I just love this sentence

“The discussion at the Sydney Writers Festival is an extraordinary example of group-think, with opponents demonised, prejudices reinforced, counter arguments totally ignored and platitudes treated as profundities.”  Andrew Bolt – Monday, July 18

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  1. 1 Youngmarxist

    I’m sure Bolt is right about this, but isn’t his column just a fairly reactionary example of the same? He’s hardly a shining example of how to debate effectively and honestly.

  2. 2 Dalec

    For once, YM I have to totally agree with you. Bolt is a totally dishonest reactionary of the worst kind.
    However, to see him cited with approval here should not surprise you.

  3. 3 jim sharp

    “andy bolt!?”
    ain’t he the fella
    whose mum forgot to
    the occipital attachment
    to screw his nut
    upon the spinal cord

    & like dalec i’m with y.m.
    on the bolt without a nut!

  4. 4 davidmc

    I take you point Youngmarxist. Although I think Bolt is far more inclined to debate his opponents than visa verse

    Dalec, how would you characterize the discussion at the Sydney Writers Festival?

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