Biden 2

You have been warned.

Even if by a conservative sky news presenter!

As the wide eyed woke will remind us there was no president John McCain, instead there were 8 (long) years of dithering Obama. The Syrian people well remember what this dithering meant for them. The liberal media have literally shepherded the do nothing but stop Bernie candidate – Joe I’m losing my faculties fast Biden – passed all pressure and the hounding that is reserved for Trump. But ‘I lasted longest and did less’ Biden is now only a seat warmer for an even more shocking example of woke in the form of the rank opportunist Harris.

Trump upset too many people and the US masses have a short attention span, and the western world’s liberal dominated media has been on a full throttle anti-Trump crusade.  I say they have won this round and unfortunately there really is an ‘ impending return of liberal domination of US politics. I also agree that the liberals are both self-serving and fantasizing about Trump, and now are ‘even more thoroughly corrupt and disconnected from the people than ever’! Of course with NO left ALL opposition ‘will still be from the right.’ and it must also be remarked that against this deluge of liberal twaddle the rightists will be far closer to the concerns of working people.


But can or will a defeated Trump…’ retain leadership of a large right wing party loudly convinced that the election was stolen by the corrupt liberal elite.’? Short answer; no.

The first better question I have is why would he – a narcissist- even bother to stick with his supporters and keep a party going? Why wouldn’t he just move on as is usual for such people? What’s in it for Trump? Does anyone think that he will hang around at the top of a political party and conduct a struggle to again contest for the presidency in 4 years time? That’s a possibility of course but a very long shot possibility that I’m not currently buying. I doubt he would win such a long term quest for a second term and I think he will most probably ‘retire’ to just being Trump. There is also, most importantly, no one in the wings to anoint so the party that had really only one purpose ought to just drift and end because it lacks a raison d’etre.

Around what and who would a ‘consolidation of a far right mass based party in the USA’ take place? Pence? Quite obviously not. Trump after the election may well just be yesterday’s man going nowhere and leading nothing as is usual. This is more like his predicament especially at his age but never say never and of course he would take advantage of an opportunity if it looked like being a going concern at the time. Who can say what the world will look like in 3 years time.  I may doubt but…

Even if ‘the “stab in the back” legend has a powerful appeal on the right and we will still be stuck with a weak inept ruling class and no left wing opposition.’ my next question is so what? The republican party will have to patch itself together while the Trump party disintegrates.
I didn’t call the last US election correctly, but I have had a good record over the years for picking up on the bigger issues and so I’ll stick my neck out and stay with my earlier prediction.  It’s now less than 2 weeks out and I still predict a Trump loss in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, so Biden will win the election; and the win will be quite clear so there will be no drama at all to speak of and a ‘gracious’ hand over will take place as usual. Trump will have got his pick for the court and the Democrats will NOT stack the court in retaliation! It’s all just bluff, because in the long run that would badly damage the Democrat brand.

What I can’t possibly know and yet what my gut is telling me are that the players are assuming this win and now people can only pray and live in desperate hope that enough people can’t be that foolish as to actually vote for the ham sandwich. But that hope is utterly misplaced.

People will find they are waking up ‘free of Trump’ BUT in a woke madness with soon to be POTUS Harris wide eyed and hovering around sleepy Joe on every occasion.

Can’t see Biden lasting 2 years and Harris will be very prominent from the word go. Harris is a shocker like Obama but easily able to fool enough democrats to make that party the plaything of what are now properly considered as the global warming elite whack jobs, and they are going to deliberately destroy Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin! It will be a couple of years before the working class wakes up to the horror; but wake up to it they will.

8 long years of the look off into the distance phony Obama will probably not get a replay!

Give me a narcissistic outsider rocking the boat against this horror outcome any day. Not as clear a choice as that between McCain and Obama but nevertheless just as real. The damage that the woke democrats are about to let loose is head-shaking in its implications.

Biden’s minders have kept him out of the spotlight long enough and the gods of fate have done the rest.

So when the answer is Trump the question is horrible because without a doubt Trump is a better bet than Harris/Biden. This is not Tweedledee or Tweedledum and undoubtedly the world would be better off with Trump than Harris/Biden. The world is faced with the disaster of another term of the Obama types running the US and Harris knows Biden is suffering a worsening dementia condition and that he certainly will have to hand over to her. She is currently ‘measuring up the drapes’.

Right now the biggest threats to the world’s working class peoples’ are Putin style fascism, and ABC/BBC type woke madness. We have seen it with the issues of war and peace that Obama was so useless in dealing with and that Trump continued to be pretty hopeless with. The 2nd time round in the shape of Harris will be even worse!

A comparable period is prior to WW2 or even WW1 as all the powers mill about with regional wars pointing to the bigger issues. Just as the anti-communist aristocrat Churchill was the answer to the vicious and strategically disastrous war-making of the appeasers Trump is a better bet but….

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  1. 1 patrickm
  2. 2 patrickm

    Bill put this up and I think it’s interesting conversation!
    but go to Bill direct

  3. 3 patrickm

    Just for the record I say Biden has won. As per above 3 state results. Result will be confirmed in 24hrs.

  4. 4 patrickm possible after trump questions discussed by Candice Owens.

  5. 5 patrickm

    I see that Arthur is deep into another electoral 1/2 theory that I wont comment on. I will however just bet he lacks the one ingredient that is required. Wisdom to look past the lawyers games!

    If I’m right then by 8 December Biden will begin to get his addled self waved through the electoral college count without any drama at all and this smooth process will be all done by 23 December.

    What is to be noted is that Biden’s wife is now his constant ‘minder’ and as this is getting too obvious they will have to get another couple of ‘faces’ into this role of minder to hide the fact that there is always a minder. This is truly pathetic!

    It’s so obvious that his faculties are failing him fast that the media that did not put him under proper scrutiny and hence correctly derail his election bid will not live this one down! The hysterical anti Trumnpers of the MSM have been a party to a giant con job.

    The notion that the likes of Kerry, Biden and Harris etc are the Adults and their back in charge is laughable. The Time line and method is spelt out here If anyone could care.

    International politics will start to get interesting very quickly as the vaccines roll out across the globe with Australia well on the way to covid19 in the rear view mirror by ANZAC Day.

    BTW it was clear Biden would win on Nov 4 and ‘confirmed’ for all but the blind next day! All the rest has just been lawyers doing their best and it was never going to be good enough as the MSM has been pointing out between shouting about the weather.

  6. 6 patrickm

    Disunity is death and Trump just hit the wall! so if it wasn’t Biden and Harris and the whole woke flood on it’s way to the battleground states then the answer would be simple. But it is Biden and Harris!

    The GOP and Trump won’t be able to patch up nor hide the split for a year at least and today’s effort was a first rate disaster for the long term interests of Trump.

    But Trump will be the leader of the opposition AND dealing with constant white-anteing. Four years is a long time but I will bet against Trump. But ….

  7. 7 Stephen Owens

    Biden running rings around Republicans.

  8. 8 patrickm

    Bolton’s take on what Biden has been holding up!

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