Really crazy …. or someone having a joke???

The video below was shown at the opening session of the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen.    Could it be a parody??????

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  1. 1 Arthur

    Guardian is now running its own beat-up of a leaked “Danish Text”

    I’m not willing to run flash to read their link to scribd and haven’t found a .pdf link yet. But its already “big news”.

  2. 2 Bill Kerr

    I thought these links were good:

    The Climate Science isn’t Settled
    – by a well qualified environmentalist, Richard Lindzen, challenging the positive feedback, oversimplification and sustainability assumptions

    Easy Riders and Raging Bulls
    by Noel Pearson about the political-economic dimension of the global warming debate (not about the science)

  3. 3 Bill Kerr

    Here is youtube video of a talk by MIT scientist Richard Lindzen it’s broken into 6 parts. He argues there is some warming but no grounds for alarmism, no strong scientific claim for a tipping point. Before getting onto the climate science he has some comments and quotes about how official science can easily be captured by political movements:

  4. 4 Bill Kerr

    There was a debate between George Monbiot and Ian Plimer on Lateline last night hosted by a far from impartial Tony Jones who joined in playing tag against Plimer. Plimer came off very badly:
    a) tried to make far too much out of the climate Gate emails. Monbiot was far more balanced and prepared to criticise his allies here
    b) didn’t answer direct questions
    c) denial of any warming trend whatsoever
    d) did not model a scientific approach but was quite elitist and arrogant, dismissing his opponents as mere journalists

    Well, good to see the ABC sponsoring something like a real debate again. But they need to get in someone better than Plimer.

  5. 5 youngmarxist

    I saw Plimer a while ago on that BBC special the ABC rebroadcasted (I think) and thought he was rubbish. People like him make it very easy for the alarmists to write off any scepticism as ridiculous, even though accepting global warming as real doesn’t mean you have to accept the alarmists’ solutions.

  6. 6 bill kerr

    Interesting comment by alan kay (comment 14, his second comment is the one about the science) on my blog about the current state of the global warming science: neither an alarmist nor denier be

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