This is the alternative that has always been worthy of thinking about and as we have seen in Victoria has not been.  The vulnerable must be protected and that is the key question.  We are not all in this together!  Over 60 or overweight etc and you (we) are in this in a big way …shelter from this storm.  Fit and under 60 carry on.

A 1,000 fold risk difference must be taken advantage of.

Turn off the Air conditioners.  Get out in the open.  Wash hands.  Isolate if your over 60.

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  1. 1 patrickm

    The fightback may be underway (I hope so).

  2. 2 patrickm
  3. 3 patrickm a very important discussion.

    A rethink task force for Australia based on this thinking is a sound thought that will be poison for those who are already committed; such as the ABC types.

    With this sort of stark division Sky news will soon be in a full on war with the ABC.

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