Anita’s aunt lived in a small country town in South Australia. About a fortnight ago the family in Adelaide were contacted with the news that she was going downhill fast and that they had better come and visit; so Anita and her mother did.  Aunty was very frail but they had a nice visit. Two weeks later she was dead of pneumonia, aged 90.

Aunty’s death highlights that every day of our short lives we live in a bug soup world.  In the last few days of her life her body could not fight off any bugs at all as her immune system was failing with all the other systems. In the end, as many of us do go, an elderly woman was taken out by one of these bugs.  Taken out 2 months after moving to the nursing home.

Of course nobody was surprised and nothing much could have realistically been done to prolong her life, nor did she want to.  Of course she could have been taken to an even ‘more germ free environment’ and been given more antibiotics while barrier nursed and she may still have lived to next week or the week after; but the point that I’m making is clear; she was in one of ‘God’s waiting rooms’ for a reason; just like those of us who will be lucky enough to live long enough to follow her.  On the other hand there are plenty of us that would hope to not quite make that move and instead (perhaps with just a little extra help in our last few years) shuffle off just prior to that short stay.

So here’s the drum.   All the authorities that are running this covid19 response and those that are running the ABC/SBS scare-machines have IMV got it fundamentally wrong and that ought not surprise anyone.  It’s not just Dan Andrews who is as wrong on this as he is on the litany of issues that make woke people what they are; it’s a case of ‘Wrong Way, Go Back’ for the lot of them!  Here is Peta Credlin on the Victorian cock-up and Dan’s refusal to answer questions.

Sure the second bad result in Victoria was after Andrews had fumbled with the hotels and was busy dodging his responsibility for that stuff-up with the quarantine security.  But all along all the politicians in power in Australia have been looking the wrong way.

Dan’s approval drops from 65% to 49% and is still falling but the problem is country wide.  They are all following muddle headed policies.  This far out and the one thing that is clear is that Dan will not survive as Premier for or at any rate after the next election 27 long months away.  The Victorians have fixed terms.

Andrews has been too preoccupied to be critically or creatively thinking about what next, or making any reassessment of what path was adopted.  But none of them were or are.  Unlike the Swedes the people were not being trusted nor properly worked with; they were just being ordered around by the 2 party state authorities and ‘medical experts’ who the politicians are blindly following, and who are, in Australia, apparently all still in lock step and consequently forcing the people to find the alternate views on what to do from their own research efforts!

Only now -perhaps- are the ranks of the authorities starting to break! Only now ‘the little grey cells’ are stirring.

All along there was an alternative. The Emperor has in this case, almost no clothes. The political class that have been getting issues wrong for years are simply wrong again! But they are so heavily invested in their views and consequent actions despite them being devastating fails, that they are completely deaf to reason. They are quite unable to doubt themselves in any effective manner. They have brought on an economic disaster, and people in their millions in a great many countries are now going to be forced into thinking.

I think we have now reached a hide tide of woke madness. I conclude this because the woke can’t fix what they’ve just smashed! The ruling elites have stuffed up big time so TINA… the peoples’ across the world are going to have to fix this one!

In essence Sweden was and is correct! That’s despite the Swedes not being able to protect their most vulnerable EITHER; their overall methods were sound. Their societal structure is more like the Netherlands and the results they obtained were not that different from any of the comparable countries.

They have not done as well as the Netherlands as yet, (and the smart money would be on a vaccine now so that would be game set match) but it’s still far too soon to tell what the real end result of this is going to be.  In the end there will be all manner of deaths that have to be properly accounted for and it might turn out closer than it currently looks.

Most importantly the Swedish authorities accept and are dealing with their failures and that is refreshing; their opponents in countries like Australia have not, and with their world view cannot accept theirs! On the contrary, at this stage they are doubling down!  The vaccine and the always developing better treatments might save them or at least appear to.

The Swedes continue to rethink what they are doing, without accepting that what is being done elsewhere is in any way better than what their public policy has managed. The ‘normal’ deaths from the conditions for their ‘flu’ season was expected to be about 2,000, and it has now on August 7 (after what they accept is a very bad run) risen to 5,760 for this corona-19 enhanced viral or ‘flu’ season. That is a better way to think about the issue because it’s really an issue about deaths above usual and authorities are obliged to think about what is happening with THESE numbers.

A case of all lives matter but when you are living in God’s waiting rooms all manner of the normal bug soup we exist in will knock us off our, ‘ever thinning, pedestals.’

Disregarding the anomalous inclusions of San Marino, Andorra and Sint Maarten, Sweden is actually number 6 in deaths per million, but the more you test the more you find and that has produced some interesting results to ponder about;

Here is Sweden a couple of days apart and we can both see issues with the data but also note that critical cases are low and still falling!

649 more cases 3 deaths and no increase in critical numbers.   The death rate from cases is now falling and that is not apparent to Australians.  Treatments are producing better results as well.

This is the Swedish deaths age profile.

6 Sweden  population 10,106,111

Sample 4  (11thAug)   82,972 cases  5,766 deaths 

recovered N/A  active N/A   critical 34 cases p mil 8,210

death pmill 571   total tests 863,315   t pmil 85,425

Sample 3  (8thAug)   82,323 5,763

N/A N/A 34 8,146 570 863,315 85,425

Sample 2 (?)    81,967 5,766

N/A N/A 38 8,111 571 863,315 85,429
Sample 1  (?)   81,540 5,760

N/A N/A 41 8,069 570 863,315 85,431

What about the country they would like to be compared to?
Netherlands   population   17,138,756

56,982    6,153

N/A N/A   37   3,325   359    1,079,860   63,007

So far the Dutch who have tested less per mil are well ahead of the Swedes who are well ahead of the Belgians and the Brits for example.  But this is still playing out.  And the rate of deaths per cases are a different matter!  Why so starkly different?

Sweden             82,972  cases    5,766  deaths 

Netherlands   56,982   cases    6,153  deaths

on top of that here we are days later (14 August) and the numbers have gone up in Sweden by 880 cases and 4 deaths but in Netherlands 4222 and 12 deaths!  So the gap closes a tiny bit.

Sweden  1 dead : for every 1751.5 people V  1:2780  for Netherlands

1028.5 people!

Thankfully, the rapid improvements in treatments and the probable success of a vaccine in the very near future suggests that this gap will not close.  What that will work out in average years lost will be very interesting and especially so when then compared to other deaths that must be also accounted for.

Now just as Trump tried to tell the Trump deaf media that the more you test the more you find, (my little spread sheet), and that this is an important point to think about when cases range from no symptoms to death in days; let’s now think about this regardless of who reminded us to do so.

Why are some countries so deadly in their ratio of deaths to total case numbers? Countries like Mexico are just not testing all those non and mildly symptomatic people that Australia and the US for examples are.

Perhaps an intellectual fightback against what is now a manifest stupidity in public health care policies is starting to crank up?

Here are 9 links that people may want to review starting with the 2 researchers in evidence based medicine..

‘Must be motivated by hatred!’ ‘The cruel negligence of the lockdown’, with Dr John Lee. BRAVO!

****************************  End

May as well post this as well… Followed by week 2…and expose others on Monday; expose more on Tuesday, etc.. Yet, in Dan Andrews land, this simple concept was not routinely stamped into the consciousness of every person that turned up for testing! If you went for testing you must have suspected your health. So you must then quarantine UNTIL you get the all clear in a couple of days. And if you get a positive result the period extends. Simple.

It seems to me that the only people that really ‘got it’ in Australia were the Aboriginal leaders who understood that their already isolated communities were full of vulnerable people and that they would lose quite a few if they did not shut the world out! Only supplies were allowed in, not people. They still understand just how vulnerable their communities are. They took firm action and it worked and will continue to for as long as they carry on with it.

This isolation procedure has to somehow work for the vulnerable non isolated town and those in the cities and that last category is where it’s difficult to believe that it can! The elderly who are still living at home and caring for themselves can clearly make it work. It may seem like quite a bit of effort but it’s clearly worth it to make a reasonable attempt at isolation. It seems to me that the well and otherwise healthy elderly and the wealthy in particular have no excuse for not staying isolated. And those that require a bit of help like Meals on Wheels recipients can expect that good procedures have or can be implemented that can give them a fighting chance to still be isolated. But those procedures must be audited.

The missing method in all of this is to appoint someone to do the task and another to check that the task is really being done. People ought to have been designated from the start whose 1 task was to deliberately try to point out the holes in all actions that were underway before the new cases made a ‘hole’ self evident.

As for the nursing homes right across the country NOBODY had a clue what to do and though they are attempting to do barrier nursing NOW it will not work in any long term sense!

Meanwhile the country has been shattered and the just as real but unseen deaths are piling ever higher!

Those that ran the testing in Victoria dropped that ball, just as those who were running the quarantine hotels for returning travelers dropped the one ball they had! Dan Andrews was ultimately running both programs and he couldn’t even get that 2nd message (simple testing and a 3 day quarantine) right.He didn’t have a soldier at the service of a dozen or so of the potentially infectious individuals.

These people had to stay put till the results came a few days later, when most would get the all clear and safely go their way! Whatever was the practical number of short term quarantining people would be effectively served by each soldier. (to ensure they got what they needed etc.) It ought to have been worked out and delivered day 1, it is being done now after the failure BUT it was a predictable action from the start.

Those who got the bad news of a positive result would have to start on the second quarantining period with all of the complications of their various living conditions to be sorted out immediately. These people had either to be quarantined where they were or if that was impractical because of others in their home etc., taken off to a quarantine station/medi-hotel, until they tested negative! Obviously, the very few who then actually did get sick or sicker would just have to progress through the healthcare system till they either got better or died. All of this is such basic stuff that it is astounding how grossly incompetent was the Andrews government..

But even after people got sick enough for a hospital admission they ought never have been taken into a general and multi story hospital with this air borne infection. Emergency isolation hospitals as we had for infectious diseases in the past ought to have been re-activated. Instead the medico’s were wrongly focussed on ICU’s and ventilator machines, and they were never really the issue! Seperate ICU’s ought to have been developed as well. There was a mass hysteria, and a vast over reaction about ventilators was the case even in New York! We all ought to know this and yet months later most people are not thinking about why this happened nor what went wrong next. There was what amounts to a massive misdiagnosis. The experts were stampeding and the ABC type media compounding the problem. Even now as death rates from the hospitalised steadily fall this good news is being missed completely in the woke media.

All of the above control measures are straight forward and well understood quarantine procedures! But not in Victoria under Andrews. Instead Dan was the most ‘woke’, of all our alarmed ‘leaders’ following ‘the science’!! This premier had army people out strolling around with his idiot police force bullying people instead of being in anyway useful! Dan proved to be the biggest idiot bully of them all and he’s up against stiff competition.

Some earlier comments by date from Taiwan thread cartoon and other stuff in the copy here

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  1. 1 patrickm

    There were people with experience in aged care speaking up months ago.

    Europe showed us what the real issues were! Australian political leadership was just not thinking! From the end of march the nature of the problem in aged care was clear.

    One director of a nursing home on the Isle of Wight was on the ball! I told Anita at the time that was the only thing that could work. That young woman knew exactly what had to be done as the starting point and from there a long term battle plan had to be developed. Like the Aboriginal communities basically no people in and staff accommodated on site for a tour of duty in lengths of months! Nothing like this was attempted in Australia! Yet nothing else could work once the virus was out and about!

  2. 2 patrickm

    This is the report
    Apr 23, 2020 – The Victoria House Care Home on the Isle of Wight now has a policy of “no one in and no one out”. That ought to have been just the start of a deployment solution worked out by the logistics specialists in the military with local and further specialists contributing their skills.

    I say that aged care homes just can’t work in any long term sense in the manner of an ICU. Especially now that staff have long since been down skilled from nursing trained people to something different all together.

    I don’t know if these desperate measures worked at the ironically named ‘The Victoria House’ but at least they had a red hot go at saving their elderly residents and older staff.

    But I say the evidence from right around the world is that nothing else could work! The Virus would eventually turn up! It did exactly that across the rest of Europe and in the US and thousands died as fully expected.

    Australia had months to prepare and failed to even stop staff moving between homes for fill-in shifts. Agency staff going from one place to another! Pathetic. The current business models just could not sustain what had to be done. Even more pathetic. After the huge deaths in these facilities in Europe what excuse does Andrews have? NONE.

    Bolt is on the money

  3. 3 patrickm

    People ought to question what is being shoved down our throats!
    or wrapped around them

    That is the end of the Andrews government but he will hold till thrown out more than 15 months to go.

    Catholics can now think about the inquiry that he will hold up till then!

  4. 4 patrickm
  5. 5 patrickm
  6. 6 patrickm

    Yesterday I watched something unfold that we oldies have all seen many times before. I was working on a car and a 19yr old was asked to go and buy a second hand battery from the wreckers; it had to be a certain size etc. He was shown how to measure the battery for the critical dimension of height and given a steel ruler for the task. When he got back I took one look at it and could tell it was at least an inch taller than he had been sent to try to get. No clue.

    People make mistakes and young people make these type of mistakes regularly because they have an overconfidence and don’t listen hard enough to what is being told to them. Inexperience sums it up and experience has a price.

    Experts often make progress at other peoples expense and researchers on this virus have suffered from the same lack of experience and they also live in a ‘bias soup’ of a culture!

    1st Vid
    Looks like the Australian ABC approved experts have been wrong yet again!

    This is a rock solid explanation of what has been wrong with the WHO type dissing of Hydroxychloroquine and what the anti Trump people are now blind to as far as this being a useful treatment. They all just scoff at the very mention of the word.

    But a Belgium study shows that with the correct dose this chemical is worth including in the treatments!

    Go back and look again is the conclusion.

    2nd vid
    Death rates are dramatically falling in Europe what is going on?

    well worth reflecting on.

  7. 7 patrickm

    Update on the ABC pile on today with the deputy chief medical officer and the ABC etc complaints about Craig Kelly still promoting a pro Hydroxychloroquine line as against the chief medical officer and the WHO. Here is the report from Belgium

  8. 8 patrickm

    Sky doing the job while ABC is clearly politicized
    As this young medico says this smearing must stop!

  9. 9 patrickm

    Re Hydroxychloroquine

    It is now clear that the Australian ie the chief medical officer and the PM and Premiers etc or our authorities have got it wrong! This drug has been politicized.

    The politically driven anti Trumpers are WRONG!

  10. 10 patrickm

    This argument from Kenny is worth thinking about

  11. 11 patrickm
  12. 12 patrickm

    This is why it was always stupid to back lockdown idiocy instead of working with the masses as they did in Sweden!

  13. 13 patrickm

    I hope Australia gets to 90-95% vaxed! This is a good US tv presentation worth further discussion.

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