Class War Isn’t Just Sneering at the Rich – Jason Walsh in @goforthmag

Jason Walsh has an article in forth magazine about “the phoney reconstruction of class politics” in the UK.

The article comments on UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s attacks on the privileged backgrounds of Conservative Party figures, which have been mislabelled “class war” in the UK media.

Walsh says:

The Daily Mail reported last week that the British Labour party leader Gordon Brown plans on besting the Conservatives by launching a “class war”. The Mail’s faux middle-class outrage aside, this is a rather strange development. Why, now, would Labour decide to indulge in a spate of political cross-dressing? Also, how on earth can a party that has been in government for twelve years cast itself in the role of radical opposition?

Of course it transpires that, rather than encouraging the self-organisation of workers, the fat controller’s idea of class war is not much more than pointing out that prominent Tories tend to be the privately educated scions of the wealthy. Who knew?

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  1. 1 steve owens

    David it has always been thus. When confident Labor leaders will talk of class collaboration even kick the unions a bit ie Julia Gillard recently. However when facing electoral defeat ie Gordon Brown, well out comes the class warrior stuff to shore up the base.
    It is however important to have labor in power because that’s when they can be exposed. In power you can make the argument that we need an alternative to Labor. Out of power they are the alternative.

  2. 2 jim sharp reply to your limey dandy swell

    Class neutrals get their rocks off vis-à-vis bending to third-worldism whilst a limey dandy swell smells his classes impending doom
    now then a ‘genuine lefty” bends down to touch us-up
    with his clear turbid smoke & mist rowdy dowdyness

    our senses tremble feeling his ‘marxian form’ we can–
    and must grasp his malleable material wisdom
    nowt were as complete before we saw it all became standing still our eyes are ripe to his desires as we approach
    this ‘genuine diviner’ of deformed marxoidism like a bride nowt is too small against a red background

    we’ll paint it large & lovingly “toffs an all against the wall”
    holding it high we’ll never know
    whose souls maybe released …

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