no pressure …..mmm ….

How out of touch … how nutty …. how arrogant and stupid have these people become ?

The video below (entitled “No Pressure”) depicts kids being blown up for not agreeing to take action to reduce their carbon emissions. It was produced by the 10:10 organisation which has since apologised (sort of) and taken it down.

According to Forbes Magazine it “was underwritten by a number of major corporations as well as the UK government”. It’s definitely not a spoof.

Just posting it here because it’s so extraordinary. While it’s true that the reaction from nearly all climate change organisations has been that it was a “mistake”, “tasteless” and “only feeds the denialists” , it’s also true that those who produced it are not regarded as part of the lunatic fringe of the green movement. It was actually put together by Richard Curtis (writer of Four Weddings an a Funeral, Notting Hill, Love Actually, and the Mr. Bean sitcom). Frannie Armstrong (known for her film “Age of Stupid” and the person behind the the 10:10 organisation) said of the video :”We ‘killed’ five people to make No Pressure – a mere blip compared to the 300,000 fictional people who now die in my imagination each year from climate change.”

And by the way, these two articles by Warren Meyer at Forbes Magazine are quite sensible and interesting:

denying the catstrophe:the science of the-climate skeptics position

why blowing up-kids seemed like a good-idea

4 Responses to “no pressure …..mmm ….”

  1. 1 Legal Eagle

    That is just ridiculous. And that kind of mind-set is likely to push me further and further away from these people.

  2. 2 steve owens

    Wow what a brilliant piece of advertising. Can you imagine how the producers of this 4 minute piece must be feeling. World wide coverage by the biggest news organisations in the world and just one more confirmation that all publicity is good publicity.
    Its also a great piece in the fear mongering genre.

  3. 3 Dalec

    I would say that those who approve of real killing for a cause, as in Iraq, have no right to condemn fake killing for a cause as in that repulsive advertisement.
    There seems to be a double standard operating here.

  4. 4 Barry

    Once upon a time, long ago, dalec ‘approved of real killing for a cause (eg, the struggle for national liberation in Vietnam)’. Unlike him, the people behind this site supported the “out-killing” (to use Hitchens term) of the fascists in Iraq. Have democracy and freedom been achieved anywhere without armed struggle against tyranny which, sadly, means loss of life?

    There’s something fascistic about the 10:10 video clip – its suggestion of threatened violence against dissenters from the dominant view (that sees global warming/climate change as catastrophic).

    The consistency, dalec, is in opposition to fascism and fascist types.

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