Postage stamps as green propaganda

Is there no end to corporate greenwash? In Australia we now have postage stamps nagging us to “save energy”, “travel smart”, “reduce waste” and “save water”. What about a stamp telling us to save on human effort? That is the only genuinely scarce resource.

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4 Responses to “Postage stamps as green propaganda”

  1. 1 alan

    Gads! What sort of an idiot thinks we should NOT besaving energy and so forth?

  2. 2 davidmc


    In my view human effort is the only scarce resource. The supply of accessible energy, water and raw materials are sufficiently abundant for us not to have to worry about it.

    As long as they pay for, it is no body else’s business if people have a 30 minute shower or have the heating up high and walk around the house in shorts and tshirt.

    Unfortunately in some places governments have failed to provide new water and energy capacity meaning that supply and demand won’t match without a big jump in price. Hey come to think of it, if other people can be driven by guilt to have only 3 minute showers, my 15 minute shower won’t cost me as much!


  3. 3 Melanie


    You could improve your intelligence by educating yourself. An Inconvenient Truth is a documentary that is accessible both physically and intellectually, I suggest it as a good introduction to understanding the state of the world today.

  4. 4 davidmc

    Hi Melanie

    I’m not going to tell you what to think but I would suggest you check out the criticisms of An Inconvenient Truth. There is a mini industry devoted to it. Here are two example gleaned from a few minutes googling

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