Global warming roundup

I just thought I would pass on some climate change tit bits that I have come across in recent weeks. They show that controversy is alive and kicking despite claims that the debate is over.

Non-warming continues

The flat temperature trend for the last decade has become a cooling over the last year. Check out these graphs.

Over 31,000 US scientists have now signed anti-alarmist petition

The petition web site provides the names of signatories and classifies them by level and areas of training.

Bio-fuels responsible for food price hike According to the World Bank and Oxfam.

Stormy weather

Tropical cyclones have not increased in number or severity in the southern hemisphere of the last 25 years. and

Two hundred year records for Louisiana show a downward trend over the period for both tropical cyclones and hurricanes.

Greenland ice sheet not going anywhere soon

The theory that water is lubricating the base of the ice sheet is challenged by a new study.

New research suggests lower climate sensitivity to CO2

Here and here

India resolves to do nothing

As Andrew Bolt reports in the Melbourne Herald Sun, India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change recommends resolute non-action. To quote:

“India is determined that its per capita greenhouse gas emissions will at no point exceed that of developed countries…” and

“It is obvious that India needs to substantially increase its per capita energy consumption to provide a minimally acceptable level of well being to its people.”

The report finds no smoking guns nor canaries down the mine shaft in India. They see no long term trend in droughts, floods or monsoon rainfall. And no clear trend in the melting of Himalayan glaciers.

Alarmist does dummy spit

Clive Hamilton a high priest of the green religion in Australia has declared that he will no longer contribute to On Line Opinion (OLO) because it has been captured by Climate Denialists. OLO is a very valuable institution which accepts articles expressing views right across the political spectrum. I can’t imagine too many people following Hamilton’s lead. Unless you are an exalted personage such as he, with ready access to the mainstream media, you really can’t pass up the opportunity that OLO provides. Hamilton’s anathema can be found here and Graham Young’s response here.

Impact of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge disputed

This bear doesn’t look too concerned.


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