I’ve been following the work of this Dr for some time and think he’s one of the better examples that’s been steadily working away at getting a real handle on this mind numbing virus

I must admit that I’m a little more optimistic than he is but with the experience of Trots and ‘Maoists’ and the Melbourne 1/2 theorists over these last 5 years I honestly can’t imagine why other than it’s a personality quirk of mine.

I haven’t had much to record and what I have is still standing up.
This virus does not like the hot humid conditions; it has a seasonal aspect to it; viral load is important, and so on.

My family were involved for many years in nursing homes and I once worked as a nurse in a major nursing home. So I have a bit of understanding of how these places work. I am not at all surprised that Victoria is now a disaster area for these establishments.

As I said elsewhere Andrews is a walking disaster.

This thread is just a place for me to make public some of the links I regularly collect for anyone who would want to use them.

Naturally I’ve had virtually no respect and not much use for the ABC / BBC or the rest of the MSM for many years but now I barely look or listen to them as other than a background noise while I ‘surf the net’ for some credible material.

I do however find myself increasingly suffering Sky news (in the manner of ‘give me an honest right-winger against a pseudoleftist any-day’) as the Oz MSM of first choice.  At least there is an effort to doubt the ALP/Greens/Woke madness and put some form of intellectual opposition on display.  At least the Sky hive mind is a slight improvement on the hive mind propaganda streaming out of the -government funded- alarmist headquarters with their pretense of balance over time etc!

Virus watch

If people are not keeping up with Dr. John Campbell  all I can say is that they ought to!  He’s been talking good sense all through this crazy year.  IMV there is no excuse now for a lack of optimism as death rates are currently tumbling as the treatments often very cost efficient are coming on stream at a rapid rate!


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But what is to be done?



Turkey watch



Bolt watch



Climate watch






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  1. 1 patrickm

    This is how the wagons circle! In this report from Bolt the professor who pointed out an error then explains how she has become an outsider! A very big predictive error of 10,000 was reported 3 times worse by the authorities and came out as 30,000 ICU beds required! She pointed their error out and they accepted that they had it sensationally wrong! So it was utter rubbish but of course faithfully reported by the scare merchants of the ABC and rest of the MSM. Yet…

    The authorities got it spectacularly wrong! They still are getting it spectacularly wrong and this is systematic in the publicly funded broadcasters such as the BBC and ABC.

  2. 2 patrickm Kenny on Flannery’s latest alarmist twaddle.

  3. 3 patrickm

    This is an excellent criticism of Australian Medical authorities and thus government crap over Ivermectin .

    More good sense;

  4. 4 patrickm

    A very good general discussion debunks shit loads!
    This is only a short video
    Coleman Hughes on; Is the Vaccine safe? with Prof Peter Doherty.

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