Edison Hour : switch on everything @ 8:30pm on March 28

Light up to celebrate human progress!


What bothers me when I look at this beautiful photo is the dark bits!

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  1. 1 Barry

    How come this evil plot to undermine Earth Hour by the fossil fuel industry was not promoted to the hilt by the capitalist press but instead it has been bombarding everyone with propaganda and adverts for ‘turning off the lights’? MTV, CNN, BBC, the tabloid newspapers (The Sun and the Daily Telegraph are ones I read in Australia), the newspapers that regard themselves as superior (The Age and SMH – and The Australian), and the commercial and public broadcaster stations. I read and listen to them all, and not one word about an alternative to ‘Earth Hour’.

    I really like the idea of an Edison Hour – it appeals to my 1960s rebellious spirit.

    Just watch the new reactionaries respond with outrage as the previous ones did back then.

  2. 2 dalec

    Wow how daring is that. Put forward an Edison hour to counteract the totally stupid earth hour.
    Of course if you had done even a smidgin of research or were even partially educated you would have known that Edison was a crook and a liar. He spent most of his life stealing the ideas of other men and claiming them as his own. He was a robber baron of the worst kind. Suggest you read a bit of his history, perhaps you should have done so before you inducted him into the “strange times” hall of fame.

  3. 3 Barry

    See – I said the reactionaries would be outraged! Actually, the proposal for an alternative celebratory lights-on hour has also been called “Human Achievement Hour”. Don’t expect MTV, or the dalecs, to back it.

  4. 4 dalec

    No Barry, no outrage, could not care less, as I said Earth Hour is a “totally stupid” idea. Note that you have not disputed my description of Edison. Did some research did we? A bit late old chap. BTW does this appeal to your 60’s rebellious spirit?

  5. 5 Barry

    The rebellious spirit supports progress, especially during these times when a green ethos prevails and is propagated through the mass media and state-funded institutions. Not interested in researching Edison as it’s beside the point. I’m happy to unite with right-wingers when there’s a basis for it that takes things forward. (Remember?)

  6. 6 Jc

    Good work Dudes.

    I’m a right winger and love “youse” all for this. One of the most wonderful achievements of human progress is looked as some sort of scourge.

    These green fanatics are totally insane.

  7. 7 davidmc

    My local Aldi supermarket is selling a Halogen work light for $50. It is the equivalent of 5 million candles. Way to go!

  8. 8 Glenn Poston

    How is we only remember the people who really had nothing to do with what is realitive. Oh yeah because we only know what our school teaches us. That way we stay stupid to reality. Nikola Tesla was an inventor at the same time as edison. Yet Tesla was a better inventor. In fact the light bulb we are changing to now id the one Tesla invented. Tesla was an inventor for the greater good of mankind. Westinghouse could not profit from it he would not finance it. This is why capitalism is not what mankind needs. For profit always comes before human care or welfare. Ill bet most who wrote on this subject really knows who invented a/c electricity. How smart are we now?

  9. 9 Glenn Poston

    By the way edison was indeed a terrible person. Frankly I dont think he himself inveted a thing. His coluges did all the work and paid the price with thier lves.,sometimes a few limbs.

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