Biden he can ride a bike! I think that’s quite deliberate hiding in plain sight! Probably the last thing you would forget and he gets through yet another day! And then there is Trump! God and guns! Oh boy this is the leadership of the ‘free world’ no less!

PBS Newshour this week put on Dr Jill Biden with the excuse to talk about her book! NOT interviewing Joe (who is so obviously under wraps) but the wife! The softest interview imaginable! Just a cheer squad! All about how wonderful Joe is and how he is all go go go! So many plans so little time in the day!

Biden is undoubtedly suffering some cognitive issues and it’s perfectly clear that he’s unfit to be POTUS. But there is also no doubt that’s perfectly clear to leading democrats so the question is why is this farce continuing? The democrats have got themselves in this mess because of a ‘we must stop Burnie Sanders’ problem. They could not demand Biden step down months ago because Bernie would have then tried to step up as the 2nd place getter. Even if he didn’t the Bernie followers would be ropeable and unpredictable to the point of perhaps wrecking democrat hopes.

So Biden had to be kept going till either just a couple of months out from the election (a real October surprise) or if he can win then perhaps just a few months after! It’s just that no one collection of party insiders have been able to control this process! The insiders of the party are horror struck that he has gone down hill this fast but he has and this is a typical case of how most stuff ups slowly develop. It was worse than they thought!

The VP is now the great hope and that’s why they are delaying this announcement! The announcement was going to be in the first week in August but it’s been put off till next week and the days tick by. With every day that passes the election is 1 day closer! It’s as simple as that. The fact that Biden is mentally unfit is just not going to stop the democrats from putting him forward nor what is more will it stop him being elected. Everything now is about delay.

Looks like it will be Harris and if it is then this is who they expect will be the Potus within months of Biden being sworn in. He is that far along now that a yr in the role seems far fetched to me even with the example of Regan to demonstrate how it actually can be done.

Biden can’t debate Trump so IMV they will find an excuse for not doing so OR perhaps only doing it once or something just as silly. They might say that Trump is just too insulting with his adverts and so on to bother to debate. Who knows.

Will Obama get Michele up as Bidens VP? No…but it must have been run through the focus group type studies. I just can’t imagine it as a serious proposal but look where the world is! So even as silly as this thought is I have to say; possibly! It’s all so unbelievable but true!

Not long now and they will have to tell who is this most important VP since Truman or even Johnson!

Who knows what will unfold but Trump policy wise is undoubtedly a better bet than the Dems and Trump is a shocker! this guy thinks Trump will win
Or ah Corey..

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  1. 1 patrickm

    This is sad but true he is so clearly not fit for the job and that bothers the hysterical anti Trump press not one bit! They have kept him under wraps and everyone knows it! The day he is sworn in is the day that Harris becomes his families biggest enemy! At this rate of decline he will struggle to get much past the first year. But he wont make the third! Days to go; how exciting NOT!

  2. 2 Stephen Owens

    Well Joe Biden’s report card. Internationally he had 2 jobs One was to provide Ukraine with weapons and the other was to provide Europe with LNG. Well people are describing his response to Ukraine as superb. As to Europe he stared down the opposition who were claiming that he was sending too much LNG to Europe. Last week the spot price of LNG went briefly negative as a tanker off Holland offered to pay someone to take the LNG off their ship. The EU has exceeded their storage targets.

  3. 3 patrickm

    Biden is a total disaster but the US military has performed better this year than they did last year! This is the better way to think through what is both required and what will happen! I happen to mostly agree with this thinking. IMV the Russians will be totally driven out of Ukraine by the end of August 2023! The countdown is 300days or about 2% of the problem per week.

    And what do the rats have to say? Well let’s just say that this thinking can be traced right through the decrepit ‘peace’ movement

  4. 4 patrickm Good stuff about air power etc.

  5. 5 patrickm

    Up jump the surrender monkies typical ‘not worth the risk of upsetting the Russians’ crap.

  6. 6 patrickm

    A military expert who agrees with me.

  7. 7 patrickm

    Frederick Kagan on Ukraine: Where Things Stand—and the Stakes for the Future
    Oct 27, 2022
    An update on the War in Ukraine.
    Click “Show more” to view all chapters. For more conversations, visit http://www.conversationswithbillkrist
    Chapter 1 (00:15 – 39:43): Where Things Stand
    Chapter 2 (39:43 – 1:04:26): A New Cold War?
    Eight months into the war, where do things stand in Ukraine? According to Fred Kagan, director of the Critical Threats Project at the American Enterprise Institute, Ukraine’s stunning battlefield achievements have dramatically altered the dynamic of the war. As he puts it, “Russians no longer have the ability to conduct offensive operations in Ukraine. That’s over. Russians have fundamentally gone over to the defensive.” But serious challenges remain. Ukraine can reconquer or secure several strategically significant territories, without which Ukraine will remain highly vulnerable to future Russian attacks. The questions emerging from the war are momentous: What will come of Putin’s nuclear threats? Is there an “off ramp” from the conflict? Are we in a new Cold War? Kagan’s thoughtful examination of the present situation and reflection on its consequences help us see how a Ukrainian victory is necessary for the free world.

    This was what a discussion looked like on 24 February

    and this a couple of days earlier! She was of the view that it may be quick and then a guerrilla war lasting who knows how long. The way it has panned out was not predicted on this front.

    But the split in our west is similar in the ‘east’ it is obviously not just the woke and the MAGA right.

  8. 8 patrickm

    Neil Oliver criticises world leaders attending COP27 saying ‘net zero is a fool’s game’ Nov 8, 2022

    Watch on TV: Virgin 604, Freesat 216, Sky 515, Freeview 236, YouView 236
    Listen on DAB+ Radio

    Download the GB News App to watch live wherever you are, catch up with all our shows and get the latest news from the GBN family.

  9. 9 patrickm

    The surrender monkeys are blathering but he is right about Milley.

  10. 10 patrickm

    This is what a CATO Institute rat thinks and it is remarkably similar to what Steve Owens was sprouting back in 2014 and will again perhaps try to push now that the war is going in the other direction. It is also remarkably similar to the line pushed by Arthur Dent. Naturally shorn of the god bless America stuff in both cases of course. All total twaddle. Ukraine will be taking back all of Ukraine including Crimea and it is vital to Western interests that it does so! All part of draining the swamp that is evident in this part of the planet.

    It is also passing strange that western people who think of themselves as supporters of a democratic progression for Ukraine would be confused by the fact that people speak Russian and so forth as if that would incline anyone to want to live in the gangster world of Vlad and his pals like Assad and so forth.

  11. 11 patrickm

    Brit interview with Hodges. His thinking is grounded on the failures in response to 2008 over Georgia 2014 in Ukraine and 2015 in Syria. He seems to have been a bit more ‘hot-headed’ (like me) and he is rubbing it in now! His ‘former boss’ Milley is exactly the problem!

    My 300-day timeline for victory (as of 9/November) now at 24 November is 5% or 1/20th the way along and it remains on track (or better). Heartbreaking to see this useless war! We can expect more shocking surprises from Putin rather than accepting defeat. Whatever they are they won’t alter the final outcome.

    Lt General Hodges who is both qualified to speak and in basic agreement with my independent (unqualified) thinking and approximate consequent timeline also agreed with what I said early on, winter will definitely favour the AFU. Well, winter has arrived and many more commentators of all sorts -expert or not- are now realising that the Russians are going to be in even more strife.

    A big dilemma for Putin is that when the next mobilisation is required (and it will be) the required Russians will again bolt for the doors and so the current supply chains will be again damaged as all the most productive young people vanish either out of the country or into the meat grinder.

    Good move to see the British leading the support countries by delivering the 3 Sea King helios! They may be old but they are very handy right now. More will be required and other countries like perhaps Canada will be stepping up to match the Brits. A couple of Chinooks would also be excellent so the US might come late to this party but not so empty-handed.

    Putin has 6 subs in the Black Sea and can’t add any. So the 3 Sea Kings transferred by the Brits provide a good addition to building a solid Ukrainian ASW kit. But just as importantly it also provides flexibility for the urgent fast lift capacity essential for the current ‘Dnieper’ crossing activities. Even as few as three of these really could help as various points of crossing has a huge ‘behind the lines’ scope along the current vast line of contact. The long water blockage section is the most thinly manned and poorly guarded part of this very long line of contact. Later they will be just as vital in the fight for Crimea which is very close to being an island. Then they will play their part all along this huge coastline including right up the sea of Azov! Whatever they actually do they bring a great jump in the ability to hook out over the sea and move special forces in a leap-frog manner along the various coasts.

    You only have to look at the maps to see just how much water is blocking the way back into Crimea and as well they are also a fast-moving missile platform when that opportunity presents itself. Very high-value targets for the ‘orcs’ of course but that’s where the skill of western style training and current war-making and US oversight satellites etc comes in. Ukraine is not just getting weapons and being left to it. They have the advantage of sound advice and planning assistance and crucial real-time intel. The supply lines are being backfilled by some skilled volunteers and the cross-border repair workshops can also be expected to crank up over these next few months along with the vital medical assistance all just beyond the Ukraine border in Romania and Poland etc. There are I think I heard now 50 countries helping Ukraine! That is a very solid COW with vital interests at stake! Russia must lose this war and China might then (we could reasonably hope and that is all) sensibly reflect on what it all negatively means for them.

    The Russians have lost a lot of helios by flying too close to the front lines so that lesson ought to be understood by those who have been shooting them down. One step back from that front line and they are far less vulnerable. So with great operational care, these Brit Sea Kings become a very useful water and mud hopper. In the case of the Kinburn peninsula build-up, they can go straight to work now that the ‘safe’ space has been well-established far enough back from the Russian defence positions that are all in easy range of M777’s and HIMAS fire from the west bank. This will make a rapid breakout from this now well-established beachhead pretty well a maths exercise once the targets are systematically destroyed the ground is frozen solid and ready for the ‘thunder run’.

    I am quite sure that by now the ‘spit’ and the Mykolaiv oblast sector of the Kinbourn peninsular have been cleared of Russians but this has not been announced. If this is correct all of Mykolaiv will now be free of the occupiers. We won’t know about this for another couple of weeks or a month I suppose but there couldn’t be much point in keeping it quiet when the war moves out and up the east bank.

    For now, the fighting is ongoing further down the peninsular but the extremely accurate HIMARS and cross-the-water m777 and other 155ml howitzers are providing in-depth coverage of the battleground and the Ukrainians are making good progress. The Kinbourn peninsular is IMV going to be a small-scale demonstration of what is coming for Crimea. Just as the Russians can’t hold this peninsular they won’t in turn be able to hold that peninsular either.

    But before that battle for Crimea starts and when Kinbourn falls the Dnieper front will be effectively flanked and then systematically collapse over no more than a couple of months at most over this winter. All of Kherson and the large part of Zaporizhzhia up to at least the Melitopol line will be liberated before Crimea is then freed starting as early as late February and concluding by about the end of April or May. Depending on what the Russians do at this point the war for Donetsk will have already essentially been previewed so we can all hope that by that stage a negotiated end can be achieved but that would IMV depend on the Russians having to have moved against Putin so it’s all totally wild speculation at this stage. The point is all of this is fully conceivable now at the start of winter but a Russian victory is not.

    This war has the US following the Brits but the US can of course supply many more of these types of lift systems after their worth is made perfectly clear over the next 2 months or less. We can hope for some Chinooks to move the m777 around.

    So here is my basic timeline for the rest of this war just for the record and for whatever it’s worth.
    1/ end of mud season shaping opperations then the winter fight -November, December, January and into February = Peninsular then all of Kherson then 1/2 of Zaphorizhzhia plus Luhansk simultaneously.

    2/ the end of winter mud season and then into the ‘good’ spring Jan, Feb, March April; Crimea and then the rest of Zaphorizhzhia.

    3/ ‘Summer’ fighting May, June, July, August = what remains of Crimea Zaphorizhzhia Luhansk and Donetsk.

    I just can’t see this horrible waste ending any earlier and with Ukraine having such solid support and with such momentum and initiative in Ukrainian hands I just can’t see it taking much longer! Anyway, I say there is a military solution and I’m now on public record.

    5% down and counting 3 days at a time!

  12. 12 patrickm

    Clear stand from NATO
    There is only a military solution in Ukraine!

    1/ Russia must be defeated. NATO will not back down.

    2/ Reliance on China is an issue to be addressed now!

    He says he got it wrong

  13. 13 patrickm

    The surrender monkeys are at work day in and day out in the MSM. This is an example

  14. 14 patrickm

    My above speculative timeline is obviously out by at least a year! But once the breakthrough is achieved another thunder run IS going to roll over the summer and split the Russians! There will be big gains whatever the costs.. Crimea will be cut off with perhaps just 1 direction of the ‘golden bridge’ left to go home over!

  15. 15 patrickm

    Wrong again! Russia is going to be defeated over a far longer period. I must write out a hundred lines The masses make protracted war for their liberation!

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