries used by Tesla are Lithium iron phosphate batteries, see mum no cobalt.

  34. 34 patrickm

    You seem to have missed the point entirely. You have lost this debate from the get go. He is on the people’s side you are on Prince Charles!

  35. 35 Stephen Owens

    With all due respect. I did not address the point of Mr Oliver’s monologue. What I did was address some glaring errors in his presentation. He claimed Lithium to be a rare earth (it’s not), he claimed that lithium mining is environmentally problematic without mentioning Direct Lithium Extraction (which will resolve the environmental issues in the lithium brine industry), and he mentioned that batteries use cobalt without mentioning that cobalt is being phased out of battery production.
    I did not dispute his argument, I merely pointed out errors in his presentation which you described as not a word wrong.

  36. 36 patrickm

    No you did not. An irrelevant issue, Lithium in not considered a ‘rare earth’, instead it is just a scarce resource that is in high demand and has been difficult to mine and concentrate was brought up So what? Totally irrelevant. Then you say that Neil failed to mention that in the future there will be better methods to get the Lithium and cobalt will be phased out. Wonderfull. Totally missing what was and is important about Oliver and that is; he is speaking up for the masses against the poison that is the woke elite and the fools that are sucked in by this junk. You are on the wrong horse yet again.
    Here is a hint from….
    My 3 irrefutable principles for thinking about fossil fuels, which no opponent has ever challenged:

    1. Factor in fossil fuels’ benefits
    2. Factor in fossil fuels’ “climate mastery benefits”
    3. Factor in fossil fuels’ negative and positive climate side-effects *with precision*
    1:32 AM · Sep 1, 2022

    I say that these are the factors that failure to address will prevent you thinking clearly about energy from fossil fuels in any productive manner. You are swimming with the tide.

    Go up to your comment and realise how badly you get stuff wrong and then run away without working out why you are so silly.

  37. 37 patrickm

    I like Helen Pluckrose I have been listening to her on a few podcasts and she is a very solid liberal. She has not I guess got a good grasp of the pseudo nature of the left that she is fighting but she does get the notion that the marxists have been fighting against this post modernist crap from the get go. Is an example.

    She co wrote a book called Critical (crossed out and replaced with) cynical theories. Sub titled How scholar activists made everything about race gender and identity and how that harms everybody. They got that right as it is all about power and is entirely cynical.

  38. 38 Stephen Owens

    Lithium is not a rare earth. He just made that up. Lithium is not a scarce resource, you just made that up, total global reserves stand at 14 million tons. When anyone says that lithium is a rare earth, it just alerts me to the fact that they don’t know much because this is such a basic fact about lithium.
    Lithium is in short supply because demand has gone through the roof and supply is difficult to ramp up. A battery giga factory takes about 18 months to build. A lithium mine takes about 7 years from discovery to production.
    Mr Oliver made a bit of a song and dance about the coming electricity crisis in the UK, but are renewables to blame? My really really lay person’s understanding of the crisis is that wind solar and nuke make up about half the electricity generation capacity, and they are quite cheap sources. The other half is made up by LNG and there is an LNG worldwide shortage. This has skyrocketed the price of LNG. In the UK I understand that they have a pricing system where electricity in total is priced at the rate produced by the most expensive source, this being LNG.

  39. 39 patrickm

    We already established that Lithium is not one of the elements called a rare earth. But all I was attempting to explain to you was that this was totally irrelevant. It was just that it is in high demand and has low supply so that thus the price is very high and thus currently relatively it is scarce. There is of course plenty of everything and always will be get a copy of Julian Simon The Ultimate Resource 2. Or the latest book Super Abundance I forget by who. Stop being a silly pedant! That is just dopey.

    Unreliables are the problem and rather obviously so. These issues were not happening 2 decades ago when this green stuff was not destroying the markets. That was back when the price of energy was falling as is the way of humanity producing any commodity. That is why we had this thing called a rising standard of living. This stupid green rubbish has deliberately or ignorantly take your pick, slammed that process of cheapening into reverse. No hiding from this frackup! I am as sure that you will regret your current stand as ever I was sure about anything. If you read Epstein you can cure yourself. But without the will to learn you will just keep missing what is right in front of your face. This is them.

  40. 40 patrickm The debate with a Texas greenie.

    Opposing Views: Is Climate Change A Problem? | Alex Epstein & Dr. Andrew Dessler – MP Podcast #126

    In this podcast Peterson’s daughter presents 2 views in a 1 after the other format. That is because Dessler would not debate Epstein. He had once before so I think he knows he is not up to the task but he is up to presenting his views as a single exchange to some soft questions that are not then forensically returned to as his answers unfold. In short he is capable of giving one of his religious warming lectures to his students.

    The most interesting point for me was at the end when he attempted to present as a reasonable man and praised fossil fuels for getting humanity this far, now he said it is time to take off the trainer wheels. Now the metaphor just does not logically work but it has obviously played well for him before, so it’s worth working through to see why he gets it so wrong.

    Incidentally he states that the wars that the US have engaged in -Iraq and Afghanistan- are part of the actual down side externality cost of oil and has to be seen in that light. In other words he is a bog standard no blood for oil fool who can’t explain how the theft was to be achieved with the free and fair elections and the withdrawal and all. So the error in his judgement the exact same error as Noam Chomsky can’t be admitted and the outcome is no doubt explained away as a US defeat! He would never even have heard of the revolutionary left view that now stands positively contrasted with the results from right next door in Syria! Not something that he would be saying much about besides hands off Syria or some such clap trap while the Putin led fascists pile the bodies higher.

  41. 41 Stephen Owens

    I think that the debate over Alex Epstein is pretty simple. Texas had a weather event, the power system failed and people froze to death in their homes. Oklahoma had exactly the same weather event, the power system did not fail and no one died.
    The difference between Texas and Oklahoma is that Oklahoma is connected to the interstate grid and Texas is not.
    If you ignore the number one reason for why people died and concentrate on secondary issues, you are trying to deceive people.

  42. 42 Stephen Owens

    Hundreds of people died in the Texas freeze. The number one reason was Texas not being on the interstate electricity grid. The second most important reason was that Texas had failed to weatherise its electricity production as it was advised to after the 2011 freeze.
    Now these are clearly the two main reasons.
    If you argue that it was down to wind turbines freezing or if later after you are exposed because the main failure was gas wellheads you claim that all the spare money was diverted to renewables, then your argument is not to be taken seriously.

  43. 43 Stephen Owens
  44. 44 patrickm

    What you have just posted above is of course another ‘comment’ that is junk file material. It is an obvious alarmist hit piece that the woke in your world send round to each other to warn people that others are about and they have stuff to say that you disapprove of. Well I took the time to read it and it was the usual rubbish that proves something to a person like you who has an inability to look logically at issues like this.

    Epstein is correct the bottom line is that unreliable sources of energy are the root cause of why the problems are now coming home to roost. Epstein is able to see much more clearly than non experts because he has made himself a genuine expert and he is doing a great job in providing his expert analysis in the form of talking points. So what you see as bad I welcome as very good work.

    I can read this little hit piece and see straight through it you on the other hand are taken in by it. As with all your other blind spots there must be some reason why you can’t spot the elephant yet again.

    I explained Ukraine to you and even the day of the official restart of the war 24/2 you were still blind to the reality that I had pointed to in numerous posts that made zero impact on you over 3 months or so.

    The Pell case ought to have been one where you were explaining to me how this complainant was obviously a troubled mind but it was not you. Nothing got through your bias.

    You are now doing your usual junk posting on an issue that is patently wrong.

    Start your recovery programme by asking yourself what is it that keeps me on the podium with all the medals and you posting such obviously stupid content free slurs of what a good activist expert like Epstein ought to be doing to get people thinking clearly about an issue that is life and death for many people in an energy constrained world.

    I have looked into this issue and Epstein is correct. The bottom line is that unreliables in the form of wind and solar are what has led to this problem and will lead to all the other looming problems.

    Do not post such material again. Extract whatever you think is important for your argument and include that in an argument of your own otherwise you are spamming and destined to be reposted in the junk file where your latest belongs.

    You now have the opportunity to pretend you have a moral high ground and refuse to do anything productive as is usual with you.

    I will keep watching Epstein thrash the unequipped like Andrew Dessler or General Wesley Clark (totally out of his depth) and all the rest. He can’t get through to you in exactly the same way I have never been able to convince you of anything.

    You are not thinking about his arguments at all. You are just playing your insane woke games.

  45. 45 patrickm This was only 10 months ago but the woke could hear nothing because they would not and will not listen to different views. They could never win the debates so they had to exclude and shun or cancel people as their culture. I have seen this process operating for near on 50yrs and it has now become blatantly hysterical. Every point AE makes is now blindingly obvious to everyone who is not hopelessly green. Every fracking point!! The actual argument on why Texas has problems and then this going back all Steve is managing to do is expose himself for distorting what Epstein is so very clearly spelling out. And guess who he debated and how that went freedom is the magic word (anti Mao talk) by Alex Epstein that I would have thought would have been the Steve Owens take on the world so I guess I’m shocked by the greenie woke rubbish that our ex-trot and ex-Christian blank stare nit picking logic free zone is running with these days. sky kenny re nuclear

    Instead of learning from Alex Epstein, Scott Morrison went to Glasgow and joined with all the imbeciles as they lined up behind Prince Charles and proceeded to demonstrate that they are all unfit to govern any modern country. They concluded the annual scare fest by announcing the next festival of the brain dead will be held in Cairo no less. Putin and Xi were obviously watching this idiocy and must have been shaking their heads in amazement. No wonder war was the next step.

    This Glasgow idiocy was happening when I was putting on record my view that Putin was going to resume his war on Ukraine. But what were our Australian political ‘leaders’ and right across the western world for that matter doing? Going to the yearly scare fest and nobody was jumping up and down saying you are not looking at what is coming!

    As I told people I have read Epstein’s book Fossil Future and I consider it the best book I have read in 25yrs and that is a lot of books. I think this beause he starts from the premise of what is best for human flourishing; so I see Alex as very important, and further left than he thinks he is as a good old fashioned defender of capitalism much like 2022 ALP supporter Steve Owens, who says ‘I see him as a light weight.’ But then Steve would have to nominate who is his heavyweight contender but with all the fears of being exposed for not having any legitimate argument at all the only thing to do is run for cover and simply make the wild assertion that ‘I think that the world will attempt to decarbonise the energy sector.’ Now we can all see the weasel word ‘attempt’ right in the middle, but it boots Steve right off the podium yet again. No medals for ‘the world will attempt’. Alex re fuels and making the detailed case that we must think of ‘energy as a process’.

    Also anti communist Alan Jones 3years ago It’s not as if people were not told this electricity price rise was not going to be the result of their idiocy. But the cult would not listen and instead it was endless scaremongering about carbon dioxide.

    A lot of the current issues have been well raised in the book list I referred you to. And here is another one that I have not yet read but I know what argument it is running with and it is the argument that Julian Simon made in The Ultimate Resource 2; but I think it is putting in the missing links detail (but I will have to see).

    I gather Steve still likes Hans Rosling’s work and people will recall Factfulness IMV another very useful book, we know the late professor Rosling smashed a lot of delusions that people suffer from in that book and Arthur Dent corrected him over lumping Mao with the One Child policy that was actually brought in by the Liu follower Deng and his ‘moderates’ that turned out to be the fascists.

    Rosling was a bit of a low key warming worry wart but more I think along the spectrum heading to Lomborg. But having read his stuff I think he had simply failed to follow his own methods and not chased the relevant data. Anyway Gapminder Foudation as it goes forward will IMV be trapped by the problem because there are no alternatives to the fossil fuels that currently continue the process of making life better for more of the world’s 8billion people as we continue to urbanise and industrialise.

    The recent disaster of Sri Lanka might have escaped you. After all the ABC/BBC types downplayed the issues, but the organic rubbish that they have pushed for 40yrs was shown up to be a total disaster. Fertiliser is made these days from Natural gas for example.

    So here is Esaki’s 5 don’ts rules to help you.
    1. Don’t allow yourself to be trapped by your past experiences.
    2. Don’t allow yourself to become overly attached to any one authority in your field – the great professor perhaps.
    3. Don’t hold on to what you don’t need.
    4. Don’t avoid confrontation.
    5. Don’t forget your spirit of childhood curiosity.

  46. 46 Stephen Owens

    Fossil fuels are dying. This is why. The cost curve of solar panels.
    The price curve of Lithium batteries
    Lithium batteries still too expensive to hold energy in stationary batteries then try the low low cost sand battery
    You see, we are currently going through the Third Industrial revolution. I well expect that the fossils from the second will only come along kicking and screaming

  47. 47 patrickm

    When did you become this green ALP believer?

  48. 48 patrickm

    It looks a bit of a road to Damascus sort of thing perhaps. Watching the ABC all these years can damage the brain I suppose. Here we are at the beginning of a total energy disaster and you can’t see it blowing up in your face. Well points for consistency!

    The other book I think might be useful for those who can read is Superabundance I will report once I get it and have the chance to get to it. I was very impressed with listening to them explain what they were on about to Jordan Peterson.

    So who is your heavyweight contender?

  49. 49 patrickm

    Partial cost accounting will fool you very easily.

  50. 50 patrickm Here Alex Epstein makes a solid case for why you ought to think with philosophy as your starting point.

  51. 51 patrickm This is where you are going with this idiocy. Off to la la land.

    Sep 8, 2022
    Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan has responded to the “hypocrisy” of Animal Rebellion protesters who eat “almonds and avocados” by eating a Big Mac.

    Animal Rebellion protest groups sprayed the gates of Big Ben with “paint symbolising milk” yesterday.

    “I meet so many vegans who devour avocados and almonds, and don’t seem to realise it involves the slaughter of billions of bees,” Mr Morgan said.

    “My response to you destroying all these things is to have a Big Mac – because, you know what, it’s a free country, it’s a democracy and I’m allowed to eat meat.

    “I’m certainly allowed to eat meat when someone who kills bees to feed their avocado habit minds.”

  52. 52 Stephen Owens

    Alex claims that in the last 100 years we have seen a 98% reduction in climate related deaths. How does anyone come up with such a stat? Does it include events like the Bengal famine 1943 (3 million dead) due to the 1942 cyclone? All through 1943 Bengal produced sufficient food to avoid famine, but decisions like that of Churchill to not provide famine relief was the reason people starved. So were these deaths attributable to the cyclone or to Imperialist politics? Is he adding in the alleged 30 million figure from the Great Leap famine? I can’t see how you can come up with a 98% reduction if you don’t add in the 30 million. Are you comfortable will 30 million Chinese being added to Alex’s total?
    Also, problematic with the lower death toll is the advent of better technology. When a hurricane hit Galveston in 1900 it killed 6,000. The salient point is that the hurricane hit without warning, the quality of houses were poorer and the emergency response non-existent. Comparing natural disaster deaths now with those of 100 years ago is just not a fair comparison. But it’s OK, his role is to help poor folk like me think clearly.

  53. 53 Stephen Owens

    I have been trying to track down figures, the 98% figure comes from Bjorn Lomborg he takes it from a website, but I had difficulty registering at that website but also looking at the great leap famine and the Wikipedia entry puts the death toll between 15 and 55 million people which makes me despair of getting any accurate figures. From memory, the Chinese government only admitted to food shortages, not deaths.
    I’m quite happy to believe that the death toll has reduced substantially. People who die from natural disasters are generally poor people, and the world has made great gains in poverty reduction.
    3 of the greatest gains have come via politics. Indian Independence ended famine in India, Soviet Collectivisation ended famine in the USSR and then there’s China, do we credit Mao or Deng? That all depends on the figure you place on the Great Leap famine, zero or 55 million. Personally, I think that both zero and 55 million are absurd.
    One of the problems with Lomborg is when pressed about particular mass death events he states that it’s an average, which as an explanation doesn’t clarify much. I would like to know what events were included and whose estimate of death toll was used. Even with the 43 Bengal famine, the 3 million figure is a guess.

  54. 54 Stephen Owens

    I came across a 70 million Great Leap famine estimate. I think that the right-wingers must be in a bidding war.
    Alex makes an estimate of deaths from Communism in general. Not sure how many of these he attributes to weather/famine, but he’s here to help me think clearly, yes?

    “A fully-realized green transition would amount to the largest mass murder event “since the killings of one hundred million people by communist regimes” in the 1900s, according to energy policy expert Alex Epstein.”

  55. 55 patrickm

    My tolerance for your anti communist insertions has exhausted itself. I am fully aware of the anti communist stand of all of the people that I have brought to your attention because they have written otherwise interesting books.

    As to your attempt to cast doubt on the statistics of climate related deaths and the massive extent that they have fallen since humanity started using machines fed by fossil fuels you just made a blithering fool of yourself. You are up against Rosling, Lomborg, Epstein and so forth. You ought to think that perhaps you are just stupid because like your thoughts on Ukraine you are really barking mad. Here is a journalist from Britain who has a bit more of a clue about Putin and in many ways is just as clueless as you. Anti the liberation of Iraq warming hysterics at the end, conspiracy stuff massive confusion about ww2 Stalin etc etc. I bring these people to your attention not to have the fact that they are all anti communists thrown back by you but because they are saying something of use about the real world. In the case of climate related disaster deaths the stats are very solid obviously that is why nobody mentions them and talks about the coming disaster instead!

  56. 56 Stephen Owens

    I am just interested in how the statistics are gathered. Can you tell me if the famine in USSR, India and China are included in the numbers or not? Alex is at pains to say that the information he provides is publicly accessible. I can’t find the answer to this question, can you provide it?
    OK to be clear, here is the question, were the famines in USSR, India and China part of the numbers in the Lomborg graph?
    It’s a simple yes or no answer.

  57. 57 Stephen Owens

    I am unaware what you are objecting to. Lomborg has presented a graph, it looks pretty dramatic, and I don’t dispute the trend, I’m just trying to find out what info is included. It’s reasonably obvious that the trend is for people to survive catastrophic events as we learn from our experience, as this clip about Galveston shows.

  58. 58 patrickm

    3. For every million people on earth, annual deaths from climate-related causes (extreme temperature, drought, flood, storms, wildfires,…) declined 98 percent–from an average of 247 per year during the 1920s to 2.5 per year during the 2010s. Data on disaster deaths come from EM-DAT, CRED/UC Louvain, Brussels, (D. Guha-Sapir). Population estimates for the 1920s come from the Maddison Database 2010 at the Groningen Growth and Development Centre, Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Groningen (for years not shown, the population is assumed to have grown at a steady rate), rug.nI/ggdc/historicaldevelopment/maddison/releases /maddison-database-2010. Population estimates for the 2010s come from World Bank, United Nations Population Division, World Population Prospects: 2019 Revision, Census reports and other statistical publications from national statistical offices, Eurostat; Demographic Statistics, United Nations Statistical Division, Population and Vital Statistics Report, us.Census Bureau:International Database, Secretariat of the Pacific Community statistics and Demography Programme, “Population, Total,; /indicator/SP.POP.TOTL.

    ‘What blew my mind’ said AE was the 180 opposite was happening to what the alarmists were saying was happening! John Holdren predicted in 1986 ‘…it is possible that carbon-dioxide climate induced famines could kill as many as a billion people before the year 2020.’ Well now that is clearly wildly wrong but worse still it is not even in the right direction of what even Steve Owens would expect to be happening as the world industrialises and consequently lifts people out of poverty using machines powered by fossil fuels.

    Obviously, there are going to be situations that are difficult to correctly apportion such as when a country is at any kind of war and a climate event also occurs. But fighting wars of all kinds and direct crime are excluded as are epidemics and malaria outbreaks etc The statistics are thought through by the anti-communists and are bound to err in that direction to some extent. But this is in no way the important point about them and some averaging must be done no matter what. But climate alarmists can’t complain about that given their reliance on modelling for the future that is not able to even predict the past.

    They are 180 out in their direction so forget the exact quantum. The only thing you alarmists can do now is to make the lame ‘prediction’ that this is the man falling from the 100-storey building saying so far so good floor by floor till the great and inevitable turnaround. Denial of the positive side of Fossil Fuels is central to your brand.

    My 3 irrefutable principles for thinking about fossil fuels, which no opponent has ever challenged:

    1. Factor in fossil fuels’ benefits
    2. Factor in fossil fuels’ “climate mastery benefits”
    3. Factor in fossil fuels’ negative and positive climate side-effects *with precision*

    As with you all must agree but none can do!

  59. 59 patrickm

    threat to a way of life! You prick. how stupid do you greenies get?

    Sep 11, 2022
    Africa is bearing the brunt of the global climate emergency. The UN says climate change threatens to expose over one hundred million vulnerable Africans to droughts, floods and extreme heat by 2030. One of the worst hit countries is Somalia.

    Almost 8 million people there, or about half the country’s population, are facing crisis hunger levels. The most affected area is the Bay region in the south. The UN says, barring a massive influx of assistance, that region is likely to see a full-scale famine in the coming months.

    Clearly to prevent such impacts of climate change in Africa, something needs to be done urgently. And industrialized countries need to fulfill their funding promises for contributing the most to climate change. That’s a point that was reiterated by Ghana’s president Nana Akuffo Addo earlier this week in Rotterdam.

    And that’s why earlier this week African leaders traveled to the Africa Adaptation summit in Rotterdam, Netherlands. But European partners did not turn up. And that was strongly criticized by African leaders.

  60. 60 patrickm and this is what the ALP insiders are up to!

    ‘In a move unprecedented in the democratic world, the Australian Academy of Science is lobbying the tech giants Meta (Facebook), Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and TikTok to censor and harass any Australians who circulate what the Academy insultingly labels “climate denialism misinformation”.’

    Well how about that! Who would have guessed?

  61. 61 patrickm This is the young dopey pseudo lefts who you (Steve Owens) distance from, but the other end is the King and the UN Gen Sec etc

    So this is why AE is an important -I would say currently leading- communicator on the most important contemporary issue

    The UN Sec Gen is a dangerous blithering fool as is your King. lawless institution…Biden is exposed.

    While I have no reason to doubt the statistics that Rosling, Lomborg, Epstein etc have sought out from other sources and then provided in their work, I must point out that if the rate was only ½ of what the best statistics that they can find are, then the point would still stand. That point is that there is a disconnect between what is real and what young people in particular think is real. You lot (from King to ALP hack) that are now as dumb as meat axes are busy misleading all that you can and you attempt to silence those that you can’t. The world is getting better, but the young and easily misled think it is getting worse! This has been the exact same positions of Erhlich and Simon all those years ago and we know how that bet went.

    King Charles carries on from the foolishness of Philip and Attenborough in a grand tradition but if you run the bet at any decade since it was won then Simon still wins. So your King solves this inability to be anything other than wrong with a promise that whether his life will be short or long eventually this human progress (this measurable evident human flourishing) will stop just as the falling man will crash into the ground. So you greenies will not stop proclaiming your ‘new’ religion. Trends do not really mean anything to you.

    Greens are causing the logical problems that stem from their own policies and are ridiculously blaming fossil fuels as the culprits when in the past when their green policies were not around, the problems were not either! Hence people who are vulnerable to junk arguments fall for the Texas-type ass-covering from these parasite energy sources. It remains the case that unreliable wind and solar are simply an additional cost on the whole system; a gigantic waste of human effort; when there is an energy crisis these fools talk twaddle about a non-existant climate crisis. We are in a climate renaissance. There is always a dangerous planet trying its best to kill weak people. We get stuck with machines. We get strong with the food that feeds machines. Fossil Fuels provide low-cost reliable energy to protect people from this always dangerous planet’s climate events that have always slaughtered preindustrial humanity. That is why human flourishing has only just got going with the discovery of ways to use fossil fuels.

    The price of energy drives to one extent or another the price of everything. Push that price up and the consequence is bad news for people who want to see a rising standard of living. Pakistan right now has substantial floods and it needs to get on with its rapid industrialisation. Instead, people are yabbering yet again about fossil fuels, and seeking to push up the price of these life-saving fuels. Increased deaths are the only possible result of such a floored logic. even Glenn Beck gets how important AE has become.

  62. 62 Stephen Owens

    I have a question for you. When you watch Alex being interviewed, and he says that during the Texas storm, the wind died down. Now, I’m sure that you must have looked up wind speeds in Texas during those days and noticed that the wind speed increased.
    So here’s my question. How do you process Alex’s statement with evidence to the contrary?

  63. 63 patrickm

    This deals with all your mistakes and that is what they are.

    Some years ago I was coming back from a trip and it was so windy that I was having difficulty driving in the conditions. When I got to Snowtown I noticed all the wind turbines were shut down because it was too windy. You have made an elemental error. It is all actually laid out in Alex Epstein’s above talking points with a very powerful graph that shows when the wind was NOT available.

    All the points that you have brought up are systematically dealt with above. Unreliable electricity production is unsurprisingly unreliable. As Alex also said ‘Unreliable renewables were only part of the problem. But they are none of the solution.’ I have just read through this material and am satisfied that every issue that you have attempted to bring up in criticism of AE has been dealt with. His position remains unrefuted.

    In the coming months, you will be in a position to see a similar green fraud attempted as this looming energy crisis unfolds. Study this one document and you will know the right questions and the pro-development argument to throw back at your King and Sanders/Biden/Gore/Guterres/ Albanese etc all the way past Greta the silly Greens, Trots and Teals.

  64. 64 Stephen Owens

    Alex is not saying in Texas it got so windy they turned the windmills off, he says in a couple of interviews I have seen that during the Texas storm Feb 10 to 20 that the wind stopped blowing. Here at the 1:13 minute mark he makes the claim.

    I have previously debunked this here using data from a couple of large cities in Texas Here’s different cities El Paso in west Texas and Amarillo in north Texas
    El Paso from 10th to 20th max wind speeds were

    The graph that Alex provides might show when wind was unavailable because the turbines were frozen, not because as he claims, the wind stopped blowing.

  65. 65 Stephen Owens

    Now I’m thinking what if El Paso and Amarillo aren’t near any wind farms so let’s look at Abilene that’s close to a big wind farm and remember wind turbines work best with wind over 14.5 KPH

  66. 66 patrickm

    There are 6 graphs presented and the one stunning point that is clear in each is that the power supplied from the parasite unreliables that rob the self evidently actually always required reliable power producers that MUST be invested in, of income- parasites that stupid people describe as the renewables- is that they all had several periods when they were ‘totally out to lunch.’ So zero or negligible power was coming in from these unreliables when they were desperately required. 100% backup was required from reliable energy producers who ALSO failed when so stressed.

    So the solution is to build (invest scarce monies in) more reliable producers and ensure they are not as stressed as they have become under current policies; that is do not permit such scary margins to develop and also incidentally do not fund the Chinese fascists or the Russians!

    But the fools who ‘follow’ Greta and King Charles want to put more Chinese unreliables into the systems that are currently unstable as we shun the Russians! What level of foolishness are you prepared to descend to? Epstein is obviously correct in his diagnosis of the underlying problems the western world is now up against and what must be done to create a stable and cost-efficient energy expansion for peoples right across the globe.

    The world needs more fossil fuels not less! Just today the Fracking ban has been lifted in England! It has not been lifted in Scotland or Wales. It must be. That gas is desperately required and greenie fools are preventing the adoption of cost-effective energy policies in order to save the planet from a non-existent ‘climate crisis. There is a real energy crisis and there has always been so for the world’s poor in unindustrialised backwaters where they suffer the gap. Closing the gap is what the revolutionary left insists upon. I would have hoped you had risen to at least this level of stupidity!

    I wonder If you NOW concede that this (the biggest war in Europe since ww2 and that’s where both WWs started) IS the most serious situation that you have seen in your life? I still think it is; after all the nuclear threats are being made in the context of an army run by a fascist or gangster tyrant being defeated in the field! Vlad says he is not bluffing and I recon he ought to be taken at his lying word! This is not a partial mobilisation at all! This is him ordering up all that he can manage! It looks a lot like the start of ww3 to me in some respects at least.

    What a terrible speech to the UN by Biden, a genuinely wasted opportunity at a crucial moment in history. Instead of explaining why the world must come together to undo Putin’s aggression and remaining focused Biden rambled about his election near 2 years ago and his wonderful woke policies, particularly his stupid climate religion; he just grazed over the whole paddock of wokedom. Utter rubbish; a woke moron boasting about his new religion.

    A very big war is on and an energy crisis that he and his fellow travellers’ own policies have made worse is breaking out as a direct part of that war but he is not explaining his plan to fight. Cause he has not really got one!

    There is him mostly reprising his old green shit as if nothing has changed. Shellenberger, Epstein and Lomborg etc are absolutely vital for seeing where the errors in logic are located. what a surprise! Cancel culture is much more than just off and running it is right out of control!

    Then this pops up welcome Australia to energy poverty!

    https://www.yout! is pure idiocy from a hopeless green fuckwit! Give Putin a golden bridge no less! The founder with Berni Sanders no less!

    Yanis Varoufakis had to say nothing but smilingly implied what his fellow rats at Democracy Now! also think but also can not say. That is he was for the ‘resistance’ in Iraq! But he can’t even now say so!! He knows that it is unacceptable to be on the side of the Islamofascists of ISIS / Al Qaeda or the plain fascists of Saddams Baathists! He knows that democracy was brought NOW to a country that had never before had the free and fair elections that have been held on a regular basis ever since. He had to smile with the implication and nothing more could be said. Nothing! Zero!

    Yanis Varoufakis
    20 yrs ago progressives were warning that the neocons’ ruinous escapades in Afghanistan & Iraq would only strengthen the worst of the radical islamists – to the detriment of women and local progressives. Tragically, there is no longer the slightest doubt of that.
    7:45 am · 16 Aug 2021
    Or this shit This interview with Nicholas Eberstadt, a demographer, provides an excellent addition to Alex Epstein’s work. Given the current pitts that western humanity has plumbed here’s plenty of ‘poison to drain’ from the infected ruling classes and the current brain-dead Inteligencia before any theoretical turnaround can generate a credible left capable of speaking to the interests of the working classes!

    You can’t imagine how someone of Joe Biden’s age can function in the role, yet you can support Berni Sanders 15 months his senior; I suppose that’s to be expected given what was on offer and that you suffer from similar lunatic -peacenik and greenie- views. These are now dangerous views that quite evidently now stand directly blocking the path of human flourishing. Delicate natural balance; sustainable; net zero; all garbage!

    Reliable electricity or unreliable plus the reliable is a choice but the cost burden that your fellow travelling mental midgets want to impose to fix the climate that is not broken will not be able to inflict this rot on a desperately poor smashed-up Ukraine. No such burden was even imagined at the time that Germany, Ja[pan and Italy plus all the others were in a similar state when Bernie was a 5-year-old! You think ‘reports of Biden’s mental impairment are just propaganda pieces’ but then after 40 years of experience in mental health, you could not spot that witness J had a mental health issue that was being explained away as some survivor trauma issues, by the darlings of the ABC!

    The speculation over Biden is simply an educated response to presented symptoms that had Joe sheltered from the pressure in the election, they are not all coming from propagandists! Just because ‘he has a stutter, always has’ didn’t stop him ever including being picked by Obama12 years earlier. What happened was that 12 years passed and cognitive issues often develop with advancing age. Facts on this will eventually come out but we won’t be around for me to say I told you.

    By your foolish reasoning once a fascist power emerges a functionary of the system who consolidated power within the system, rather than someone who overthrew the system’ is then a non-fascist! By my definition the revolutionary USSR had transformed into it’s opposite.

  67. 67 Stephen Owens

    You dodge the question, so I’ll state it again.
    Alex states that the wind turbines failed because the wind died down during the storms. I have provided 5 or 6 weather records from Texas cities showing that the wind increased during the 10 days of storms.
    Here’s the question, it’s yes or no. Is Alex correct, did the wind drop off during the storms?

  68. 68 patrickm

    No, I did not. You are too foolish to notice that you have had your muddle-headed issues dealt with.

    Take a deep breath and realise what is now unfolding. Putin has now lied about a partial mobilisation. It is full on. He will either win or die. Think about that.

  69. 69 Stephen Owens

    One question at a time. Alex initially said that the power outage was because wind turbines failed. When he realised that no one was buying that, he said that gas failed because they had spent the winterising money on renewables. I guess he realised that would not fly, and he changed the story again to the wind did not blow.
    The records clearly indicate that the wind continued to blow during the storm.
    Can you accept that Alex has got this detail wrong?
    I ask you during the storms did the wind continue to blow. It’s a yes or no question.

  70. 70 Stephen Owens
  71. 71 patrickm

    2:03 / 7:59

    Rita from Sky news interviewing Alex Epstein ‘Anti-oil maniac’: Joe Biden is ‘threatening’ the US oil industry you Steve, are broke.

  72. 72 Stephen Owens

    Alex states that the US government has been “throttling production for years” and that “industries have been gutted”
    Aug 2012 =5,486
    June 2015 =9,595
    July 2016 =8,460
    Feb 2020 =13,100
    Then covid
    August 2020 9,700
    Feb 2022 =11,600

    2015 =28.38 Billion cubic feet
    2021 =3,560.83 Billion cubic feet
    This very year 2022 the USA has become the world’s biggest exporter of LNG

    Alex seems to have a strained relationship with the truth

  73. 73 patrickm
  74. 74 Stephen Owens

    I just don’t get where Alex gets the idea that fossil fuels are under siege. In the 1990s, worldwide coal production was about 4,000 Mt Tons. From 2010 onwards, it’s about 8,000 Mt Tons.
    Oil worldwide production in 1998 was 73,000 barrels/day rising to 94,000 barrels/day in 2019
    LNG in the 90s was 2,000 BCM and in 2018 hit 4,000 BCM

  75. 75 Stephen Owens

    Alex says that we should learn from Alberta in that in 2021 Alberta had a major freeze event and its 2 major energy sources gas and coal performed to expectation, but he could just as well say that Alberta’s, 3 major energy sources gas, coal and wind performed to expectation. I wonder why wind, which provides Alberta with 7% of its energy, was left off the list.

  76. 76 patrickm

    Would you prefer to rethink your above 2 comments and have another crack at making sense or are you happy to leave your position as is?

  77. 77 patrickm

    A hiding to nothing that’s how clear this is. Not even in the race. Shellenberger and this one including Texas stuff

  78. 78 Stephen Owens

    I don’t watch anything by Alex any more because every time I follow up on a point he makes, I find that he is wrong. Schellenburger at least tries to make the economic argument, but what he doesn’t realise is that the USA can’t stop buying Chinese solar panels because solar is or will become a cheap source of power. As soon as they solve the energy storage (and they will) part of the equation, then solar will become the standard. The US cant refuse cheap panels because Europe will buy them and then have a competitive advantage. Economic nationalism has a cost, economic internationalism has a cost. Always follow the money.
    Take the Keystone pipeline, it doesn’t matter if Biden stops or starts it, the thing is really marginal.
    Here’s why. They don’t drill for tars sands oil, they open cut mine it. It’s of that low quality they can’t run it through a pipe because it’s the consistency of maple syrup. To get it to run through a pipe, they have to pipe oil from America to Canada so that they can dilute it enough to get it through a pipe.
    All this puts the tar sands oils at between $60 and $85 per barrel, break even.
    The price of oil today is $78

  79. 79 Stephen Owens

    Does Biden lie? Is the pope a catholic? Do people who say that the US oil industry is being restrained by govt policy live on planet earth?
    This is what the US Energy Information Administration says about oil production in 22-23
    “U.S. crude oil production in our forecast averages 11.8 million barrels per day (b/d) in 2022 and 12.6 million b/d in 2023, which would set a record for the most U.S. crude oil production during a year. The current record is 12.3 million b/d, set in 2019.”
    Nasty old Biden and his war on Big Oil.

  80. 80 Stephen Owens

    Remember how the neanderthals were saying electric too expensive, electric no good for tradespeople, electric can’t tow.

  81. 81 Stephen Owens

    I did watch your recently posted vid of Alex being interviewed. It’s more infuriating than the previous vid where the guy confused lithium with rare earth.
    Alex, he has to make the case that Obama ran an anti fossil fuel campaign while acknowledging that under Obama there was a 74% increase in oil production. So here it comes, the fracking revolution happened and Obama “didn’t know about it”.
    Wow, that’s some claim. The energy sector undergoes a revolution and Obama is blissfully unaware.
    It’s not like Obama signed the law ending the 40-year ban on oil exports, but he did. It’s not like Obama appointed pro fracking people like Ernest Monic and Gina McCarthy as energy secretary and head of the EPA, but he did.
    I don’t think that anti fossil fuel Obama was any more responsible for the massive increase in fossil fuel production than pro fossil fuel Trump was responsible for its massive decline under his leadership. The president just doesn’t drive production, it’s not his job.

  82. 82 patrickm Neil Oliver on a generally good track.

  83. 83 patrickm cop 27 and the idiots all only a matter of time before someone gets killed. Jail the lot of them and just say yes to fossil fuels and no to the ALP and their ABC! Alex Epstein. A great interview

  84. 84 patrickm

    The woke talking to the mad!
    and a bit of sanity from Lomborg and Peterson
    the view from the ALP via Kenny

  85. 85 patrickm
    Seven years on from the direct Putin intervention in Syria it looks like the world’s MSM is unaware of the rumbling of the unfreezing that is now underway in the collection of enclaves that used to be Assad-run Syria. Assad is still in Damascus! The way this is going he may outlast Putin!

    The cancel culture silence from the 1/2 theorists is deafening yet here it all is.

    Assad may even outlast the Iranian tyranny. But without a HIRISE protection team, Assad will have a return to the situation that brought on the intervention

    ’14. Putin will be able to boast success. Obama will be able to boast success and the EU will be able to boast success. Public opinion will remain as bewildered as Patrick.’

    I have a fair idea of who are the bewildered people.

    Another gold-medal-level analysis from me.

  86. 86 patrickm

    A great talk from Epstein and the old left that are few but allied comes up!

  87. 87 patrickm

    2019 Annual GWPF Lecture – Prof Michael Kelly: Energy Utopias and Engineering Reality. Basic engineering issues from 2019 Annual Lecture Global Warming Policy Forum -GWPF- debunking the alarmist pipedreams of fossil fuel reductions.

    -GWPF- Nov 19, 2021
    Professor Steven E. Koonin, New York University, and former Under Secretary for Science in the US Department of Energy, gives the 2021 Annual GWPF lecture on ‘Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters’. His book is ‘Unsettled’ and is very good.

    Roy Spencer Global Warming; One Scientist’s view of the science and policy. ihmc lecture series. IHMC Florida Institute for Human Machine Cognition 2005 Evening Lecture Series

    Dr. John Christy of the University of Alabama-Huntsville testified before the Natural Resources Committee on May 13, 2015, that carbon dioxide emissions have no significant impact on climate change.

    2018 Annual GWPF Lecture Prof Richard Lindzen Global Warming For The Two Cultures

    Elimination of CO2 is a suicide pact – Professor William Happer on climate change misconceptions Nov 5, 2022
    It’s safe to assume no one consciously sets out to challenge a narrative as deeply entrenched and emotionally charged as climate change. Dr William Happer, an American physicist and Professor Emeritus in the Department of Physics at Princeton University, certainly didn’t. It was only in 1991, upon Happer’s appointment by President George W Bush as director of Energy Research in the US Department of Energy, that his interaction with climate change authorities – and their refusal to engage in customary scientific debate on climate change – piqued his interest. Thereafter, Happer was dismissed for his contrarian views and ‘head butting’ with climate change luminary Al Gore, only to be brought back to Washington by former president Donald Trump in 2018. BizNews spoke to Happer (83) about his prodigious career and discovery that the burgeoning climate change hysteria had no scientific basis. Happer meticulously detailed why and how CO2, the “demon gas”, is not a pollutant but is essential to mankind’s prosperity.

    Studying the Role of the Sun on Climate – Willie Soon AU
    0:24 / 56:55

    Judith Curry – Climate Science and the Uncertainty Monster
    77.6K subscribers
    106,882 views Nov 28, 2015
    How to understand and reason about uncertainty in climate science is a topic that is receiving increasing attention in both the scientific and philosophical literature. This is one perspective on exploring ways to understand, assess and reason about uncertainty in climate science. Uncertainty associated with climate science and the science-policy interface presents unique challenges adding to the complexity of the climate system itself, the potential for adverse socioeconomic impacts of climate change, and politicization of proposed policies to reduce societal vulnerability to climate change. The challenges to handling uncertainty at the science-policy interface are framed using the ‘monster’ metaphor, whereby attempts to tame the monster are described. Uncertainty of climate models is interpreted in the context of model inadequacy, uncertainty in model parameter values, and initial condition uncertainty. The challenges of building confidence in climate models are described. A concerted effort is needed to identify better ways of framing the climate change problem, explore and characterize uncertainty, reason about uncertainty in the context of evidence-based logical hierarchies, and eliminate bias from the consensus building process.

    Dr. Judith Curry is Professor and former Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Curry received a Ph.D. in atmospheric science from the University of Chicago in 1982. Prior to joining the faculty at Georgia Tech, she held faculty positions at the University of Colorado, Penn State University and Purdue University. With research interests spanning a variety of topics in climate, her current interests include climate dynamics of the Arctic, climate dynamics of extreme weather events, and reasoning about climate uncertainty. She is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Geophysical Union.

    Dr. Curry has recently presented U.S. Congressional Testimony to the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and the House Subcommittee on the Environment. She is a prominent public spokesperson on issues associated with the integrity of climate research. Curry serves as president and co-owner of the company Climate Forecast Applications Network LLC (CFAN). CFAN translates the scientific weather and climate research so that governments and industries can better anticipate and manage weather- and climate-related risks. Curry is proprietor of the blog Climate Etc., which discusses current topics in climate science, climate and energy policy, challenges at the science-policy interface, and use of social media in engaging with the public on complex and controversial topics.

    All of the above come with a warning alert no less. AS follows…
    Climate change
    United Nations
    Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels.

    Incredible! They may as well say unacceptable views are expressed in these dangerous lectures!

    Plus some utter rot from a so-called expert! Lord Ricketts predicts a stalemate in Ukraine over the winter and says the most likely outcome is a perpetual armistice between the two countries.

  88. 88 patrickm

    Marxists getting blamed for the madness on Sky news -dumb as they come- but the dutch guy points out that it is more like secular reformation more like the puritans then Rowan pipes up that perhaps it’s more like fascism! It’s crystal clear that there is simply no credible right-left theory at work among the sky news rightists.

  89. 89 patrickm

    British psychology student standing up to the woke! Interesting that both the interviewer and the young student can see that these woke types are nothing to do with the Marxists of bygone days who were about economics and logic etc and who wanted nothing better than to debate and engage. Her persecuting academics say stuff like ‘we won’t be meeting because my (her) hate speech is better managed over zoom’. This is a great case and a grand victory coming! Yet later in the interview the anti-communist, anti-Mao hysteria still (inevitably it would seem) comes up. This is a great example of what is unfolding every day now across the woke west! All the same not very different from my experience at Flinders University nearly 30 years ago.

  90. 90 patrickm Offence incident non crime. An oinc! Oct 12, 2022
    Is free speech under attack?

    According to ex-policeman Harry Miller, the answer is yes.

    In this episode of Parallax Views, IEA Head of Cultural Affairs, Marc Glendening, sits down with Harry to discuss his supposedly offensive Tweets that led to a police investigation and to get his opinion on how the UK legal code is biased against free speech.

    You can find out more about Harry’s Fair Cop project here:
    and The bad law project

  91. 91 patrickm
  92. 92 patrickm

    100% of the models over-estimate warming! WOW!

    Data shows there’s no climate catastrophe looming – climatologist Dr J Christy debunks the narrative.

  93. 93 patrickm

    At the end of this is a reminder of how bad Kissinger is.

  94. 94 patrickm

    China was the last holdout now we have a worldwide endemic virus. So who got that one correct?

  95. 95 patrickm

    Good Neil Oliver rant on the greens and woke

  96. 96 patrickm good talk on mining etc

    some useful insights on Russia and where the struggle is heading
    Alexander Etkind – Putin is Propelling Russia Backwards in a Self-Destructive Civilisational Decline

    How should you deal with Putin Anastasia Edel – Once Again Western World Entirely Failed to Predict or Understand Russia’s Actions at about 1:18 very good flag on soldier! But it is upside down? Who knows what it is akk about!

  97. 97 patrickm with the ALP and the greens attacking fossil fuels so intensely this Alex Epstein thinking is the antidote.

  98. 98 patrickm An interesting life! particularly Jay Lehr receiving the “Dauntless Purveyor of Climate Truth Award” at Heartland’s climate conference in 2019.

    The right wing is further left than any of the old leftists that run from their errors.

  99. 99 patrickm

    Well done Jo Nova great stuff

  100. 100 patrickm
  101. 101 patrickm

    Good work from the rightists



    Breakfast Keynote – Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023 (00:00 – 45:25)
    Marlo Oaks is the treasurer of the state of Utah. He spoke about his efforts in his state to fight ESG (Environment, Social, Governance).

    Lunch Keynote – Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023 (Johnson 46:26 – 1:41:19; Boebert 1:41:20 – 2:29:06)
    U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) on climate and COVID, then and U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) on climate, energy, and politics.

    Dinner Keynote – Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023 (Debate 2:29:07 – 3:30:03; Super Panel 3:30:04 – 4:19:11; James Taylor closing remarks 4:19:12)
    Dr. Peter Hartley and Dr. William Happer argue the pros and cons of taxing the emissions of carbon dioxide. PLUS, a “super panel” of several experts to take questions from the audience, and then Heartland Institute President James Taylor delivers remarks to close out The Heartland Institute’s 15th International Conference on Climate Change in Orlando, Florida.

    Panel 5A – Killing Agriculture to Save the Planet (00:00 – 1:21:18)
    Gregory Wrightstone on “Climate Change and the Midwest: Life in America’s breadbasket is good and getting better”; Patrick Moore on “Golden Rice Now”; David Legates on “Nitrous Oxide (N2O): the New Satanic Gas.” Followed by audience Q&A.

    Panel 6A – Today’s Extreme Weather Is Not That Extreme (1:21:19 – 2:52:19)
    Stanley Goldenberg on “Why Does it Seem Like Hurricanes Are Getting Stronger and More Destructive”; Joe Bastardi on “Is Weather Getting Worse?”; Christopher Monckton on “Why Extremer Weather Was Wrongly Expected.” Followed by audience Q&A.

    Panel 7A – Climate, Energy, and Animals (including Humans) (2:52:20 – 4:18:50)
    H. Sterling Burnett on “The Misuse and Abuse of Animals in the Climate Debate”; David Stevenson on how offshore wind is hurting whales and other marine life; Francis Menton on “Challenging EPA’s Greenhouse Gas ‘Endangerment Finding’ in Court.” Followed by audience Q&A.

    Panel 8A – The Right Climate Stuff Team on Energy (4:18:51 – 5:52:35)
    Tom Moser on “Climate Change Truth and the Path Forward”; Marty Cornell on “NetZero: Materially Improbable”; Gregg Goodnight on “ERCOT and Renewable Power Integration”‘ and Bob Bauman on “The Future of Nuclear Energy.” Followed by audience Q&A.

    Panel 5B – Green Energy and Exploitation (00:00 – 1:25:02)
    Vijay Jayaraj on “Climate Imperialism”; H. Sterling Burnett on “Green Energy Technology Is Built on Force Labor, Sickness, and Environmental Destruction”; E. Calvin Beisner on “Energy Policy, and the Conquest of Poverty.” Audience Q&A.

    Panel 6B – Advancing Reliable Energy (1:25:03 – 2:53:22)
    Kevin Dayaratna on “Advancing Reliable Energy: Cost/Benefit Analysis”; Karr Ingham on “Markets: The Key to Abundant, Affordable, Reliable Energy”; Jason Hayes on the “Seven Principles of Sound Energy Policy”; Audience Q&A.

    Panel 7B – Why NetZero is Impossible: The Continuing Need and Value of Fossil Fuels (2:53:23 – 4:19:17)
    Wolfgang Müller on “The Global Cost of NetZero”; Rob Bradley on “U.S. Electricity: Government vs. Coordination”; Linnea Lueken on “Biofuels Are NOT so Green”; Audience Q&A.

    Panel 8B – Government Overreach, or Tyranny? (4:19:18 – 5:48:36)
    Jeff Clark on how he fought to rein in the EPA when he was in the Trump administration, and how it operates with a president in the thrall of the climate cult; Myron Ebell on “Decentralized Totalitarianism”; Audience Q&A.


    Panel 1A – Taking the Temperature of Global Temperatures (00:00 – 1:21:31)
    Anthony Watts on “Corrupted Climate Stations and What to Do About Them”; Willie Soon on “Global warming: Mostly Human-caused or Mostly Natural?”; Joe Bastardi on “More Evidence Debunking CO2 as a Climate Control Knob”; Audience Q&A.

    Panel 2A – Understanding What’s Really Happening to the Climate (1:21:32 – 2:48:37)
    Ross McKitrick on “Updated Climate Sensitivity Estimates and the Social Cost of Carbon”; Judith Curry on “Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming”; Richard Lindzen on “What I think the Climate is Really Doing”: Audience Q&A.

    Panel 3A – Is Climate Science Scientific? (2:48:38 – 4:04:18)
    Tom Sheahen on “In Science, Data Trumps Theory: Correcting Errors in Science”; Howard Hayden on “IPCC’s Exercise in Self-contradiction”; Ken Haapala on “The Primacy of Doubt”; Audience Q&A.

    Panel 4A – 4:15pm Green Agenda’s Impact on People (4:04:19 – 5:34:25)
    Donna Jackson on how “Environmental Justice” is a Scam;” Bob Carlstrom on the “Impact of Higher Green Energy Costs on the Poor and Elderly”; Margaret Byfield on “The Biden Administration’s 30×30 Land Grab”; Audience Q&A.


    NOTE: The video above has chapters, so float your cursor along the bottom of the video to find the part of the video you want to see.

    Panel 1B – Consequences of Scarce Energy (00:00 – 1:14:29)
    Vijay Jayaraj on “Green or Blood Red” (unfortunately, technical difficulties eliminated most of this presentation and we’re looking to replace it); Benjamin Zycher, Ph.D. on “Biden Administration Responsible for High Energy Costs”; and Marc Morano on “COVID and Climate: The Parallels Are Screaming at Us”; Audience Q&A.

    Panel 2B – Defeating ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) (1:14:30 – 2:41:11)
    Jason Isaac on “Raising America’s Energy IQ”; Paul Watkins on “Imposing ESG on Companies”; Marlo Lewis on “Arbitrary and Capricious: SEC’s Climate Risk Disclosure Rule”; Audience Q&A.

    Panel 3B – What it Takes to Power Our Modern Society (2:41:12 – 4:06:01)
    Ronald Stein on “The Elephant in the Room: We’ve Had 200 Years to Replace Fossil Fuels”; Linnea Lueken on “Myths and Legends About the Oil Industry, and How the Truth Combats Them”; Alex Epstein, “Global Human Flourishing Requires Much More Energy”; Audience Q&A.

    Panel 4B – Unworkable Climate ‘Solutions’ (4:06:02 – 5:36:36)
    Steve Milloy on “Net Zero: Not Needed, Not Possible and Not Survivable”; Kevin Dayaratna on “Unworkable Climate ‘Solutions’ – Carbon-based Regulation”; Ben Lieberman on “The Global War on Air Conditioning”; Audience Q&A.

  102. 102 patrickm

    This is great Dr Richard Lindzen exposes climate change as a politicised power play motivated by malice and profit.

  103. 103 patrickm JP interview
    Tyranny Through Weaponized Bureaucracy | Dr. Scott Jensen | EP 349

  104. 104 patrickm
    Climate Change: Scientific vs. Ideological Disagreements. Professor Daniel Bonevac

    3,990 views Mar 9, 2021
    Views about global warming and citizens’ reactions to climate change are certainly among the most polarized and polarizing issues of our contemporary society. In this lecture, Dr. Daniel Bonevac will help us explore this particular divide, uncovering the real questions, debates, policy options, and tradeoffs regarding climate change. No virtue-signaling: this lecture will be an occasion to engage with the science and to address the inevitable disagreements that exist among reasonable people of goodwill.

  105. 105 patrickm

    I love CP!
    Camille Paglia: Cultural Critic, Provocateur
    Truth Bombs about Feminism, Male Creativity & Generation Snowflake – Camille Paglia
    6 yrs back! and there are plenty more well worth watching!
    and almost 30 yrs on much to reflect on!

  106. 106 patrickm

    He (bassicly) gets it because he has read Julian Simon!
    Apr 14, 2023 Off Script | Telegraph | Podcast
    As new census data shows Britain’s demographics changing at historic rates, what does a future Britain look like? Is the world over or underpopulated? And how does fertility impact global power struggles? To answer these questions Steven Edginton is joined by the leading demographer Paul Morland.

  107. 107 patrickm

    Michael Shellenberger: Elites want to justify greater censorship & implement a censorship apparatus

  108. 108 patrickm

    Alex Epstein on sky Alex Epstein slams push for ‘personal carbon allowance’
    energy is just this incidental thing! Spot on Alex!

  109. 109 patrickm

    Censorship issues are red hot! Elon Musk’s Twitter free speech crusade is succeeding | Michael Shellenberger interview
    ‘We had this debate hundreds of years ago’ well said!

    The new expression is the Censorship Industrial Complex CIC.

  110. 110 patrickm
    (771) Restoring the Sciences: Rethinking Climate Risk with Judith Curry – YouTube
    Restoring the Sciences: Rethinking Climate Risk with Judith Curry
    (774) Manufacturing Consent in Times of Crisis – Dr. Richard Lindzen, Harvard/MIT Climate Scientist DS 183 – YouTube
    18,236 views Sep 4, 2023 DemystifySci Podcast
    Dr. Richard Lindzen is an American atmospheric physicist known for his work in the dynamics of the middle atmosphere, atmospheric tides, and ozone photochemistry. He served as the Gordon McKay Professor of Dynamic Meteorology at Harvard University and was appointed as the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the MIT. Dr. Lindzen has disputed the scientific consensus on climate change and criticizes what he has called “climate alarmism”. Rather than picking apart the arguments for or against said climate narratives, our conversation is largely focused on the question of what would motivate such alleged deception were it found to be the case. Tell us your thoughts in the comments!
    00:00:00 Go!
    00:01:17 Outsider scientific research
    00:04:33 Maxwell & the academic press
    00:07:43 Editors serve the industry
    00:12:16 Climate narration
    00:20:33 Pressure against dissent
    00:25:56 The Iris Effect
    00:33:38 Motivating the standard narrative
    00:43:30 Paleoclimate
    00:48:06 Rotation of Earth v. airflow
    00:57:24 Myopic considerations
    01:05:57 Education as indoctrination
    01:11:50 Science as guillotine
    01:17:33 Defined v. undefined problem solving
    01:21:48 Incentive wars
    01:26:55 Institutional conditions
    01:35:25 Manipulation of graphs
    01:37:45 Different kinds of intelligent conversation
    01:41:12 Academics as politics
    01:47:02 Venus & climate science
    01:55:38 University experience
    02:07:30 Endless war
    02:15:05 Youtube censorship, throttling, shadowbans
    02:18:33 Dealing with villification
    02:26:45 Secret history of GISS
    02:34:32 Closing thoughts

  111. 111 patrickm
    Great news, a valiant attempt to think!

    Oct 31, 2023
    This talk is from the first day of the ARC Conference 2023 where Paul Marshall launched the ‘Free Markets and Good Governance’ stream. To protect true free market Capitalism, which has brought untold prosperity to the world, we might fight against its mutant siblings – Monopolies, Cronyism, and Woke Capitalism.

    Sir Paul Marshall is CIO and Chairman of Marshall Wace LLP, founder and owner of UnHerd Media, and an investor in GB News Ltd. He is a founding Trustee of Ark, the children’s charity, and Chairman of Ark Schools.

  112. 112 Steve Owens

    I guess that you put this clown up for us to ridicule. His argument being that human development was dependent on “Free markets” What absolute horse shit. Great Britain became the greatest manufacturing and trading nation without one iota of a free market.
    Britain kicked off its greatness with the agricultural revolution but the large land holding necessary for this were not due to a free market but by the enclosure laws where the wealthy acquired common land. It was through the forceful dispossession of the peasant.
    Britain then developed its agriculture not through free markets but through the Corn laws yes tariffs on foreign grain not ended until 1846. Greatness was achieved not through free trade but by having 4 million slaves develop the cotton that would feed the cloth mills of Lancashire not free trade. Britain became a great trading nation through use of the Navigation Acts where all trade within the British empire had to use British ships.
    These free enterprise charlatans have their predecessors. You need look no further that John Stuart Mill in his book On Liberty 1859 to find and endorsement of free trade in Opium by use of military force.
    Once a country becomes top dog they embrace free trade because they can crush rivals. Britain did become the biggest advocate for free trade but only when it sat on the top of the heap not while it was climbing to the top.

  113. 113 patrickm
    “Worst Medical Scandal In History!” Michael Shellenberger | The Winston Marshall Show #009
    mostly radical trans criticism no notion of pseudo-left concept.

  114. 114 patrickm

    Quik as.. Freddy from unheard exposing the shutdown merchants!

    and the follow up’s from the ARC above that went so directly over Steve’s head (how unusual) and we get the context warning ! well Freddy

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