Internet Censorship: $11 000 fine for linking to banned sites

Catallaxy reports on the recent threat to fine the hosting service of broadband discussion site Whirlpool. Catallaxy’s report follows on from a report by the Public Polity site.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority threatened the host after a discussion thread on Whirlpool linked to an anti-abortion site banned by ACMA.

This makes a mockery of Communications Minister Stephen Conroy’s claims that his proposals to censor the internet are not about wanting to censor political speech:

Freedom of speech is fundamentally important in a democratic society and there has never been any suggestion that the Australian Government would seek to block political content.

2 Responses to “Internet Censorship: $11 000 fine for linking to banned sites”

  1. 1 Dave Bath

    TinyURLs… chew up ACMA processing power
    Links to Google Cache
    Complain about all the religious hate sites (fundies of all denominations, like Nalliah’s that went on about Vic bushfires because of Choice laws)…  they are illegal anyway, and many are currently in favor of censorship… until they are hit.

  2. 2 Glenn Poston

    The senate is going to vote on the hate crimes bill,acording attorney general Holding stes see it on
    that there is no equal protection under the hate bill. As we stand by while all civil rights are being taken away.

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