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Monthly Argument debate on immigration (videos)

Two videos of the first Monthly Argument debate are now available. The topic for this first debate was “Immigration: Should we apply the brakes?”

The first video is short (just 6 minutes of excerpts).  The second one is the entire debate (almost 90 minutes).

Both videos can also be watched and/or downloaded from the Vimeo website.  (Debate Excerpts:  here . The entire debate  here.)  I’ve embedded them both here but I think that some people will find that the longer video loads much faster at the Vimeo site.

Immigration debate: exerpts from Monthly Argument on Vimeo.

Immigration: should we apply the brakes? from Monthly Argument on Vimeo.

First Melbourne “Monthly Argument” debate this Thursday

Details in brief:

Topic : “Immigration: should we apply the brakes?”    Monthly Argument logo1


Sinclair Davidson (Institute of Public Affairs)

Chuck Berger (Australian Conservation Foundation)


Date: Thursday,  August 12

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