Aboriginal Communities and the One Laptop Per Child deployment

Rawa Community School, WA, 7 Apr 2009

One Laptop Per Child Australia has done a good job of deploying laptops to roughly 400,000 children in remote aboriginal communities:

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Ear-marked or has expressed interest for deployment
Scheduled for deployment
Partial deployment
Full deployment – one laptop per child

This is best viewed at Google Maps but even in this version if you click on map icons you can obtain more detail of the deployments.

2 Responses to “Aboriginal Communities and the One Laptop Per Child deployment”

  1. 1 Dalec

    According to the ABS there are about 477,000 Aboriginal people in Australia. Less than half live in the areas you cite.So where do get your 400,000 children?

  2. 2 Bill Kerr

    My mistake Dalec, thanks for pointing it out. I unthinkingly was taken in by misleading information from the progress page of OLPC Australia.

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