I’ve been following the work of this Dr (a very experienced nurse educator not MD)for some time and think he’s one of the better examples that’s been steadily working away at getting a real handle on this mind-numbing virus

I must admit that I’m a little more optimistic than he is but with the experience of Trots and ‘Maoists’ and the Melbourne 1/2 theorists over these last 5 years I honestly can’t imagine why other than it’s a personality quirk of mine.

I haven’t had much to record and what I have is still standing up.
This virus does not like the hot humid conditions; it has a seasonal aspect to it; viral load is important, and so on.

My family were involved for many years in nursing homes and I once worked as a nurse in a major nursing home. So I have a bit of understanding of how these places work. I am not at all surprised that Victoria is now a disaster area for these establishments.

As I said elsewhere Andrews is a walking disaster.

This thread is just a place for me to make public some of the links I regularly collect for anyone who would want to use them.

Naturally, I’ve had virtually no respect and not much use for the ABC / BBC or the rest of the MSM for many years but now I barely look or listen to them as other than background noise while I search the net for some credible material.

I do however find myself increasingly suffering Sky news (in the manner of ‘give me an honest right-winger against a pseudoleftist any-day’) as the Oz MSM of first choice.  At least there is an effort to doubt the ALP/Greens/Woke madness and put some form of intellectual opposition on display.  At least the Sky hive mind is a slight improvement on the hive mind propaganda streaming out of the -government funded- alarmist headquarters with their pretense of balance over time etc!

Virus watch

If people are not keeping up with Dr. John Campbell  all I can say is that they ought to!  He’s been talking good sense all through this crazy year.  IMV there is no excuse now for a lack of optimism as death rates are currently tumbling as the treatments often very cost efficient are coming on stream at a rapid rate!


labels for these links done here!

The jury is in on Hydroxychloroquine – ‘it saves lives’: Rowan Dean to Bolt

Coronavirus lockdowns, a good idea says Campbell Sep 9 2020

Russian Vacine and recent research Sep 5 re 4 studies published 3= Viral load important

Sky reports ‘Studies show hydroxychloroquine cuts ‘virus mortality in half in high risk groups’

p5 D
Campbell re Vitamin D First clinical trial more positive than I could have imagined! September 6! What gives when the data is so clear!

Immunity and vaccine optimism sep 8

Pandemic Science, Vaccines soon Sep 2

Kenny Melbourne GP says Ivermectin treatment is ‘very effective’ Sep 8


But what is to be done?



Turkey watch



Bolt watch



Climate watch






73 Responses to “Campbell”

  1. 1 patrickm

    This is how the wagons circle! In this report from Bolt the professor who pointed out an error then explains how she has become an outsider! A very big predictive error of 10,000 was reported 3 times worse by the authorities and came out as 30,000 ICU beds required! She pointed their error out and they accepted that they had it sensationally wrong! So it was utter rubbish but of course faithfully reported by the scare merchants of the ABC and rest of the MSM. Yet…

    The authorities got it spectacularly wrong! They still are getting it spectacularly wrong and this is systematic in the publicly funded broadcasters such as the BBC and ABC.

  2. 2 patrickm Kenny on Flannery’s latest alarmist twaddle.

  3. 3 patrickm

    This is an excellent criticism of Australian Medical authorities and thus government crap over Ivermectin .

    More good sense;

  4. 4 patrickm

    A very good general discussion debunks shit loads!
    This is only a short video
    Coleman Hughes on; Is the Vaccine safe? with Prof Peter Doherty.

  5. 5 patrickm very good news from Campbell and also good for Morrison to be seen to be holding his nerve; but bad for modelers and the ABC/SBS media fear machine!

    Also a good one on data for Denmark and Norway showing the benefit of aspirating for the injections! Bloody obvious and our medicos have not spotted this! great stuff!

  6. 6 steve owens

    As to aspiration of injections I have been giving intra muscular injection for over 40 years. In the last 6 years of my nursing career I worked mainly in the area of administering intra muscular injections and would have done about 75 per week mainly deltoid but some ventro gluteal the odd dorso gluteal and rarely vastus lateralis. I was also an injection technique trainer and trained many nurses in the technique. In the last 6 years I cant recall ever drawing blood from a deltoid. I almost always aspirated and taught other nurses to do so. The standards of SA Health were to aspirate all injections and that is what I taught people to do although I would mention that the latest research indicated that this was no longer necessary (but was policy) due to the lack of any significant blood vessels in the target injection region.
    (Why I say almost always is for example some paranoid people would accuse the nurse of injecting air if they saw an air bubble aspirated from an unprimed needle.)

  7. 7 steve owens

    The Australian Government Health Department recommend that aspiration is not necessary for vaccine administration. I guess that our vaccine injection nurses will be guided by that.

  8. 8 patrickm

    That’s right. Despite the clear evidence from a year long highly credentialed 2 country comparative study, they will continue to carry on ignoring the facts. 1/3, is I think very significant!

    But then I was able to spot quite a bit about this virus and all you could do was carp so here you go again.

    More good news but Australia is still dragging the chain!

  9. 9 steve owens

    I just find these guys confusing the guy on the left he says that they are injecting a mil but my understanding is that the vaccines are 0.2 or 0.3 of a mil. He says that the mil is injected over 5 seconds. I always taught nurses to inject at a rate of 10 seconds per mil but he’s a doctor, doctors would rarely if ever administer an intra muscular injection but I do know that some doctors consider themselves to be experts on every thing. He says that the vaccine administered wrongly caused sepsis and that this was not acknowledged in the report maybe because the definition of sepsis is
    “a serious condition resulting from the presence of harmful microorganisms in the blood or other tissues and the body’s response to their presence, potentially leading to the malfunctioning of various organs, shock, and death.”
    He offers as evidence bleeding in hemophiliacs as evidence that vaccine was being injected into a blood vessel but this is non sense . What it is evidence of is that a blood vessel has been nicked on the way in. If you still a needle an inch into your arm you are quite likely to nick a vessel but that doesnt equate to injecting into a blood vessel.

  10. 10 steve owens

    Professor Hoiby clearly states that a 65 year old female was in ICU with what looked like sepsis he thinks that it was from a wrongly administered vaccine but how can this be so?

  11. 11 steve owens

    Studies have found that people suffering sepsis post vaccination are not greater than people suffering sepsis in the general population
    “Among the AEs, hypertensive emergency and urgency (11.5%) followed by trauma (5.2%) and sepsis (5.2%) were the most prevalent causes of hospital admissions in our population cohort. Despite neither hypertensive emergency/urgency nor trauma or sepsis were mentioned previously as significantly higher AEs in any of the published vaccine trials, we think that these events truly reflect morbidity in the general population presenting to the ED for this age group and does not represent a frequency above the one expected in the general population. The prevalence of hypertensive emergency and urgency was suggestive of a possible coincidental event rather than a causal relationship to the vaccine.13 In previous and most recent reports by the Agency for Healthcare Research And Quality (AHRQ) under the Health Care Cost and Utilization Project (HCUP), septicemia was found to be the most common cause of ED hospital admission in 2011 among patients aged 65–84 years.17”
    Full report here
    Its an enormous leap for Professor Hoiby to read a report in the Lancet diagnose sepsis when the report didn’t and then link it to a misgiven injection for which there is no evidence what so ever.

  12. 12 steve owens

    Just want to point out that most injectable medications in a hospital setting are given Intra Venous or Sub Cutaneous its rare for an Intra Muscular injection to be given. This is because every patient has an IV canula inserted on admission.
    IM injections are now mainly given with vaccines and for psychotropic medications. The recommended maximum volume into a deltoid muscle is 2mls.At the clinics I have worked at we would administer over 100 Intra muscular injections per week. All the government clinics were transitional to a GP service so GP’s around Adelaide were doing many more than we were. Now if aspiration is no longer a regular practice for recently trained nurses then a large number of these injections will be non aspirated. Has there been a rise in people admitted to hospital following the complications of IM injection? Well I worked in the field for years and I never hear a suggestion of this.

  13. 13 patrickm

    You are failing on so many levels because you already ‘know’.

    If you had watched with good will you would not be posting these irrelevant observations.

    The first point is that the events under genuine discussion are RARE. This has been repeatedly stated in every genuine discussion of this issue. Anti vaxxer types distort this and pretend that adverse reactions are common when they are not. The only point is that if you are the one that dies well… Now if ANY adverse reactions can be reduced well such incremental and marginal good outcomes ought to be achieved.

    According to the good professor who has all these published papers and citations and who is the chief advisor on such matters to the Danish Government such an outcome has been achieved. He has also
    made a VERY interesting observation in passing on the issue of how the bad practice came to dominate right round the world! If we are to take this first blush evidence from our eminently qualified expert as our starting point their is NO counter argument so all you have to say is that asperation is not required. But this argument fails on it’s own. Because these injections ARE given intra muscularly. We have no need to divert discussion as you have into where most injections are given etc. We are only talking about these injections that are being given in their billions across the world and are producing some very rare adverse effects that we are wanting to minimize.

    The evidence now before us is that 3 of these rare adverse conditions were in Norway for every 1 in Denmark when the only obvious difference is that the one country aspirates as we older people were taught to and the other country with the statistically important difference was just ‘efficiently’ banging the needle in.

    You have produced no valid argument.

    You can produce no valid argument.

    All you could ever do is prove the statistically significant result is occurring for some other reason. BUT while the issue is in dispute and the NEW evidence unrefuted it would behove you on the precautionary principle basis to aspirate!

  14. 14 steve owens

    Fair enough but can you just explain how anyone can acquire sepsis from a vaccination. Sepsis being a bacterial condition and vaccines being a sterile entity.

  15. 15 steve owens

    Heres there report indicating the problem
    My question which they dont answer was did you inject into a large vein or did you use the small veins typically found in the deltoid. The report suggests that aspiration would be a counter to inadvertent IV administration but heres the rub. The needle is in the muscle and small veins are very close by. The needle makes small changes in position all the time. Why is this so? Well the patient never sits perfectly still your non dominant hand holds the syringe in position while you exert outward pressure to aspirate 5 to 10 seconds and inward pressure to inject several seconds. The needle will alter its position under these pressures although the movement will not be perceptible.
    Now if the needle sat in a vein the vein would probably be to small a diameter to hold the volume of the injection and so little would be deposited into the vein. Then why would the vaccine travel to any organ the vein is punctured venous return is quite a passive process its just as likely that vaccine and blood will escape the vein than vaccine will traverse the blood stream in any significant way. Why do I think that blood will flow out rather than vaccine inwards well its just that if you hit a vein you cause bruising.

  16. 16 steve owens

    Its not uncommon that lab results don’t translate well into the real world. Its important because these lab results and the professors memory of his now decades old (and antiquated) injection technique, he is making claims that possibly billions of injections are being administered in a dangerous manner.
    In the lab the mice would have possibly been restrained. Then a large mouse vein would have been cannulated. Then the medication introduced.
    In the real world a nurse introduces the needle at close to a 90 degree angle and may place the tip inside a small vein.
    In the lab medication will flow quite nicely along the vein but the effect on a small vein is quite different.
    I think that you would be doing everyone a favour if you contacted Dr Campbell and informed him of these observations. Im unable to do so as my computer currently wont allow me to use the comments section of any you tube channel.
    It is important that people don’t feed the anti vaxers with any misleading information.

  17. 17 patrickm

    Start by listening again to what was being said about sepsis!! When you realize that you misunderstood what he was talking about, you could then be in a position to even start to think.

    You are wrong about the mechanics of this issue. Just wrong!

    No good trying to link this to anti-vaxxer junk either!

    Denmark has the runs on the board we are dealing with that!

  18. 18 steve owens

    I don’t have to link Dr. Campbell’s stuff to anti vaxers that damage has already been done.
    “November 2021, Campbell said in a video that ivermectin might have been responsible for a sudden decline in COVID-19 cases in Japan. However, the drug had never been officially authorised for such use in the country—its use was merely promoted by the chair of a non-governmental medical association in Tokyo, and it has no established benefit as a COVID-19 treatment. Meaghan Kall, the Lead Epidemiologist at the UK Health Security Agency, said that Campbell was confusing causation and correlation, and that even so there was no evidence of ivermectin use in Japan; rather, the story was based on “anecdata on social media driving wildly damaging misinformation”.

    In November 2021, Campbell quoted from a non-peer-reviewed journal abstract by Steven Gundry saying that mRNA vaccines might cause heart problems. Campbell said he was not sure about the claim or its quality, but did not mention the expression of concern that had been published for the abstract, saying instead that it could be “incredibly significant”. The video was viewed over 2 million times within a few weeks and was used by anti-vaccination activists as support for the misinformation that COVID-19 vaccination will cause a wave of heart attacks.”

    As to the other doctor and sepsis. In the video he says “”… this looked like sepsis with severe inflammation…”

  19. 19 patrickm

    He is unambiguously talking about how this severe adverse outcome resembled something that he was familiar with from all his various research. It had similarities and he thought this could only be the case if it had come about from an accidental IV injection rout!

    So the misunderstanding, now fully corrected for you, ought to get you thinking about why Denmark follows a procedure that has such a better result than does the Norwegian comparison that he is asserting!

  20. 20 steve owens

    But it doesnt “look like sepsis” because sepsis involves a virus or bacteria and from what we can see both are absent. It looks like Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.
    People receiving the vaccine who develop SIRS would probably have it because of Propagation of Cytokine Pathway. Now why do I think that this has nothing to do with poor injection technique is that people have developed SIRS after commencing the drug Clozapine and why wasnt the injection to blame well its because Clozapine is an oral medication.
    Now the idea that you can read an article about a woman who developed multi organ inflammation and pin it on injection technique is a joke.

  21. 21 steve owens

    This is not the first time that Dr. Campbell has been caught pedaling bullshit.
    Will the gullible never learn?

  22. 22 patrickm

    ‘And a video posted on Nov. 25 by John Campbell, a British retired nurse and science educator who has amassed a strong YouTube following during the pandemic, has received over 2 million views. In the video, Dr. Campbell, who has a doctorate in nursing education but is not a physician, reads the abstract and says that if the findings are correct, it would be “incredibly significant.” But are they? He’s not so sure.

    Even though Campbell doesn’t mention the expression of concern, he says he’s surprised by the abstract typos, lack of clear data and methodology, and even by the fact that Gundry sells groceries on his website. “I must have worked with about 20 or 30 cardiologists over my career, and I can’t remember any having a grocery facility,” he says 20 minutes into the video.’

    What is wrong with what he has done here? Why attack him for running a continuous blog that informs about all things covid? He has done no more than report about something he finds doubtful!

    What is it with you? You seem incapable of conducting even the most basic investigation.

    Campbell is interested in treatment and that is what you have missed. He has been solid as a rock and investigated and talked about lots of issues. Vitamin D levels, Zink, weight loss issues and on and on.

    With the health authorities it has been policy to not talk about treatments. This is a problem. Sweden for example does not have the social unrest seen in many other countries and in Australia.

    You are not seeing the big picture as usual.

  23. 23 steve owens

    Because if people are going to make claims those claims must be held to scrutiny.
    The example that I have been looking at is quite straight forward. Professor Hoiby states that he read an article about a 65 year old woman who was vaccinated and was shortly after admitted to hospital with inflammation of multiple organs. He concludes that this must be one of those cases where there was penetration of the blood vessel. He also states that virtually everyone getting vaccinated is having it in an incorrect manner.
    I don’t discuss the claims about zinc or vitamin D because I don’t know anything about zinc or vitamin D. I have knowledge about intra muscular injections and that is why I focus on that.
    In my argument I also included other peoples concerns about claims made by Dr. Campbell but this was just to show that others have complained and that anti vaxers have used his stuff to discredit vaccination.
    If you have found Dr. Campbell’s stuff helpful, thats great but no one gets a free pass because they have produced previous good stuff just like no one gets a free pass because they are well credentialed.

  24. 24 steve owens

    You might like to watch this

  25. 25 steve owens

    “Sweden for example does not have the social unrest seen in many other countries and in Australia.”
    Sweden? Sweden? You mean the country with 15 times the covid death rate as Australia. That Sweden?

  26. 26 steve owens

    This guy seems to put a reasonable case.

  27. 27 patrickm

    Sweden is currently ranked 57th in death rate per million and though that in my view is a very important measure there is also the bigger picture to consider and that is the overall death rate average above normal over say the 5-10 years from 2020-25 or 30.

    The current numbers (from ) is 1,273,313 cases and 15,229 Dead 1,187,361 Recovered from a population of 10,192,847 that is a rate of 1,494 per million and there are only 92 in a critical condition right now. They have, I believe, a good vaccination rate and ALSO have zero demonstrations and unrest and very low levels of economic damage (by comparison to heavy handed government lockdown examples).

    Public confidence in the health and government authorities is well known to be very high and this is something that IMV is to be admired and if possible emulated.

    The Swedish authorities were very widely criticised early on in the pandemic for their out of step approach. They were condemned for their ‘totally wrong way to go’ alternative example. It did not get off to a good start either but has not played out as the critics thought at all and IMV this trend continues to turn in their favor as the side effect issues continue to emerge.

    They (the health and government authorities) have essentially relied on people’s good sense and brought in far less compulsion. And these guiding authorities have quickly admitted when they have got the protection of the vulnerable bit of their work not as good as they could have! Totally not like Andrews in Victoria!

    I have posted about this and I think that your comment is pointless.

  28. 28 steve owens

    Sweden population 10,192,847 covid cases in ICU 102
    Australia population 25,938,537 covid cases in ICU 129
    Honestly we would exchange those stats so that some idiots wont march in the streets.

  29. 29 patrickm

    You make such an effort to be silly and yet transparently you could see this is not what ought to be compared. Yet there you go persisting in making yourself look for all the world like a fool that has little but foolishness to display. Why not compare Germany or the Netherlands or Denmark etc. Why compare to Australia why not NZ or Tonga.

    No one is saying that they really want to live in china or Hong Kong for that matter yet Hong Kong as you know is showing up Australia. Why not accept that the fascists have the right approach and be done with all this trust the masses nonsense? That is where you are heading!

    Yet in Australia the biggest authoritarian of them all got the worst result! But his mates did well on the Pell inquiry because they haven’t held one!

  30. 30 steve owens

    I compared Sweden because you nominated Sweden.
    Dan Andrews continues to have high popularity despite a major news outlet running a poison pen campaign against him.

  31. 31 patrickm

    ‘Freddie Sayers sits down with Pieter Streicher, who has been following the developments of the Omicron variant in his home country.’ Is the end of covid mania in sight? This South African guy is making some interesting predictions that are looking realistic to me and will soon be demonstrated one way or the other. ‘light mitigation [measures]gets you 80% there!’ That is why Sweden is so important for our thinking.

    And 14 days later Campbell is doing his usual good work

    Also I find this type of thinking very interesting. Unheard Freddy interviews Paul Kingsnorth; where is this all going? Essentially western society is tearing itself apart with a constantly creeping authoritarianism.

  32. 32 steve owens

    Yeah I looked at some of those Unheard programs about creeping authoritarianism and about Australian internment camps.
    What can I say? Honestly a British program about authority over stepping the mark without mentioning Julian Assange? A program about Australian internment camps where people are held in quarantine for 2 weeks while refugees rot in real internment camps for years.
    My favorite commentator on Australian freedoms is Ron De Santis

  33. 33 steve owens

    I know that everything I say is poison but what about this guy?

  34. 34 patrickm

    There is IMV error simply on the face of what you have indicated support for! But given your track record of ‘blank stare’ inability to deal with what others are actually saying I can’t be surprised by yet another example.

    Dr Yan Yu strikes me as a typical ‘authority Dr’ with an agenda but with a self-evident error in his hippocratic methodology! ‘First do no harm.’ I witnessed no harm done when the vaccinator was ever asked by the recipient to aspirate! I see no harm done by the Danish authorities requiring the procedure even if it were to turn out that it was not required for 9,999 out of a 10,000 cases as perhaps is the probable case!. If it were to turn out that only 1 in 25,000 were to see any benefit I could still not detect any harm to the 24,999! So in short his and by extension your ‘5 Reasons to not aspirate:’ do not clear the first hurdle of anything like a rational debate.

    1. The aspiration rational contains misinformation This is a lie and/or distortion that he tries to slip past by using the weasel method when he says “so thats what WE mean when WE say that cherry picking is a SIGN of misinformation.”

    2. Medicine isn’t dictated by a single mouse study AS IF ANYONE SAID IT WAS!

    3. Vaccination without aspiration is still beneficial. Irrelevant!

    4. It’s safe to vaccinate without aspiration based on evidence The only question is about some very rare adverse events! The only evidence to hand is a statistical assertion that between Norway and Denmark there has been a statistically relevant outcome.

    5. Aspiration is impractical and often impossible It ought not to be because when the old procedure was in place it was in place! So what the F is he driveling on about? If the Danish people can still manage to carry on why try this for a justification.

    Campbell is far more useful and painting him as if he is an anti-vaxxer is despicable!

  35. 35 steve owens

    I must have missed something theres a statistical relevant outcome between Denmark and Norway? If that exists then my position falls over but I have missed it. If you would kindly tell me where this relevant outcome is it would be much appreciated.
    I don’t think that anyone is suggesting that Dr Campbell is anti vaccination. What he is stating is that injections are being given in a dangerous way and this is contributing to vaccine hesitancy.
    Dr. Campbell Professor Hoiby and myself were all trained in injection technique some 40 or more years ago. Since then thinking has changed with the rise of evidence based medicine displacing custom and practice medicine. Today you cant do anything unless you have evidence to state that your intervention has evidentiary backing. Stating that this was how I was shown 40 years ago just doesn’t cut it.
    The introduction of evidence based medicine was a revolution. As with all revolutions some people fail to get on board and reminisce about the old ways being better.

  36. 36 steve owens

    This from the British Health authorities.
    “Cases of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardium) have been reported in people who have received COVID-19 vaccine. The reported rate appears to be highest in those under 25 years of age and in males, and after the second dose.”
    Now this is the reported problem that you are trying to resolve by resuscitating the discontinued practice of aspiration.
    My question is why if injecting into the blood stream being the cause does it occur more frequently after the second injection?
    Surely if nurses are injecting into the blood stream then probability would have us believe that they are doing it at the same rate first time as second time.
    If the problem is intra vascular administration the rates should be the same first and second time.

  37. 37 steve owens

    The more I search the worse it looks
    “According to the TGA, the current overall estimated rates for the entire population of myocarditis for Pfizer and Moderna are similar – 1.4 cases per 100,000 Pfizer doses versus 1.8 cases per 100,000 Moderna doses.

    However, statistical analysis shows that there is more uncertainty around the reporting rate for Moderna (likely to be between 1.2 and 2.5 cases per 100,000 doses) than for Pfizer (likely to be between 1.3 and 1.6 cases per 100,000 doses).”
    So where does that leave us? Nurses hit more veins with Moderna than they do with Pfizer?
    Now heres the resolution you say Well thanks Steve Dr. Campbell who produces excellent videos seems to be barking up the wrong tree on this one. Perfectly reasonable no one gets every thing right.

  38. 38 patrickm

    A good retort with the evidence provided! Aspirate!

  39. 39 patrickm

    While these stats were without valid context

    ‘Sweden population 10,192,847 covid cases in ICU 102
    Australia population 25,938,537 covid cases in ICU 129
    Honestly we would exchange those stats so that some idiots wont march in the streets.’

    They are currently

    Sweden population 10,192,847 covid cases in ICU 93 and now zero laws
    Australia population 25,938,537 covid cases in ICU 261
    Denmark population 5,825,020 covid cases in ICU 33 and now zero laws
    Britain will soon have a zero law situation as well.

    In short this virus will be treated the same as the other endemic viruses like the flu that not much can be done about. Get your yearly Flu in one arm and covid in the other I guess and move on. Australia might take a little longer to get back to pre covid ways but I think we ought to study Denmark and Sweden and compare them to Canada!

    BTW it is of interest that the Moscow Times reported deaths above usual at over a million when deaths for covid stats are showing 339,000. The first is a better bet imv! That would make fascist run Russia about the worst case managers in this pandemic and that is right up there with Peru.

    “Sweden for example does not have the social unrest seen in many other countries and in Australia.”
    ‘Sweden? Sweden? You mean the country with 15 times the covid death rate as Australia. That Sweden?’
    That rate has now fallen from 1:15 to 1:9.5

    But in the end, they still won’t be comparable. What will be important in the long run studies will be deaths above normal.

  40. 40 Stephen Owens

    Thank you for putting up the ICU numbers. They prove my point about management of the virus. When Australia had strict external and internal border controls ICU numbers were 129. After Morrison changed to relaxed borders the “Push through let it rip” model the number went to 261.
    Western Australia still provides the best example of good management with 0 covid patients in ICU.

  41. 41 patrickm

    If you paid attention and tried to understand you might notice how the Prime Minister of WA did very well but the Prime Minister of the rest of Australia did not do very well and especially so in the ALP run state of Victoria! Or might this all be more to do with the State Premiers?

    ALP/ABC/SBS and all the woke fear-mongering is not even near worth paying close attention to. The South African guy above with zero medical qualification was spot on! He was paying close attention!

    Campbell has been very good and you as usual could not even understand the Aspiration issue!! His work has been remarkable! It is people like him that qualify as Brit of the year, not like the disgraceful self-promoter Grace Tame in Oz, who is right up there with Adam Goodes, Ita Buttrose, Tim Flanery and Alan Bond. After your inability to study what the Pell case was all about I have no doubt you will not get what is wrong with Tame.

    AND I don’t expect you to grasp what is consequential from a virus becoming endemic. But I have always thought that “The Great Barrington Declaration’ was making more sense for most of the world and had much to add to our Australian (very different) situation as well.

    If you study Denmark you might see real political leadership in action

    and Sweden

    There is no “Push through let it rip” model, but that is the sort of distortion to be expected of the ‘be sure to vote for the ALP’ anti-intellectual dissembler that you have descended into the ranks of with not even a Trot column to call your own either you are trapped in woke land.

  42. 42 Stephen Owens

    OK you got me there is no push through model

    and no one ever suggested that they just let it rip
    One would almost suggest that you are using covid as a distraction from answering the question about Ukraine

  43. 43 Stephen Owens

    Can you be a bit clearer you want me to study Denmark? A country with double the death rate of Australia? Is Denmark being studied as a what not to do case study?
    Look I would mention Pell again he’s your one and only victory as you disappear down the Murdoch rabbit hole.

  44. 44 Stephen Owens

    I am tired of you always on and on about the Trots FFS
    Look at the record Trotsky argued that the USSR needed to industrialise at a rapid pace. Stalin defeated him saying oh no it doesnt. Once Trotsky was deported Stalin reversed course and adopted a rapid industrialisation policy so keep score Trotsky 1 Stalin 0
    Then Stalin said Chinese communist party should merge with Kwo Ming Tang Trotsky said no that will end in disaster Trotsky 2 Stalin 0
    Then Trotsky said Fascism is greatest danger and German communists should form united front with SPD workers Stalin said no Nazis and SPD are the same no united front Trotsky 3 Stalin 0 then Spain Trotsky says institute massive land reform and free Morocco Stalin says no keep struggle within bourgeois boundaries Trotsky 4 Stalin 0 Stalin frames his political enemies in show trials claiming that these life long revolutionaries are in league with Nazis Trotsky 5 Stalin 0 Stalin offers Nazis a base to harbor their submarines during the battle of Britain plus supplies the Nazis with aviation fuel Trotsky 6 Stalin 0. Stalin has agent murder Trotsky again Trotsky 7 Stalin zero.
    Im sick to death of you claiming that Stalin was a great leader as Trotsky said Stalin was the gravedigger of the revolution. On every measure Trotsky was correct and Stalin was wrong. Most communists at the time were uninformed and unable to see through the many many lies of the corrupt Stalinist school of falsification. But today we have all the evidence to make correct judgements. To judge that Stalin was superiour to Leon Trotsky flies in the face of reality and is a major reason why the international communist movement became nothing but a joke.

  45. 45 patrickm

    Denmark currently has 4 times the death rate of Australia! But as you already know that there is nothing positive to learn don’t tax what little grey cells are left. Just go back to cheering on the ALP and sticking pins into your collection of Marxist voodoo dolls.

  46. 46 Stephen Owens

    Oh I can learn from Denmark. I learn that they did away with covid restrictions on Feb 1 and the number of people dead that day was 15 yesterday the number dead was 37
    That doesnt seem that impressive to me. It maybe that the virus is now so wide spread that control measures are futile but while it is still spreading I think it reasonable to attempt measures to stop or at least slow the spread.

  47. 47 Stephen Owens

    Denmark Feb 14th Deaths from covid 41. I’m not exactly sure what the lesson is that I’m supposed to be learning.
    Western Australia covid deaths Feb 14th=0
    South Australia could have replicated WA’s performance but Steven Marshall fumbled the ball. Hell Australia an island at the end of the world could have replicated WA’s performance but we are saddled with the fool Morrison.
    I guess that I could always be learning from the Americans

  48. 48 patrickm Nick is probably not as qualified to think this through as say Dan Andrews but Steve might just be getting a little uncomfortable at the prospect of having to award me another gold medal.

    Let’s play the game simple science… simple science says to put the medal on the one who crossed the line first!

  49. 49 Stephen Owens

    No gold medal yet Denmark dead yesterday 44

  50. 50 Stephen Owens

    You just confuse me I dont understand what line needs to be crossed. Dr Nick talks about the effectiveness of masks and the and the fact that the younger and fitter you are the less at risk you are. But I thought that the whole defeat/defend against the pandemic was a whole of community thing. OK kids are at less risk but kids are not an isolated group in society they mix with the old the infirm the demented and the feeble and Im not just talking about their teachers.
    This pandemic like all epidemics will pass due to its own dynamics. Our job is to understand those dynamics and take measures which protect us all of us.
    If you want a gold medal well I here by award you one. Do you want me to acknowledge that you have totally out argued me well again done the field of battle is yours sir.

  51. 51 patrickm

    ‘It is understood ministers from the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), Sinn Féin, SDLP and Alliance all supported Mr Swann – who is a member of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) – in his bid to remove remaining restrictions.

    On Tuesday, four more Covid-19 related deaths were announced in Northern Ireland, along with 2,987 cases.’

    Then there is woke led Canada!

    I wonder what the Australian stats are going to force out of our political leaders in just 1mths time?

  52. 52 patrickm I think Steve ought to award me yet another gold medal! Germany no less! Das is good ya?

  53. 53 patrickm

    Did I say 1 mth quicker than that the backdown is already underway! Not yet in Canada! Canada.

  54. 54 patrickm

    Where is my German-made gold medal?

    And more from the man…

    and what do you know

  55. 55 Stephen Owens

    Sorry but I think that a lot of governments are getting ahead of themselves
    Feb 22=34 deaths in Denmark

  56. 56 Stephen Owens

    Denmark 23=47 dead. Are the dead a reliable indicator of a failed policy or were they just people in God’s waiting room?

  57. 57 patrickm
  58. 58 patrickm
  59. 59 Stephen Owens

    Denmark just hit 58 deaths in one day. So it was 15 when they dropped all restrictions and now it’s 58.

  60. 60 patrickm

    They have got it right and you are as usual not really looking. Even the ABC could see what was going on

  61. 61 patrickm
  62. 62 Stephen Owens

    March 9 Denmark = 60 deaths. Are you still sure that this is the way to go?

  63. 63 patrickm

    Yes, I am. Caseload is now 1/3 of what it was at the peak and still rapidly falling and the death rate is @0.2% which is 1:500 and I can’t see how a disease with this lower level of threat than influenza can be treated as if it is not what it clearly now is. Apart from the fact that death rates must also distinguish between dying from and dying with covid, I think that this is now a well-understood disease that is as I always thought it would become an endemic killer of the very frail essentially replacing annual flu deaths and some deaths from pneumonia etc that are and must be expected. The Danish daily death rate will prove to be normal within weeks if it is not quite the case now.

  64. 64 patrickm the evidence of what endemicity implies continues to build.

  65. 65 Stephen Owens

    I guess that we live in the post Trump era where people just bring along their own facts. If you look at Dr Campbell’s vid on 19 March at the 1 min 20 sec mark he states that there has been no increase in deaths, so is that correct? In the UK Feb 27 there were 45 deaths, 15 March 200 deaths, 22 March 250 deaths.
    In the much heralded Denmark, deaths went from 15 on Feb 1 to 60 on March 9

  66. 66 patrickm NO, he keeps telling it like it is! more later. Take note of Denmark, 9th March 60 deaths 22nd=30 deaths all of this are Steves facts. The majority dying from covid but some dying with covid! (perhaps about 30%)

    My prediction, based on a Peak load of 50,000 on Feb 2, is that what became 7,000 on 22nd March (a 7:1 reduction) will produce about 15 deaths (10 from plus 5 with) in 2 weeks and perhaps 7 in 3-4 weeks!

    So Steve says the death rate will be what in 2 weeks? And what ought it be? Zero? Why 50 years of silence over annual Flu deaths?

    One of the facts that Steve chooses not to notice is that the Germans are aspirating!

  67. 67 Stephen Owens

    The whole aspiration “debate” was nothing more than a panic created by old men who were trained in outdated injection techniques. Just explain why the adverse reactions differed between 1st and second dose.
    The epidemic will peak, it will pass, as all epidemics do. Clearly, Denmark dropped the ball, hence the rise in deaths.
    Campbell seems to struggle with numbers claiming that deaths are declining when a simple check of figures indicates the exact opposite

  68. 68 patrickm

    The fact that the science changed and that a dispute about that change arose and someone produced evidence against the change simply escapes Steve. Germany has swung behind the evidence presented. Evidence was confronting them but rather than deal with this Steve attacks the most experienced people who have made the discoveries producing the new science. Aspirate has won the battle of science and Steve looks on forlornly unable to accept the evidence right in front of his face.

    This is the return of ‘blank stare Steve’! We don’t have to ‘Just explain why the adverse reactions differed between 1st and second dose.’ And clearly, Denmark did not drop the ball and neither has Germany. the fact that ‘The epidemic will peak, it will pass, as all epidemics do.’ is saying nothing. Saying that Campbell has contributed in a fantastic manner is saying something and that is what I will say and you ought to realise. Campbell has ‘got it right because he has run on 2 tracks when the western world’s health authorities have been often, even usually, running on just 1 track; It was policy not to talk about treatment because this might harm rates of vacination. This has caused them to not trust the people nor properly consider the experts not in the loop. Hence real experts were denegrated like those signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration. I rely on the masses to sort issues as we saw recently with our South African non-medical pointing the way forward for Unheard Freddy. He was correct! The politicians of Denmark are being proven correct and you are not even seeing the facts after they have unfolded let alone be in any possition to predict what is about to unfold.

  69. 69 Stephen Owens

    Look, it’s pretty simple, either aspiration will lower the number of complications or it won’t. Looking forward to reading the follow-up study that will prove or disprove the aspiration theory. This stuff is pretty straight forward, if the Germans were not aspirating their rate of complications will be X if aspiration stops complications then their new rate of complications will be X-Y (Y being the injection induced complications).
    Still can’t see how Campbell can claim death rate decline when death rate is on the increase.

  70. 70 patrickm

    This is what Campbell is saying

    And as for Germany if you had been in charge there would not have been any action taken on the evidence and yet you want them to prove that their actions based on evidence now be tested with evidence! How about explaining why all the others have not responded to the science but have just carried on with the fashion! That good old double standard raise it high, raise it high…

  71. 71 Stephen Owens

    Denmark March 30 = 83 deaths

  72. 72 patrickm

    Yes interesting report. No deaths reported for the 2 previous days and 2 deaths the day before that so it may be some sort of catchup statistic. If so then the 85 deaths would be in the order of -and down to- 21 per the 4 days. That would make sense. I don’t know what we are looking at but that is my guess because the case numbers are following the predicted graph so I guess we will have to wait to see what this out of wack stat is all about.

  73. 73 patrickm

    This is why he is worth following Open honest and above board!

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