Dusting off the Archives

There have been some recent additions of interest in the Australian section of the Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line.

The material was written by members of the Red Eureka Movement a Marxist-Leninist group from the late 1970s and early 1980s.

The entire encyclopedia deserves lengthy visits by anyone trying to make sense of the 20th century communist movement. This would include anyone planning to be part of some future 21st century communist movement.

The REM material is arguably the best place to start. It is generally more readable and insightful. This leaflet is good appetizer

The material represents a rebellion against nonsense that had become entrenched because of groupthink, lack of discussion, blind acceptance of decisions from the top with minimum of thought and the demonizing of opponents.

The REM material includes some important articles on foreign policy and also a range of articles critiquing the ‘left’s’ economic illiteracy.

While you are checking out the Encyclopedia don’t forget to go here to see what what Mao and the Chinese Communist Party were saying during the 1960s and 70s about the Soviet Union and the threat of capitalist restoration under socialism.

3 Responses to “Dusting off the Archives”

  1. 1 Dave

    That leaflet is actually pretty great

  2. 2 Arthur

    Yeah, congratulation to Pat and Anita for getting it online!

    The Mayday 1981 leaflet does still resonate, despite the intervening 3 decades. That in itself is simultaneously positive and sad.

    Looking forward to the rest of the material.

    Will try to eventually write up survey connecting evolution from the 3 worlds stuff through 1990s material in Red Politics to current issues on Iraq and alliance with US imperialism in democratic revolution.

    BTW the two issues of “Red Politics” shoul be included in its own section on the same page. Fortunately they are already online but should be incorporated as part of EROL.

    Likewise the missing part of Unemployment and Revolution and Technology and Progress and some others are already available online (buried here at lastsuperpower) and should be incorporated at EROL without need for scanning.

  3. 3 Arthur

    For want of a better place to pass this on.

    I just came across a book on Marxism and the Philosophy of Science by Helen Sheehan that others might also find of interest:


    via: http://www.thenorthstar.info/?p=3783

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